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VH1 outside US – How to watch VH1 shows outside US?

VH1 outside us

VH1 is an American cable TV network based in NYC. Launched in 1985 in the old space of Turner Broadcasting’s short-lived Cable Music Channel, the original goal of the channel was to build on the success of MTV by playing music videos, but with an older demographic than its sister channel, focusing on the lighter, softer side of popular music.

The channel was initially created by Warner-Amex Satellite Entertainment, at the time a division of Warner Communications and owner of MTV. Both VH1 and its sister channel MTV are currently part of the MTV Networks division of corporate parent Viacom. Whereas VH1 still occasionally plays music videos and the Top 20 Video Countdown, its more recent aim to fame has been in the area of music-related reality programming, such as Behind the Music, the I Love the… series, the Celebreality block of programming, and the channel’s overall focus on popular culture.

As the MTV website, VH1 remains unreachable outside the US. In fact you can browse on MTV’s national sites, but you won’t be able to acces to the US contents. In fact the VH1 development strategy involves creating national versions of the channel in foreign countries. So it purchase the rights for specific adapted programs. However the channel don’t broadcast all of its US shows.

The site detects every user’s origin thanks to the IP address. If it turns out that you don’t live in the USA, an error message appears, the video contents can’t be watched.

How to watch VH1 US contents?

You need to fake your location to appear as an American user. As your origin is detected through your IP, you have to change of IP.

The VPN is one of the easiest way to appear as an American and to ensure a stable connection. This kind of application is very easy-to-use: simply choose between the different server locations, then the connection is established. You benefit from a new IP, within the server location.

Thus to bypass VH1 restriction, choose a VPN plan with US servers.

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Bottom line

The VPN ensures a stable connection that allows you to stream many contents that undergo the geographical restrictions. Moreover it’s also an efficient way to secure your communications, thanks to the data encryption.


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