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Avoid geoblocking with a VPN

Some Internet websites use “geoblocking” when they give access to people according to their geographical location. Some websites only accepted American residents. If you browse from Germany for example, you can’t go on these websites.

They can recognize the location of their visitors thanks to their IP address. IP address gives automatically your location. When websites use geoblocking, your IP address must correspond to the area of service asked by the website. Otherwise you can’t browse on the website. Hulu for example gives access to its services only to American residents.  

A VPN allows you to avoid this phenomenon because your VPN-provider gives you another IP address. All VPN-providers have set servers in different locations around the world. Every server contains a certain number of IP addresses. For example, by setting a server in New York, a VPN-provider can supply IP addresses coming from New York. Thus, you can browse from Germany with an American IP address and go easily on Hulu.

When you subscribe a VPN, you have always the choice between several locations. A lot of very interesting American websites use geographical restriction; that’s why most of VPN-providers offer US IP addresses. But you can also find IP addresses coming from Europe or Asia. You can pretend browsing in United Kingdom while you are standing in China. A VPN allows you to bypass geographical frontiers!