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Discover the best VPN services in Belgium in 2013!

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Censorship can’t be stopped!

It is known that Internet rhymes with censorship now. You go online anywhere in the world, it’s still there, ready to prevent you from browsing your favourite websites. You want to watch Belgian TV? Well, you have to live in Belgium.

We call it a geographical restriction: it means that foreign websites are automatically blocked in your country. All of this because of the license fees (indeed, these same websites haven’t bought yet the rights for the international broadcast of their contents). Such a big deal to go online!

There are also Internet censorship laws (in this case, in Belgium). Regarding these laws, I won’t list them, as by googling it, you can have all the information you want. ;)

So, if you want to get around the censorship, there are several ways. I will especially talk about the VPN, as it is the main subject of this blog.

VPN vs. censorship!

The VPN is a software that you need to install on your computer. It allows you then to change your IP address anytime you want.

To explain briefly what an IP address is, it identifies your computer when this last one is connected to an Internet network. The IP address matches the place/country where you go online. In that specific case, if you are in Belgium, you will have a Belgian IP address. And for example, if you are in the United States, your IP will be American.

To come back to the VPN, it has other functions:

  • Your Internet connection is secured (you are then protected from hacking).
  • You can remain anonymous.
  • You online activities are kept secret.

Interesting, isn’t it?

Have access to Internet without restrictions!

So, if you are a Belgian expatriate or only an Internet user who wants to access Belgian contents, the VPN will be your best friend from now on. Just replace your actual IP with a Belgian one, and that’s all! You have nothing else to do.

With the VPN, you can navigate freely as long as you want!

Best VPN services for Belgium

VPN protocols: PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN

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VPN protocols: PPTP/L2TP/IPsec and OpenVPN

Emplacements de serveur : Belgium + 61 countries

Price: $9.95

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