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Watch CBC outside Canada – How to unblock CBS with a VPN service?

cbc outside canada

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), is a Canadian crown corporation. As the national public radio and television broadcaster, CBC also detains a French-language arm: Radio-Canada. Although some local stations in Canada preceded CBC’s founding, it’s the oldest existing broadcasting network in Canada.

The radio services include CBC Radio One, CBC Radio 2, Première ChaîneEspace musique and the international radio service Radio Canada International.

Television operations include CBC Television, Télévision de Radio-Canada, CBC News Network, le Réseau de l’information, ARTV (part ownership), Documentary and Bold.

The CBC operates services for the Canadian Arctic with the names of CBC North and Radio Nord Québec. CBC/Radio-Canada television stations are currently proceeding of an over-the-air digital television transition. Nevertheless, the transition will result in the loss of either or both CBC TV or Télévision de Radio-Canada over-the-air in many cities.

CBC/Radio-Canada also offers programming eight Aboriginal languages on its domestic radio service; in nine languages on its international radio service, Radio Canada International; and in eight languages on its Web-based radio service RCI Viva, a service for the immigrants to Canada.

The CBC owns two main websites: one is in English, at, which was established in 1996; the other is in French. The web service includes an on-demand service. However this service is only available in Canada. Due to licensing constraints, the CBC set up a blocking system which prevents all foreigner users from accessing to the video contents.

How to bypass the geo-restriction of CBC?

In order to bypass this kind of restriction you have to change your IP. This address gives informations about your location, therefore you must fake it.

The Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an user-friendly application which allows you to obtain a new IP through a connection to a VPN server. This new identity depends on the server location.

That way, nobody can be able to determine your actual identity. The CBC website can’t detect the change, your access is authorized.

Top 3 best VPN providers to unblock CBC outside Canada

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Bottom line

The VPN is a good way to get back your online freedom. Thus you can easily be able to reach the geoblocked websites from abroad.

But also, the VPN guarantees a safe browsing. Its connection process includes your datas’ encryption.



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