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South Korean vpn

Every year the internet censorship is restricting more sites. Since the debut of the year’s closings of many file-sharing sites and, the most famous, Megaupload, users has seen their internet use changing.

Besides, the censorship is not the only limitation of the contents on the internet. Another blocking is called the geo-restriction. This one is due to licensing constraints. Actually, after many entertainment contents have been added on the internet, there was a major issue: the local licensing rights. In fact when a content is available on a specific site, it must possess the required rights to spread its content to its users. These rights are defined nationally.

For example BBC put videos on its on demand service, the iPlayer. Because the channel only has rights for British user, its site is forced to block the users from others countries.

This blocking recognizes your living country with your IP address. As a matter of fact, South Korean can’t have access to all the famous content sites as Hulu and Netflix (the most famous).

Why get a South Korean VPN/ South Korean IP?

The VPN builds a safe connection to a server, that secures your datas. Once you’re connected, you benefit from a new IP. Thus you can be able to bypass the geo-restriction. Thus the VPN provides privacy, anonymity and security.

So a South Korean VPN can be used for two main reasons:

  1. Unlocking the South Korean content sites from abroad
  2. Having an increased privacy and security

Best VPN services for South Korea

VPN Protocols: PPTP/L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN

Server locations: 62 countries

Price: $9.95

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Bottom line

Often chosen to secure the business communications, the VPN is more and more used in a private way. Its features enable to free your internet access within providing a safe connection.

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