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Watch Starz from abroad – How to unblock Starz with a VPN service?

starz outside us

Starz (originally “Starz!” until 2005 and stylized as starz) is an American TV channel that offers mainly first-runmotion pictures, with some original programming too. As of March 2012, Starz’s programs are available to 19.6 million subscribers in the United States.

Starz programming

The channel offers various programs such as:

  • a movie library with rights to films from Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures (including Walt Disney Pictures, Touchstone Pictures, and Hollywood Pictures), Sony Pictures Entertainment (including Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures Classics, Screen Gems,TriStar Pictures), Overture Films (also owned by Starz’ parent, Liberty Media), Anchor Bay Entertainment, Yari Film Group, and Warren Miller Films, among other leading distributors.
    On February 2, 2012, Starz announced a new deal with Lions Gate Entertainment, that will add over 500 films to the channel; Lions Gate-produced films that Epix currently or will have future rights to will also move to Starz after their term of license for broadcast on Epix concludes.
  • Sime original and acquired series programming : since 2005, Starz has begun to expand its original programming, broadcasting an increasing number of original scripted series to compete with rivals Showtime and HBO. Some of the original series include The Bronx Bunny Show and Head Case, with unconventional time lengths (under 15 minutes).

Starz On Demand

Starz on-demand’s service called Starz on demand is available at no additional charge to the Starz subscribers. Its unique feature to offer early premiere of feature films is part of the explanation for the service’s success.

Unfortunately for users from abroad the service is unreachable. Starz didn’t get the needed broadcasting rights for an international airing. Therefore are all video contents blocked.

How to unblock Starz from abroad?

When a video is blocked, that’s because you have been identified as a none-us user. This identification is operated through the analyze of your IP.

Thus to circumvent the limitation you are forced to change of IP address. In order to do so, the VPN is an useful tool which enables to connect to a VPN server which provides a new IP. If you choose a US server you are easily able to access to Starz, and also to all geo-blocked websites.

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Bottom line

With a VPN you benefit from bigger abilities during your browsing. Aside from giving you the possibility to access to all TV channels’ websites from abroad, and to all on-demand service as Hulu or Netflix, you also get a secure connection thanks to your datas’ encryption.


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