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How to watch Australian TV overseas? Unblock Australian TV channels from abroad

If you want to watch the Australian TV when you’re travelling or simply living overseas you should be confronted to the geo-restriction. For example when you don’t reside in Australia, your IP isn’t Australian. So when you try to access the ABC iview, the site detects that you’re not Australian.

It turns out that most Australian TV channels didn’t decide to purchase the needed licensing rights for an international broadcasting. As they don’t possess the rights, they are forced to restrict their contents within the country location.

Therefore, if you try to access the Australian TV channels overseas, the contents will be blocked. Fortunately for expats and foreigners, the solution is very easy!

Watch Australian TV overseas

The solution involves to fake your location in order to appear as an Australian. The VPN simply allows you to do that. Thanks to an IP switching feature, this kind of application allows you to connect to servers that provide new IPs.

Thus to bypass the restriction on Australian TV’s sites, simply choose a VPN offer with Australian servers. When the connection to an Australian server is established, you appear as an Australian. Your access to the sites is granted.

Best VPN to watch Australian TV abroad

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VPN Protocols: PPTP and L2TP/IPSec

Server locations: AU + 16 countries

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Bottom line

The VPN is a good way for expats to keep in touch with their favourite entertainment contents. Furthermore this kind of application is also available on various devices such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry, HTC

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