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Website: (.fr .de .nl .br .es)
Location: United-States
Founded: 2009
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VyprVPN Personal VPN service is a VPN, or Virtual Private Network, providing internet security against online privacy invasions. VyprVPN service provides a solid layer of Internet and wireless security unavailable with traditional Internet security software.

To use our VPN service, simply login to activate a secure, encrypted VyprVPN connection and all your online communication (web addresses, e-mails, instant messages, VoIP, social networking, etc.) is “scrambled” as it travels through your Internet service provider (ISP) to VyprVPN servers, making it impossible for eavesdroppers to see what you’re transmitting.

Once your online traffic reaches the VyprVPN servers, it’s stripped of your Internet Protocol (IP) address, tagged with a VyprVPN IP address, and sent to its final destination on the Internet. Now hackers and identity thieves don’t see your identity associated with an e-mail, for example, they see VyprVPN.

VyprVPN service is a VPN provider that maintains your internet security and keeps your online privacy intact.


IP Address Features: IP Shared (dynamic)

Protocols Features: L2TP/IPSec, OPENVPN, PPTP, Chameleon

Speed & Transfer Features: Unlimited Transfer, Unrestricted Speed

Server Locations Features: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Costa-Rica, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dubai (UAE), Finland, France, Germany, Hong-Kong, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Italy, Ireland, Japan, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South-Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United-Kingdom, United-States, Vietnam

Platform Supported: Android, iPad, iPhone, Linux, Mac, Web-Based, Windows, Routers

Language Supported: Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Nederlands, Português, Turkish and Chinese

Desktop App: Windows, Mac

Mobile App: iOS, Android

Screenshots (VyprVPN Apps)


Support Method: Email (ticket), Live Chat

Support Language: English

Editions & Pricing

Offer Number: 3 plans

Price (monthly): Starting at $6.67 (only for START-vpn visitors)

Free Trial (days): 3 days

Moneyback Guarantee (days): No


05/03/2013: When VPN provider VyprPVN is venturing to the smallest nooks of the world!
04/24/2013: VPN provider VyprVPN keeps conquering new places for new servers!
04/22/2013: VPN provider VyprVPN is becoming Swiss!
04/11/2013: VPN provider VyprVPN is conquering new territories!
04/05/2013: A new server for VPN provider VyprVPN
03/05/2013: A new version of VyprVPN VPN service for Mac!
01/18/2013: VyprVPN releases its VPN client for Mac
12/28/2012: VyprVPN adds 5GB of Dump Truck online stockage for every accounts
12/03/2012: VyprVPN launches their VPN applications for Android and iOS
07/13/2012: VyprVPN Released its v1.3 VPN Application
04/17/2012: New VyprVPN’s exclusive offer for START-vpn visitors
04/10/2012: VyprVPN announces a new server opening in Austin TX
03/27/2012: VyprVPN updates its VPN application to version 1.1
03/05/2012: VyprVPN app is out of Beta
01/11/2012: VyprVPN app now available for Giganews users
01/11/2012: VyprVPN adds a new server in Germany
11/10/2011: VyprVPN App is Ready for Windows Users!
09/29/2011: VyprVPN set up VPN servers in France.
09/28/2011: Goldenfrog launched a new version of its website!
06/21/2011: VyprVPN takes of London!
05/17/2011: Golden Frog – VyprVPN adds United-Kingdom VPN Server
04/21/2011: EXCLUSIVE PRICE for START-vpn visitors: VyprVPN Pro at $14.99/month (regularly $19.99) – SAVE $5
03/07/2011: Golden Frog and Giganews partnership expands to offer the full suite of VyprVPN to ALL customers
11/08/2010: VyprVPN protect your connection from Firesheep with a VPN
10/14/2010: VyprVPN, new NAT firewall feature available
10/08/2010: VyprVPN Pro increases security options with L2TP/IPsec
04/09/2010: VyprVPN adds a new server location!

User reviews

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  • luis – usa

    Vypervpn has provided me the privacy I need at an affordable cost. Setup was easy and customer was excellent. I’m particularly impressed with the level of communication I receive regarding the status of my connection and when switching servers. It makes it easy to get what I need done when I want to do it.

  • Robert – USA

    Very reliable service. When I first joined VyprVPN I had trouble setting everything up but costumer service worked with me for like 2hrs straight which was amazing. I’d recommend VyprVPN to anyone just for the support they provide not to mention the great quality of their service. 5 stars from me!!

  • Brian – UK

    I started using the VyprVPN service in Jan 2010 after getting increasingly worried about privacy on the net and with my Giganews Usenet account. I looked at several different companies but settled on this one as it appeared to be the most professional, reviews like this one also really helped. After 6 months I have been thoroughly impressed with the service in terms of speed and reliability. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable VPN.

  • mtx – US

    I just switched over from TUVPN. Although I thought they were pretty good, speeds from the US were pretty slow. I just signed onto my vprvpn account and getting around 13-14MB speeds. Very happy with these guys!


    Also it looks like they forward all ports which should make bittorent ppl happy.

  • Yannick


    J’utilise VyprVPN avec l’offre Giganews. J’utilise l’offre diamond incluse dans l’abonnement VPN.
    C’est une offre très fiable, très rapide et sécurisée également. Bientôt, je vais prendre l’abonnement VyprVPN Pro. Je la recommanderais à toute personne cherchant un VPN sûr et pour être sain et sauf, à chacun désirant savoir ce qui se passe sur votre connexion internet.

  • Modlife – FR

    VyprVPN est un très bon VPN et un fournisseur très fiable. Sa principale qualité est sa vitesse illimité, et ma posibilité d’utiliser ma connexion internet à 100%. Bien que je sois connecté aux USA ou aux Pays-bas.

    Pour se connecter à un serveur, c’est si facile et si rapide.

    Je suis très impressionné du niveau de transfert au vu du statut de ma connexion. Je peux me connecter à n’importe serveur quand je le veux.

    J’ai choisi VyprVPN Pro parce qu’il utilise l’OpenVPN.
    Je leur donne 5 étoiles.

  • Oli

    Free with GigaNews Diamond, multiple locations, pretty good all round.

    However for all you file sharers out there, they do have a copyright policy, last time I looked it was only disconnection.

  • Eksillent

    Excellent Service For An Eksillently Expensive Price

  • zoubir

    Depuis Juillet 2010, j’utilise l’offre VyprVPN Pro avec OpenVPN. Ca marche bien. J’utilise la vitesse maximum de mon ADSL. VyprVPN offre un très bon abonnement avec un super sécurité et cryptée avec OpenVPN
    C’est LE meilleur !
    Le plus grand rival de StrongVPN.

  • Nicolas

    Très bon service, rapide presque aucune perte de débit et surtout permet de surfer tranquillement depuis la France très loin des yeux perfide d’ Hadopi

  • Alex

    Vypervpn est un super provider. Très rapide (jusqu’à 6MB/s sur le téléchargement de ma connexion internet). Pas de restriction pour emule ou les torrents. Je ne peux rien dire de l’aide technique, je n’y ai jamais eu recours. Un peu cher, mais comme il vient avec mon compte giganews, ce n’est pas un problème.

  • FrankBB

    VyprVPN seems to be an excellent VPN service.
    I use it for a few months now and have hat no particular problems with connections or speed. The possibility to choose between different countries is a must.

  • Mary

    This is an AWESOME service.

  • monty

    VyprVPN is a fast and secure VPN provider that you can trust. I mostly use it for my P2P or Usenet downloads. My speeds are roughly the same as when I’m not using it. I probably never would have thought about a VPN service until they included it for free with my Giganews account.

    I recommend this VPN service.

  • georgem

    vyprVPN is quite great!

    Connections are fast! Compared to my regular DSL-line at home, I don’t even notice a difference while browsing.

    The price is pretty expensive but all vyprVPN has a good price-performance ratio!

  • Cesar

    Works good, extremly fast and reliable so far! Thanks VyprVPN

  • Rick

    Very good and quick technical response from the support team. Very satisfied with the speed. Nice service VyprVPN ;)

  • Brad

    I’m really happy of VyprVPN. They are professional, respond quickly to your demand. That VPN service is very good! :)

  • Albert

    VyprVPN has solved my problem of not being able to access sites that are blocked by my ISP. I can now access web sites as though I were in the US. I also have confidence that all my internet activity is secure.

  • Xaho

    We live in China, and OpenVPN is a must have for us. We strongly recommend everyone to get it, if you need the truth of what’s happening around the world.

  • Justine

    Much faster Connection to US than with my previous VPN Host.

  • Julian

    It’s a great VPN service. I’m currently living in China. The problem here is that a lot of web pages are blocked (by the government) and the ISP likes to protocol my internet activities. With VyprVPN, I have access to every web page usually censored, the speed is great and I feel SAFE to know that they can’t see what I’m doing in the Internet.

  • Kurt

    Excellent speed, excellent security and all in all, a very good VPN solution to make sure big brother is not watching!

  • Rob

    Great, fast, reliable VPN service. I highly recommend VyprVPN for your VPN needs!

  • Bryan

    The vpn service is good. I sometimes need to access servers in USA. With VyprVPN, I am able to upload much faster than without.

  • C. Hall

    Great VPN provider. Always able to connect, very fast and reliable VPN service.

  • Tommy

    Hi there,

    I’m using VyprVPN from England to watch Hulu. It is awesome, I never had speed problems or connection losses. I’ve recommend the service already to friend, because I really happy about it.
    Greetings from England

  • Deroy

    Service is great. Full speed downloading (same as without VPN), support is good, always fast answers. Never had a single real problem.

  • Bob

    Fast and reliable connection. Good support.

  • Mr B.

    VyprVPN est le meilleur fournisseur que j’ai essayé. La vitesse est excellente, la “support team” est tout simplement géniale, elle a réglé chacun de mes problèmes en l’espace de 10 minutes et a répondu à chaque fois en moins de 30min. Pour l’instant, je n’ai eu aucune déconnexion impromptue, et je suis en sécurité lorsque je surf, ou que je suis sur le net. Vu qu’ils sont en $, ça revient à un prix raisonnable pour mon budget en €. Grâce à eux, je peux également accéder aux sites américains qui restreignent l’accès aux non résidents américains. Continuez comme ça, je serai avec vous tant que le service sera aussi bon.

  • Walter

    VyprVPN is very reliable, no connection drop for a month!
    The speed couldn’t be better, when I watch ABC player on my iPad the quality goes really good and I can watch it.
    VyprVPN would be better if they could reduce the price, but they are a very good service at all

  • SpaceCake

    Je suis très satisfait de VyprVPN, notamment de leur support, qui m’a beaucoup aidé en plus de répondre vite sur un petit problème de configuration de mon DD-WRT Firmware.

  • Jörg/J. Schlüter

    Sehr schnell, zuverlässig, und ausgezeichneter Support. Habe den Service jetzt drei Wochen getestet (Pro-Version mit Firewall, für Ubuntu Linux), die Leistung rechtfertigt den Preis.

    Excellent speed, reliability and support. I’ve been using it since three weeks (vyprvpn pro/OpenVPN for Ubuntu with NAT firewall). The price is worth it.

  • rkh

    best VPN service i’ve ever use

  • Shajiuddin Pakistan

    worst vpn

  • mike

    Stay away from GoldenFrog as a vpn provider without giganews. Absolutely the worst costumer experience ever and since they’re based out of Austin Tx or grand caymans good luck at actually taking to a living person. There is no address, no phone number no nothing when you need to question them as to what they’re doing with your CC information without activating their service Their 24/7 C.S. is B.S. It’s simply an intelligent auto response or a non English speaking CS drone and will give you this response when confused”

    Sorry for the inconvenience, I have escalated this issue to a manager, they will get back to you as soon as they have had time to research this issue. Usually, you can expect a response within the next few business days.
    Thank you for your patience.”

    I have received this message 3 times.
    Maybe vyprvpn is a good service when backed up by a heavy hitter like giganews but as a independent company their awful.

  • mike

    Amend to the post below. GoldenFrog finally got the billing corrected and credited my account. I only wish they were more forthcoming from the beginning. Service is lightening fast and no dropped connections.

  • StephanMKT

    This is an outstanding Personal VPN service. The speed is good for me and I feel I am protected with VyprVPN.

  • Amendine Lamay

    WOWWWW! Great VPN service, I love how easy it’s to use it and the best part is the GREAT speeds.

  • StevoMAPI

    Very efficient VPN Service. It is the fastest VPN service i have used yet. The price is higher than other VPN provider, but it’s really worth it, strongly recommend!

  • best

    strongly recommend!

  • MaxJohnson

    Excellent VPN Service, easy to use and very reliable. Great to protect my online privacy… no disconnections :-) The speed has always been very good within own country selection like US. The price is very reasonable. Then, I can’t comment on the support service as i have never needed to use it. Good job Golden Frog… Keep going!

  • Mastic

    I’ve been using VyprVPN for about half a year now and never had problems… It’s a reliable VPN service…

  • John Biggste

    VyprVPN service is one of the best I’ve ever used, and that allows me to surf anonymous and safe way, so as to be able to access services such as Netflix, within one month of using it I have not had any problems and it is a fact highly recommend it

  • chrischtili

    Nothing is faster than Vyprvpn. Just tried Hidemyass: Vypr is 10x faster.

  • yeper

    great connectivity and bandwidth. however, HUGE drawback is only one simultaneous connection, so cant watch netflix on TV and browse facebook on notebook, also it’s double the price of everyone else 

  • Mark

    VyprVPN doesn’t work for Sky for me in Spain, either with Sky Go on a PC or through my Sky box.
    It is OK for other UK & US-based sites though

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