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Location: United-Kingdom
Founded: 2005
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Our VPN service is the most advanced and feature-rich service online. For pricing starting at just $6.56/month you’ll gain access to 830+ VPN servers (located in 190+ countries), 3000 + IP Addresses, multi protocol support (OpenVPN/PPTP) and access to our custom VPN software “HMA! Pro VPN”.

We are the only VPN provider with advanced VPN software. The software is available on Windows, Mac. Linux, will coming soon, for now use provided third-party software.


IP Address Features: Shared

Protocols Features: L2TP/IPSec, OPENVPN, PPTP

Speed & Transfer Features: Unlimited Transfer, Unrestricted Speed

Server Locations Features: Australia , Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Czech-Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hong-Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Moldova, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, United-Kingdom, United-States, Uruguay

Platform Supported: Android, iPad, iPhone, Linux, Mac, Web-Based, Windows

Language Supported: English

Mobile App: iOS, Android



Support Method: Email, Faq, Forum, Live Chat and Wiki

Support Language: English, Spanish, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Chinese, Ukrainian, German and Montenegrin

Editions & Pricing

Offer Number: 1 plan

Price (monthly): Starting at $6.55

Free Trial (days): No Free Trial

Moneyback Guarantee (days): 30 days


02.28.2013: New servers for VPN provider HideMyAss!
02.11.2013: Hidemyass launched new VPN servers
12.14.2012: Hidemyass launches VPN servers in two new countries
12.03.2012: HideMyAss 2012 Xmas Holiday Promotions
07.27.2012: HideMyAss Reaches 49 VPN Server locations
07.24.2012: Up to 36% off with HideMyAss for the Olympic Games
01.11.2012: HideMyAss opened new servers in Finland, Indonesia and Slovakia!
08.19.2011: Hidemyass added recently 3 new Ashburn in Virginia and 1 new San Diego in California VPN servers!
08.12.2011: Hidemyass added new VPN US servers
08.03.2011: New VPN Server in Spain
08.01.2011: Hidemyass sets its 31st VPN server in Egypt
07.25.2011: Hidemyass has 10 L2TP servers including one in Panama!
07.22.2011: Hidemyass adds LT2P protocol and updates the number of its IP’s
07.06.2011: Hidemyass: a new VPN server in Austria
06.29.2011: HidemyassVPN for Czechs
06.27.2011: Hidemyass plans new protocols and a Wiki page
06.21.2011: A new design for
07.01.2011: New VPN servers in Australia, Germany and USA!
12.28.2010: Hide My Ass!, new VPN servers in Spain
12.20.2010: Hide My Ass!, new VPN servers in Sweden, Italy and Turkey

User reviews

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  • Mister K.

    A very reliable VPN, with servers from all around the world. It seemed fast enough to me, and is extremely easy to use on Windows and Linux both.
    Serious provider.

  • Jason

    I had used StrongVPN but found Hide My Ass! to be better. I got annoyed with StrongVPN because they limit the amount of times you can switch server locations and you get given the same IP every time you connect. I found with HideMyAss you can change servers as many times as you like and you get a new IP for each connection which is ideal.

    Hide my ass also have cool software which makes this a whole lot easier.

  • Nicolas

    Très bon service VPN fiable, bon débit, P2P autorisé , facile d’utilisation, support client réactif par mail.
    Je conseil ce fournisseur VPN pour être tranquille avec l’HADOPI

  • Imtasare

    Super stable, débit excellent pour le P2P plus de 40 serveurs VPN partout aux USA et en Europe vous avez accès à hulu ect…
    Logiciel propriétaire fourni est vraiment bien et facile d’accès pour un novice, tarif attractif cela revient à 5 €/mois si vous prenez un abonnement d’un an
    Bon service client qui vous répond accès rapidement!!

  • Peter

    I have been using HideMyAss VPN for 2 months and I’m very pleased with their VPN service. They have many servers located in many countries all for the same price and are continually adding more every month. I needed a VPN provider which gave me a new IP address for every connection for anonymity reasons and with HMA they do this for every server. Their software also automates a lot of stuff for you making the service very easy to use.

  • john

    no problems with hidemyass….. much easier and user friendly that expected.. much is set and automated, so can ’set and forget’

  • Othon

    Super fournisseur VPN. Après plus de 3 mois de test d’Hidemyass, je n’ai toujours pas eu de déconnexion et le débit est toujours très bon. Je télécharge et regarde Hulu sans aucun problème. Je recommande ce service vpn!

  • Thô

    Très bon VPN, vitesse, transfert et changement d’adresse IP illimités. Leur live chat est très efficace, leur prix est largement abordable pour un abonnement à 12 mois, moins de 7$/mois. Jamais de problème de connexion, de déconnexion ou de problème quelconque avec ce service. J’avais essayé StrongVPN pendant 3 mois, et Hidemyass est de loin le meilleur des deux.

  • Joe

    I use OpenVPN to connect to Hidemyass. I use their NL server.

    Speed: Most of the time speed is very good, especially considering I live in the US. I am very satisfied with the speed.

    Reliability: I’ve only been a customer for a month, but their servers have always been running. Can’t get much more reliable than that.

    Support: I honestly can’t comment on Hidemyass’ support, because I’ve never actually had a problem with my VPN… so I’ve never had to contact them. I suppose that’s good, they may have solved my problems before they happen.

    Price: The price for this VPN is very reasonable, and is worth every penny. The 12 month offer is very cheap.

  • Zoran Djuric

    Hi I was using hidemyass services when I was need that type of services, I coudn’t find anything why I could complain in this review, I did never contacted support cos there was no need. I did recommend hidemyass vpn to few friends of mine who also was need vpn.Speed of loading websites was fine also price.

  • Hans

    I spent a lot of time sorting through the various providers before settling for Hidemyass.

    I choose them for a number of reasons, they seem to have great attitude towards the service they are providing, taking a look around their website I got the impression that the guys behind VPN certainly don’t seem like the type who are going to screw you over. You can pay for one month at time, which means you not tied into a longer term plan, like some other bigger providers.

    Speed/Reliability: I only subscribed to the UK service so I can’t vouch for any of the others they provide, but I haven’t had any problems with it. the service has always been very reliable.

    Support: For me it has always been good, quick answers to all of my tickets.

    I would definitely recommend Hidemyass.

  • Dave

    Hidemyass est un bon moyen de regarder le contenu restreint. Lorsqu’une vidéo est bloquée à cause du pays sur Youtube, ou ailleurs à cause du pays, j’ai juste à activer ma connexion VPN pour pouvoir accéder à la vidéo. Aucun problème de vitesse, la vidéo se télécharge vite, et c’est pas cher du tout.

  • Aaron

    Hidemyass is the best provider according to me. It grants access to a lot of countries and the most popular ones.
    It speed allows me to have 100% of my normal internet connexion, so it is PERFECT.
    It support wasn’t even needed.
    I haven’t had any problem with the connexion, and it seems to be secured, and to keep my privacy from anyone.
    The price is so cheap …
    So I can access to all blocked websites, protect my data, keep my speed, and all that for a very cheap price …
    Hidemyass’ VPN service is just perfect.

  • Wrandral

    Hide my ass protège très bien ma vie privée, en plus d’être assez rapide et fiable, la vitesse de téléchargement est super, et à la même vitesse que ma connexion internet.
    Le prix est largement abordable, et les fonctionnalités sont bien aussi.
    J’utilise une IP néerlandaise, et c’est nickel.
    Merci à ce fournisseur pour ce service VPN génial !

  • Mohamed

    HMA provide a user-friendly and easy to use service which has not failed me yet. I use the VPN service to bypass the internet restrictions where I live, to watch online TV on websites which require me to have an IP in a certain country and finally to browse the internet anonymously and securely at public hotspots where anything I view or say may be used against me by a government which does not respect privacy. It is extremely easy to set up and use, it is very reliable and the customer support is excellent. I have already recommended the service to a number of friends based on my own experience.

  • Vic

    HMA cost is cheap. Speed is good.
    No problem to access other countries websites, and nobody can spy what i am doing :)
    Hidemyass is a very good VPN that works well.

  • Raul

    I feel much better when i know that services like Hidemyass exist. With it, i can keep my privacy and my security online.
    Hidemyass has a 12 months offer very affordable, the support is very good. I hope they will continue to provide such a good service.

  • John Dillinger

    HMA Vpn is the best vpn ever, best offer.

  • jim

    Hi, I am currently in Beijing (China) and the HMA VPN seems to be very slow here. The nearest servers are in Singapore, which is still over 4000km away. All the other servers are waaay slower, ridiculously slow. Gonna change to another provider. Service of HMA is very good and the software seems also quite sophisticated and user friendly. Overall, no recommendation for Northern China / Beijing. Other regions are possibly much better.

  • Reiner

    HMA offers a reliable, secure VPN at a reasonable price paired with top notch customer service – highly recommended!

  • Info

    great service so far. it would be without any doubt, the best service in the world regarding VPNs if it wouldn’t keep logs at all , as other providers do. The point of a VPN is anonymity so logs are not a MUST.

    However, compared to other vpn providers HMA is without any doubt the best one.

  • Mladen Panić

    Works great with no trouble. I love the software, super easy to set up but still packing some nice features. Thumbs up!

  • ShenDixon

    Hide My Ass! is the most reliable and fast VPN service I have found on Internet. Their software is easy to use and really secure!

  • OmarDemonty

    After more than 5 months of use, I can say I’m totally satisfied with the VPN service provided by Hide My Ass!

    The ease of use and the number of locations make HMA the perfect choice even if they are a little bit to expensive…

  • 灰太郎

    I found Jovan (the customer service rep) to be short on competence, manners, courtesy, and professionalism. I asked a simple question: “Was my account canceled?” After which we went through an exchange of 8 troubleshooting email messages (plagued with crude language bordering on rude), all of which could have been done in one message, to eventually arrived at the conclusion that in fact my card’s fraud protection had activated and declined the order -which would have been immediately discovered if Jovan would have checked my order status from the start. There are cheaper VPNs out there. For the price, I expect politeness and efficiency from customer service.

  • Apollospace

    I was impressed by the fastness and proffesionalism of Jovan and Jack. They solved problems quick and replied always within 10 minutes…!!!

  • Elena

    Excellent provider! Excellent service and customer support, stable connections. I’ve been heavily using the service for 7 months now and never had a problem. I’ve also tried a bunch of other providers and from my experience HMA is by far the best.

  • Wilde Wutz

    This VPN Service is not secure. All users share the same certificate which makes Man-In-The-Middle Attacks possible.

  • HMA

    @Wilde Wutz

    User’s certificate has nothing to do with encryption and is only used by a server as additional proof that connected session is originated by HMA user’.

  • Amanda Matich

    HideMyAss is a great VPN provider. I’ve never had any problem switching between countries, which I do often to unblock UK and US websites like Amazon Cloud Player. It’s fast and easy to use. I recommend it.

  • Mick1331

    Great VPN service from Hidemyass. Easy setup. Fast connection. No problem in going to any websites.

  • Mousangx

    HideMyAss is an EXCELLENT VPN provider. Connection speeds are always great, and there are hundreds of servers to use. The software has worked excellent too and I have not had any problems at all. I have not needed to contact support. For whatever reason you choose to use HMA, it will surely deliver.

  • Rollingbones

    I signed twice with this provider,and liked there service,but I received dhcp errors.I tried support,and many hours on my own to figure out these problems.No luck.I live and the USA,and the connection speeds were acceptable.Speeds overseas varied,but there are plenty of servers to choose..The software is easy to use and understand.They also have a forum.I found alot of good information on there forums,and tutorials.I am giving this provider a positive review because they kept there word,and I received a refund both times.Dont let this stop you from trying this service.Maybe you will have better luck than I did.

  • Gordon Matte

    Great VPN service. Does exactly what it’s supposed to do. I’ve been using the US server to have access to services like Netflix, Pandora and Hulu from Austria. No connection/speed problems whatsoever. 

  • Gordon Matte

    Great VPN service. Does exactly what it’s supposed to do. I’ve been using the US server to have access to services like Netflix, Pandora and Hulu from Austria. No connection/speed problems whatsoever. 

  • Mustech Weber

    Using it from Germany. Works really great, good speed. Really happy with HideMyAss!

  • Kavilain

    I find HidemyassVPN very useful to watch Hulu and other US-Only content while on France. I use it on my computer over my regular Internet connection and I also use it on my iPhone over 3G, it works great and the speed at which is working is better than I expected it to be. Loading times are relatively small (sometimes I have to buffer for for a
    few minutes before I can watch and episode without constant loading).

    Setup is also very easy, I’ve set it up on my Mac and also on an extra router I have, that way I can simply connect my xbox 360 to that router and use the netflix app without any extra configuration on the xbox 360, for me this is very important, it saves you time and hassle.

    Price is also a plus for Hidemyass, before paying for my subscription with Hidemyass I looked at other VPN services and they were more expensive, even if just a few dollars.

    Highly recommended.

  • Z33p!nk

    I found Hidemyass on some incriminating sites that I will not disclose their name. The service offer is definately one of the most competitive one with a lot more servers available.

    I mainly use PPTP because it’s easier to setup and don’t have to install clients etc, as I’ve got space limitation on my computer.

    HMA is easy to use, instruction to setup VPN is very consiced. Although some of the servers are slower than others, so just have to hunt around for one that has lesser users on them.

    Overall, I’m happy to use HMA to protect my browsing and download history. And protect my privacy from the big brother of the worlds.

    Keep up the good work HMA!

  • Ryan Griffiths

    One of the best VPN services I have ever used, also included in the hma software is a really good tool called speed guide which will show you the best sever for you to get the d/l speeds, another cool feature is that the software will worn you if the server is more than 30% overloaded and ask if you would like to change to nxt best server. Over all i am really satisfied with the hma product and software and for the price it Carnt be beaten.

  • Steffbeng

    Excellent VPN provider. Much better than the previous i used. However, the french server is a bit slow but i cannot change because this is the only one solution to watch Canal+ abroad!

  • Christian M Pauli

    Great VPN! I like the layout, easy to use, its just that it takes time to change from one Ip to another, other than that i say PERFECT!

  • Jan

    Kjempefornøyd. Har prøvd noen forskjellige fra før men kommel til og fortsette å bruke HMA

  • Jono Rose

    Been using HMA Pro VPN for about a week now. It does what I need it to do very well which is to enable me to use geo blocked services such as Hulu, BBC iPlayer and Spotify (which are not available in my own country). Speeds are usually very good, which is obviously important when streaming video. I’m trying it for a month and will most likely extend for 6 or 12 months.

  • ZbqHUiquDe2hF89

    The service is great and I like the software that this VPN provider supplies. It makes setting up VPN fast and easy process. The only quirk that I encountered so far, is that when I put my Win7 PC to sleep/hibernation while connected to VPN, connection is lost after waking up and I need to reboot to make it work properly again. I had to search the forum to find that out. This is an underlying problem with OpenVPN software and is not related to this provider specifically. And now I will be disconnecting from VPN before putting PC to sleep. But anyway, this should be made explicit and not something for a user to find out.


  • Tayeb Yanat

    hello, hma is a verry good service the speed connection is better as i wish and the offert with different countries is easy
    but i prefer open vpn for meany rasons..then i will extend for 2 or 6 months.. 

    king regard for the dream team hide my ass

  • Lpdp

    Efficace. peu de perte de bande passante : tourne avec 80 % de la bande.
    Facile à installer sous Windows, mais pas réussit sous Linux (mint/ubuntu).
    Connexion très stable.
     Je recommande sans hésitation.

  • Jyenouja-b

    Très facile à installer. Pas de problème particulier de ce côté.
    Pour l’utilisation et le réglage des options, il manque un “Manuel d’Emploi” ou équivalent. J’ai cru comprendre que des “Tutorials” étaient en préparation, ce qui va dans le bon sens. Il serait bon d’accélérer leur sortie.
    D’ici la fin du mois, je me déplace en Asie. Ce qui me permettra de tester son efficacité là-bas.
    Donc, bonne impression générale, mais j’attends ce Mode d’Emploi.

  • Lvharrie

    Aanvraag en installatie ging probleemloos. Op 2 computers geïnstalleerd was geen probleem. Helaas nog probleem met versturen van emails (worden geweigerd), maar daar wordt aan gewerkt door support. Programma geeft een goed gevoel nu er niet meer door allerlei mensen bekeken kan worden wat er allemaal op internet wordt bezocht.

  • Teadore

    An Excellent service.  I have had no problems with HMA.   Easy to use, easy to set up.  This is the first time that I have been pleased with a VPN provider.  HMA has my recommendation.

  • Eticat

    HMA is best vpn service. Fast speed, there are have very many server and cheap!

  • Peter Ulrich


    Ich benutze den VPN Service in der Schweiz. Die Zuverlässigkeit und alles ist spitze bis auf die Geschwindigkeit. ich kann meine leitung nicht ganz ausschöpfen. wobei das heisst das ich eine 2 Mb leitung habe und er meistens etwa mit 500kb- 1 Mb downloadet und das ja eine akzeptable leistung ist. bin insgesamt mit dem jahrespreis und der leistung mehr als zufrieden! TOP !!

  • Jess Ejaas Olesen

    Jeg kan sagtens anbefale HMA. Det er nemt at installere, og kører uden problemer. Jeg bruger et USB modem og det er tydlig at når jeg bruger visse servere, især svenske at download speed er væsentlig hurtigere. Kan anbefales.
    Men hvis det er med kriminelle hensigter at man skal bruge VPN er der kun en i verden som ikke sælger til Wiki Leaks eller giver efter for efterretningstjenester. 5star VPN Rusland som kører med 3 vejs VPN.

    I can recomend using HMA. Easy install and it’s runs smoothly. I have expierenced a higher download speed also. I use an USB modem. For criminal acts, there is only one i would trust not to leak to anyone. 5star VPN Russia.


  • Adam Z

    Fantastic service, easy & robust software and huge choice of fast servers at a great price…I’m glad to have subscribed! Thank you HMA:)

  • bobbyssafe

    I am still working out how to use it efficiently, but this is a great program!!!!! thanks :)

  • Anonymous

    After investigation through Internet (forum etc.) I decide to sign (only one month) for a account at Hidemyass.
    I use it since few weeks and I’m very satisfied with this service. I will renew my account for 1 year and if you are looking of this kind of service I can just recommended this VPN provider.

  • TechSavvyUser

    Wow! HMA is fantastic. I tried them for a month and never had a problem, including access outside the USA. I just renewed for a year.

  • maxmedia91

    Dịch vụ VPN HMA Pro rất tốt, tốc độ nhanh, dễ sử dụng, giá chấp nhận được. Có thể nói là tốt nhất bây giờ. Nhưng đôi khi còn gặp khó khăn khi kết nối với Open VPN, cần cố gắng hơn để hoàn thiện. :)

  • Seminoles2121

    Great service!  Easy to use and set up!

  • Svetli

    was great but no more french server ….



  • Jacob

    I have only been connected for about a week. I am living in Lanzarote and want to have my internet TV connected to what is available in the UK. Although I am not quite there yet, the help and advice that I have been given by the HMA team has been excellent. Sofar I can watch video content on my laptop, play the lottery and watch BBC I player. just one more “small” step to go and I will have it on my Internet TV. Great product, well supported.

  • Tracy

    I ve been using HMA Pro for about a week now and I love it! It seems at times downloads are faster than they were before. I seem to stay connected real well also, I only had one little isssue one night reconnecting, but it did connnect in about 10 min and I did’nt have a problem again. I am continuing to learn about it but I am sold and will for sure renew when time comes.

  • Prime

    Ive been connected for a little under a week and get good speeds considering, the only thing is I only get good speeds from one server in one country, and whenever I shut down HMA to get it to run again I have to restart my computor, if I dont it crashes every time.

  • YVAN L.

    Le meilleur VPN de tous les temps. Vive l’anonymat en toute sécurité.

  • SB

    superb vpn service, just what i wanted – quick and easy to set up and works perfectly. ideal for people who live abroad but still want to watch uk and usa tv etc. instructions to set it up were given immediately after paying and it was very simple – no need to use the tech support provided.
    will definitely be buying a year’s subscription after this 1 month is up.
    totally recommended!

  • jackie

    This is the second VPN provider I have used and can simply say that I am far more satisfied with HMA than the previous provider. The installation is quick and easy. I opted for the one month trial period and am completely satisfied.

  • donriccardo

    Den första VPN-tjänst jag använt som faktiskt fungerar. Ingen nämnvärd hastighetsförlust ( i motsats till t.ex. iPredator).
    Funkar med många amerikanska tv-kanaler och BBC iPlayer.

    STOR tumme upp :)

    Ps. En stor fördel är att användarinterfacet är så enkelt och väldesignat att det inte krävs en ingenjörsexamen för att komma igång och använda tjänsten. Ds.

  • Iwyllie

    don’t worry about the 7 free days that would only give me 6 months (paid for) and 7 days (free) to have something that doesn’t work and receiving advise from the owner that is less than usless

  • rjras

    hidemyass, though a provocative name, nevertheless has proven to be a great service. I have had no real problems taking much time or attentiveness, and the program works in the background without too much interference in my regular internet use. I found switching servers an easy, quick exercise. My only problem would be the name, as it suggests there is something that ought to be hidden rather than the reality that internet connectivity becomes more and more a great privacy risk. This company seems to be safe hands, so far.

  • Tulleball

    HideMyAss is simply amazing. You can choose places all over the world where you want to virtually “live”, take speedtests to find the fastest server and basically do whatever you dream of with a VPN provider. I will def. continue using this service. 

  • Wac

    It’s an very cool program, works fine. With an klik you can change localization. Speed is good enough to
    watch hd. Very usefull with iplayer and so on. I also think it’s very safe for using hotspot and unknown wireless networks your privacy will be protected.

  • Esmeandemani

    HMA is fantastic, Im no computer genius and it was so easy to install that even I found it easy! There is no noticeable difference in terms of speed – just brilliant! thoroughly recommended.

  • John Cubbidge

    I am so very iimpressed with both the service these guys are offering as a VPN Provider, works like magic and so easy to set up, and when I needed extra help due to my remote location they responded  in a very personal manner, within hours with an add on which increased my speeds.

    I took a punt with a one month subscription, just to see whether the reviews were credible, and now the one year subscription costs less than six individual monthly payment – great value – great VPN – lovely people to deal with!

  • David

    I tried 2 other VPN providers before HMA!. One, a local provider, simply did not work. The other had an unacceptable overhead and was unusable. Both providers used Open VPN. 

    I decided to try HMA! as it had a servers in many countries and few restrictions. Also it was possible to work form month to month.

    The installation of the VPN software with a really good graphic interface was simple even though my other Open VPN software was still installed.

    The overhead for HMA! in my home country, is low enough so that I can do most things with the VPN connected.  As Microsoft says, they know where you are by following the page adverts. My adverts are all in the language of the country hosting my chosen HMA! VPNs so I know HMA is working.  In fact I have swapped servers to other countries just to see how their adverts are localised! 

    One of the servers I was using had a brief downtime but an alternative was available instantly. The load balancing seems  to work Ok as a message flips up and work continues without a problem.

    I have already recommended HMA! to my group as all of us will potentially be  affected by the proposed introduction of new regulations.

    So.. easy to use, does what it does well. I just have to remember to have a routine for connected and disconnected so that my real IP does not appear to anyone but HMA!

    Can I recommend HMA! – Yes I certainly can.

  • Nospam

    This is the best VPN on the market. The price is right, and there are so many IP
    locations to choose from, you cant go wrong! I would recommend them to anyone
    who is concerned about privacy and security.

  • Jentage

    HMA Pro VPN is wonderful. It’s very user-friendly, noob-friendly. :)  

    Tired of using CoDeeN proxies or other proxies that are too slow or not reliable? Switch over to HMA Pro VPN!

    You can select from so many different states/countries. You can view the history of IP Addresses used. For the price of $11.52 it is so worth it. 

    I am planning to extend my subscription. Thanks for this ease of use software. Amazing and simple~

    - Jentage

  • CalBearAz

    I have a great experience with HMA Pro VPN.

    My only complaint is that they are a bit to casual with their instructions for “newbies.”  I was left to sort some things out on my own.

    It was all solved.  The service is MOST useful!

  • Nottamun

    I hate the product name but the download and setup was faultless and it seems to work extremely well.

  • Godlike_Sebuch

    For a long time I have been frustrated because I was unable
    to access some of theDLC from the XBOX 360’s Marketplace due to the regional
    restrictions.The HMA offered me a simple solution to my problem.- The service is great;- The download speed is pretty fast;- There are many servers located in various regions to
    choose from;- The service is quite affordable && the payment can
    be easily made via PayPal;
    It is thanks to HMA! that I can enjoy the MS Marketplace w/o
    any regional restrictions.

  • Jejustu

    I’m an absolute beginner with this technology. It appears to be very user friendly amd I had no problems at all getting the picture of what it can do for you. Having said I can’t compare it to other providers because it’s the first time I have ever done this. However there is just one major floor for me. The download speeds coming fro other providers around the world are simply appalling. I’m in Korea where it’s all so fast but as soon as I go offshore and hide my ass so to speak I can wait hours for just small files. As a new beginner I don’t understand this and don’t know how to fix and “Hide My Ass” tried to assist me but had no answer on how to fix this problem 

  • Anonymous

    Hidemyass is the one to use,so easy to set up and get going .None of this

    going into internet options and changing this and that, just download and

    connect .Great product ,will recommend.

  • Lindsey

    I think HMA is great! Great user interface easy intructions, you choose which country giving you more control. A great service and great price would recommend A+

  • Satchmo

    Great Services, with thousands of ip’s to choose from. able to watch all your favourite TV’s shows anywhere in the world! never an interruption in service! and with a name like hidemyass you just know they are fun to work with!!

  • Rebus153

    I was given your website by my son in law, who has used very sucessfully for some time, due to the nature of my work, I needed a VPN provider with back ground and able to insure my emails could not be seen by third party countries, I work in the Middle East.
    The price offered for a yearly subscription beat many competitors in this field, hence I joined.
    Drawbacks, although the help team has offered advice, been very friendly and customer driven, this problem has as yet to be resolved; currently I can connect to all the USA ISP numbers given, also with Eygpt as well as Switerland and Portugal, however with the four ISP addresses given for London I keep getting LPT2 warning and unable to connect. this is frustrating, as while away from home I am unable to watch IPlayer ITN/BBC.  this problem thanks to the Help Team has now been resolved, many thanks.
    I am happy with the customer care given, the price and the security your company provides, although have had eye brows rise from my company as to how I manage to use a USA server to connect into a very secure system in UK
    Once again many thanks.

  • FF

    The company I am working for has a
    very powerful filtering system blocking many websites and all P2P
    connections (probably even more which I am not aware of), This company
    has many work sites around the world and so have hired best filtering
    experts (who made my life miserable). During setting the VPN I faced
    many problems in bypassing this filter and every time HMA came with a
    new suggestion till they found a stable solution. Now I have what I
    wanted and I would like to take this chance and thank HMA team for their
    efforts and their professional solutions.

  • FF

    The company I am working for has a
    very powerful filtering system blocking many websites and all P2P
    connections (probably even more which I am not aware of), This company
    has many work sites around the world and so have hired best filtering
    experts (who made my life miserable). During setting the VPN I faced
    many problems in bypassing this filter and every time HMA came with a
    new suggestion till they found a stable solution. Now I have what I
    wanted and I would like to take this chance and thank HMA team for their
    efforts and their professional solutions.

  • Curt

    I’m a little new to vpn use but I have no shortage of business knowledge. I contracted HMA’s service to procure a secure connection to my USA based services while I travel abroad. I accessed my Paypal account using HMA’s service with the result that Paypal found that to be suspicious and place my account on “limited” status until i verified it. Of course HMA’s email warning not to use HMA to connect to Paypal came AFTER I had already attempted it and even though I verified my Paypal account within two days, there was a “charge back” to HMA without my knowledge.

    HMA said there was a dispute placed on the order. I did not dispute it and in trying to rectify the situation (I was perfectly willing to use any other method of payment HMA would like), HMA said I would no longer be welcome to contract their services.

    There are a million other VPN services out there that actually want my business and I am more than happy to give my business to someone else.     

  • Anonymous

    I have been using another “popular”
    and well advertised VPN service for almost a year and have not been very happy
    with them as they continually switched IP address’ on me with no ability to
    control anything on my part. I went to to look for options and figured
    that HMA would provide the services and requirements that met my needs. I have
    been using HMA now for a few weeks and have nothing but good things to say
    about their service. I especially like the ability to select the VPN server
    location. I am quite impressed with HMA. Thank you guys.

  • JG

    Awesome VPN! Very easy to install and to use! Totally recommend it!

  • Aftokinito

    The support ignores you if you want your money back because of anything. Appart from that good service.

  • Alain Jubier

    Première expèrience du VPN. Très simple d’utilisation et efficace. Pas d’incidence sur la vitesse de téléchargement. Je le conseillerai autour de moi.

  • Hamish Mcgrady

    Great product – so far!! I have only been using HMA! for a week but I have found it easy to use and it works. Speeds are only slightly slower than connecting without HMA! but it’s fast enough to use iPlayer etc. The cost is in my opinion good value for money. Well done HMA!

  • Matt

    Great service – love the way I can use the HMA software on my PC and connect on my iPhone via PPTP at the same time. This was something that was impossible on another provider I tried.

  • Matt

    Great service – love the way I can use the HMA software on my PC and connect on my iPhone via PPTP at the same time. This was something that was impossible on another provider I tried.

  • Asdf

    Wonderful vpn service! I’m primarily using it to continue watching hulu while on a trip to Kenya – works beautifully. Video streaming can’t be better.

  • GHTurnbull

    So far so good, despite initial problems of connection, but I was guided through those pretty quickly.
    I also appreciated the follow up mailings. One aspect of service I really appreciate is the constant connection, when required, unlike with a previous outfit which allocated/reduced what proved to be insufficient bandwidth each a month. Sometimes there is annoying, repetitive, buffering, but that may be down to the broadcast source, I suppose. I thought I was going to have to learn to live without UK broadcasts, here in the USA,  until I came across HMA. Well done guys!

  • Ewanjs

    great VPN a little slow but could be my geographical distance from a server in New Zealand

  • Spark Is Me

    I have to say its a very good VPN software, high speed and very good support.
    Support actually give me some notes on how i can speed up my connection even without the VPN connection.

    Simply Fabulous

  • Shsparkey

    I am a new user to VPN’s and their usage.  I did a small amount of
    research and a buddy suggested another VPN.  I found HMA to be less
    expensive and they had more servers world wide.  I have been using
    HMA now for a few weeks and I’ve found it easy to set up and use. 
    The control of which country I go to is amazing and I am completely
    satisfied with my choice of contracting with HMA.  I would HIGHLY
    RECOMMEND HMA to anyone. 

    Thanks HMA.

  • The Funky Buddha

    I have been using HMA Pro for about 14months, the overall service is good with a wide range of international servers, I have found that bandwidth is restricted/narrowed whilst behind the VPN but still have no problems with uninterrupted TV (for the most part) even in full HD whether at home with my 100MB line or at work with only 3MB. I say for the most part because when a server becomes very busy it has a habit of disconnecting you for about 20 seconds before automatically reconnecting, this happens to me once or twice a week, but given the low price of the service, I can live with it. 
    Handy tip for recieving US TV from the UK ie. Netflix (US) and Vudu, sign up for a PAYG Visa with Entropay and a US PO Box with Bundlebox and you’ll have no problem subscribing to their premium content with a full Zip Code, postal address and landline number, this unfortunately doesn’t work with HULU+ as they won’t accept an Entropay Visa card or UK Pay Pal, why I have no idea, maybe our money isn’t good enough! I’m still looking for a way to subscribe, I’ll let you all know when I’ve found it. Also if your in the UK and have an NFL Game Pass subscription and are tired of games showing ‘Blackout’ due to the broadcast restrictions in the UK (Thanks, Mr Murdoch) just switch server to a country that Rupert Murdoch hasn’t yet invaded like Romania then there’ll be no Blocked games even during the Play Offs! Wunderbar! My only suggestion to the guys at HMA to improve the service is increase the bandwidth. 

  • Alain83470

    J’ai fait l’acquisition de HMA Pro le 11 nov 2011, je ne suis pas en mesure d’ évaluer le produit car je n’ai pu l’utiliser que 5 jours, en effet il n’y a pour la France qu’un serveur. J’ai adressé comme indiqué en pareille circonstances, un diagnostic au service client qui m’a répondu que le serveur français est en maintenance (?) Aucune autre alternative possible sur la France. Je ne conseille donc pas ce produit pour cette destination. je patiente encore un peu et je verrai alors si la politique de remboursement d’un produit inutilisable est respectée dans le délai d’acquisition de trente jours.

  • philth59

    I have been using HMA for about 3 months now and the only problem I have had is that it will approximately halve my download speed, but given the price I pay for it I’m happy enough 

  • Pierre Dufrasne

    Je suis très content d’utiliser 24h/24 ce service vpn qui fonctionne à merveille. Il est rapide et discret. Je le recommande de tt coeur. C’est facile,sérieux et pas cher. Merci mille fois.


  • CRussel

    Works, and works well. I set up a connection using
    Windows Server 2008 R2 RRAS to support multiple TiVo and other devices that
    needed access to streaming content with US geo-restrictions. Setup was fairly
    straightforward, and when I had a question, email was answered in under 24
    hours. Overall responsiveness and bandwidth is acceptable to good. It was a bit
    slow on Friday & Saturday evenings, but that could just as easily have been
    my _LAME_ cable company. IAC, the rest of the time, no issues. I was originally
    going to set up an Asus router as a DD-WRT router (and might still), but the
    instructions were less than simple, and since I had a copy of Server around,
    and plenty of VPN headroom, that just seemed easier.

  • CRussel

    Works, and works well. I set up a connection using
    Windows Server 2008 R2 RRAS to support multiple TiVo and other devices that
    needed access to streaming content with US geo-restrictions. Setup was fairly
    straightforward, and when I had a question, email was answered in under 24
    hours. Overall responsiveness and bandwidth is acceptable to good. It was a bit
    slow on Friday & Saturday evenings, but that could just as easily have been
    my _LAME_ cable company. IAC, the rest of the time, no issues. I was originally
    going to set up an Asus router as a DD-WRT router (and might still), but the
    instructions were less than simple, and since I had a copy of Server around,
    and plenty of VPN headroom, that just seemed easier.

  • Footix

    Super VPN Service! HMA is working great to unblock websites like Google Music from France. I recommand Hidemyass :-)

  • Kat

    I am a new user to HMA vpn service so far all in all it is going well. I am comparing especially to a previous service which I had which was simply bad. One or two very minor hicups in loss of service while a progamme- tv player-  was playing on the odd occasion due to a busy server but generally I am VERY impressed so far and plan to continue using HMA definitely also I would like to say a thank you, for the polite follow up support mailings much appreciated.

     In short HMA does what it says on the tin!!  There is no hype a good decent service, and value for money.

  • Fravallee

    Use it since two weeks. Nothing to say. HMA is simply perfect and so easy to use !!!

  • Rob

    HMA works well for me because for one price you get access to all server locations and countries, this allows me to improve my online marketing and analyse how my campaigns are doing in other countries.

  • hauspanzer

     Review based on usage from Oct 2011 to May 2012. Setup under Windows was easy. Under Linux it was less easy, but not impossible. I live in Canada, and use the VPN to access Radio 5 (UK), BBC TV (UK), ITV (UK), RTL TV (Germany), ANT3 TV (Spain). Radio performance is excellent. TV varies from acceptable to good. I feel the service provided has met and even slightly exceeded my expectations, and intend to continue to use HMA.

  • Gee2578

    Enjoyed having the service especially since I haven’t had any problems except for the occasional disconnection. Would definitely recommend to others. Setup was easy on both my laptop and iPad.

  • MH

    very good provider, 100% availability, free easy to install. I definitly would recommend HMA to others.

  • gkasica

    Great service and support. Highly reccomend them.

  • Shivook

    Sometimes speed not fast enough for US ip, as getting around 2.5Mbps while my home is 30Mbps.

  • Dflev

    HMA worked exactly as promised. Once you sign up, you can open a window which can stay open while you connect or disconnect the vpn as you wish. When in Europe, I use one service which lets me do more if it knows I am in Europe (so the vpn should be off) and another which only works if it thinks I am in the US (so the vpn should be on). It takes seconds to turn it on or off as required. Great product!

  • Bob Hruska

    I had tried a lot of VPN providers before I settled down with HMA. What made me draw a conclusion were these following reasons taken in comparison with the price: connection stability, plenty of servers to choose from, great support, customer care on professional level. Keep it going!

  • Sandrinefox

    it has been 5 months since I used this service and I am very satisfied. keep it up and thank you very much

  • Martin Dicosto

    the beginning of a very good quality, lately, many disconects absolutely unsuitable for gaming ..

  • Judit

    It’s perfect:) I’m very satisfied with it.

  • J Dizzle

    I was very pleased with the service that HMA offered. They have easy to use software and if there is ever any issues with the service or sspeedwhen using a proxy it could always be resolved by simply reconnecting to a different server.

    I can recommend this service to anyone looking for a reliable and easy to use VPN.

  • Sturla Hiller

    Easy software to use,but sometimes i think there is a lot off customers logged on to the servers and the slow down very much and sometimes even disconnects.

  • Jordi

    Very good provider. Maximum confident with 100% of availability.

  • Jordi

    Very good provider. Maximum confident with 100% of availability.

  • L Robertson

    I’ve been using HMA for about 2 years and have had no issues whatsoever. I like the anonymity it provides, and I know it works, because one time I was logging into my gmail account and received a message from gmail, warning me that someone from Japan was trying to access my account. Of course it was me, but going through HMA, I was using an IP address from Japan. I have selected to have an automatic renewal of my HMA account every year, so I’ll never miss a payment and be without this wonderful product.

  • sj4iy

    I’ve used HMA for a year now, and I’ve really enjoyed the ease of use. If a connection didn’t work for me, it was but the flip of a switch to change to a better server. I was able to stream live broadcasts many times, which was extremely helpful. My only complaint was that I wish there were servers for Japan, but other than that, I’m extremely satisfied.

  • akifemsurg

    Joined HMA at the recommendation of a friend. Its easy to use and has an excellent number of servers available that you can change at the press of a button. Can be a bit slow at times but I am not sure that is HMA’s fault – its more to do with the number of people using the service and how loaded the servers are. HMA always makes recommendations to work around speed problems such as suggesting alternative servers to the one I might have selected. I think I get good value for money and so far have had absolutely no problems with HMA.

  • GO

    Easy provider to use. A lot of server around the world. Work pretty well most of the time.

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