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How to unblock Snapchat in your school?


A new kind of social network

The Internet and social networks are one from now on. Indeed, when you talk about the Internet, you are talking about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… And you are also talking about Snapchat, the latest trend online. But what is Snapchat? Well, it’s a huge success with teenagers. Created by four students from the Stanford University in 2011, it is inspired more or less by Instagram. The difference is that when you send a picture, it is automatically erased after. That is Snapchat’s concept: sharing moments with friends and at the same time, remaining discreet about your private life, as the application’s official website defends it.

Indeed, Internet users are more and more numerous to complain about their incapacity to erase definitively the contents they publish on Facebook (as the website keeps on record everything that is published by suscribers). Now, with Snapchat, they don’t need to worry about their e-reputation. It has even become a great alternative for sexting’s followers (for information, sexting is when you send a picture of yourself naked with a cell phone). For the moment, this new phone application is only available in the United States, but it will surely cross the Atlantic to conquer Europe soon.

As for Instagram, Snapchat is often used in schools, between two classes. But the problem is the same: it is now blocked, like other websites (Facebook, Netflix, Tumblr…). Here is then a tutorial which explains you how to unblock it.

Using a VPN to access Snapchat in your school

I’m sure you’re wondering what a VPN is. Let me first explain you what an IP address is, because it will be useful for the rest of this article.

An IP address is what identifies your computer when it is connected to an Internet network. It can change according to the place/country where you are. For example, your IP address in school won’t be the same as your IP address at home.

After that, you have to know that in your school, most of your student colleagues go online. So logically, the Internet connection slows down and because of that, some popular websites are blocked, in order to prevent an “Internet cut”. Consequently, your actual IP doesn’t allow you to log into Snapchat. You have then to change it.

But how can you do that? Well, thanks to what we call a VPN. Indeed, a VPN is a way of changing your IP in one single click, just by choosing it on a list provided by the VPN. You take an IP address different from your school’s and it is done. You can access again Snapchat from your school!

Of course, that’s not the only function of the VPN. It also allows you to secure your connection (against hackers, for example), to be anonymous (in this case, you are only identified by your IP) and to keep your activities online secret (no one can see what you are doing online at the moment).

I hope that this tutorial has helped to figure out how to unblock Snapchat. Now you can send and share new pictures with your friends while you’re in English class.

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