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Which VPN to choose?

You know that you need a VPN, but you don’t know exactly which service fits with your need. If you wonder what is the difference between a Proxy and a VPN, go on our Proxy VS VPN page. Just ask you one question: why do you want a VPN?

1) To unblock United States or UK geoblocked websites

Hulu, Pandora, BBC.. A lot of US or UK websites are dedicated to their residents and it’s impossible for non-American or non-English to access to their contents. Naturally, you have to choose an US server or a UK server, according to you needs.

Nevertheless, US are a vast territory the location of your VPN server can have an influence on the speed of your Web connection. Your VPN server must be as close as possible to you for the best speed. So if you have the choice between several US IP locations, choose a VPN server depending on your location:

- If you’re located in Asia, Australia, East Russia: choose US west coast servers like San Francisco or Seattle.

- If you’re located in Europe, Africa, choose US east coast servers like New York, Washington, Boston, Miami.

- If you’re located in South America, or Canada, you’re lucky! You can choose any US server, but always prefer the closest from you for the best.

2) To bypass censorship in your country

Some countries (China, UAE) don’t authorize websites like Facebook and Skype. A VPN gives you a new IP address which can avoid this censorship. How to choose your IP location?

Here the most important standard is the speed VPN can provide, so you need to choose a server close from your territory.

- If you are located in Africa (UAE), choose a VPN in Europe or United States, East Coast. The best locations: UK, Germany, Netherlands and New York.

- If you are located in Cuba: choose an US server or Panama.

- If you are located in Asia (China), choose Hong Kong or US West Coast servers like San Francisco, California servers.

3) To have a secure and private connection

Here the location is not the most important, unless you also want an American IP address or to avoid censorship (choose an American IP and keep reading). The protocol here is important, and if you want the most secure connection, you should choose OpenVPN protocol (more details?).

Otherwise, the best IP locations for a optimal security and privacy are US VPN servers, Hong Kong servers or European servers like Germany, UK and Netherlands.

4) To have an IP address from a particular country

A VPN can interest expatiates which want to have access to videos on demand and websites using territorial restriction. If you’re in that case, you don’t have many solutions: choose the VPN provider supplying your location. You can find it that with START-VPN: choose your country in “IP location” filter.