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Unblock Tumblr – How to access to Tumblr with a VPN service?

unblock tumblr

Tumblr is a microblogging platform and social networking website, owned and operated by Tumblr, Inc. The service enables its users to post multimedia and other contents to a short-form blog, named a “tumblelog”. Users are able to follow other users’ blogs, as well as make their own blogs. Much of the origin website’s features are reachable from the “dashboard” interface, where the option to post content and posts of followed blogs appear.

As of 2012, Tumblr had over 46.2 million blogs. According to comScore, it scored 13.4 million unique visitors in the U.S. in July 2011— up 218% from July 2010.

Few facts about Tumblr

  • In 2009, Tumblr’s CEO, David Karp, was rewarded as the Best Young Tech Entrepreneur 2009 by BusinessWeek.
  • In 2011, We are the 99%‘s Tumblr became viral as the recognized slogan for the Occupy Wall Street movement.
  • On October 21, 2011, Tumblr became the first blogging platform to host President Obama’s blog.

Censorship on Tumblr

The microblogging undergoes two kind of censorship:

  • The website is blocked by firewalls at school or work which make it unreachable for its users in countries that though authorize the platform
  • Tumblr has been entirely blocked in some countries that sees this site as a threat for their policy. Among these countries, the website is often blocked in Qatar, Yemen, the United Arab Emirates and China.

How to bypass the blocking?

The blocking system is based on your IP recognition. This address stands as your online identity. Whether for a blocking in a specific country (the IP contains your country location) or at work/school (the IP is an identification manner to your precise location), the solution is to change your IP.

The Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides the possibility to connect to a VPN server which gives you a new IP. Once the connection is established, your browsing is redirected. Thus you can navigate behind a new identity which allows you to bypass the blockings.

Neither firewalls, nor your country’s censorship system can be able to detect the change. Your access to Tumblr is granted.

Top 3 best VPN providers to unblock Tumblr

This selection includes providers with the OpenVPN protocol. This encryption manner guarantees the best privacy level for this specific use.

VPN protocols: PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and OPENVPN

Server locations: US + 12 countries

Desktop App: Windows, Mac

Mobile App: iOS, Android

Price: $14.99 (only for ST4RT*vpn users)

Desktop App: Windows, Mac

Mobile App: iOS, Android

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VPN Protocols: PPTP/L2TP/IPsec and OpenVPN

Server locations: US + 41 countries

Price: $11.52

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VPN Protocols: PPTP and OpenVPN

Server locations: US + 11 countries

Price: $12.95

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Bottom line

The VPN is a secure way to browse the internet. Its connection process includes the building of tunnel which prevents your datas from being decrypted. Thus you are totally protected from hackers.

Otherwise the VPN also ensures you a restored online freedom by giving you the ability to access to the famous geo-blocked sites as Hulu or Netflix.


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