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Watch 2012 Olympics on BBC From Abroad – How to Watch the Olympic Games Livestream on BBC outside UK?

BBC Olympics outside UK

The 2012 Summer Olympic Games, also called London 2012, is going to take place in London, United Kingdom, from 27 July (when the opening ceremony is held) until 12 August 2012. The games will begin with the group stages in women’s football on 25 July. Then, over 10,000 athletes from 204 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) will compete during these Olympics.

London was selected as the host cityin 2005 during the 117th IOC Session in Singapore, defeating Moscow, New York City, Madrid and Paris. London stands as the 1st city to host the modern summer Olympic Games 3 times, having previously hosted so in 1908 and in 1948.

Infrastructures for the Games has involved considerable redevelopment, with a major consideration to sustainability. The main infrastructure is the a new 200 ha Olympic Park, built on a former industrial site at Stratford. The Games also make use of many venues which were already in place before the bid.

The BBC, which will cover the broadcasting of the whole Olympics, has set itself the objective of airing the entire competition, for a total of approximately 5,000 hours spread over different channels.

Because of the importance of the Olympics, the licensing rights are expensive. So, mostly the national channels only has rights to broadcast in their own countries.

For those who’d like to watch the BBC outside UK, you may know that the streaming service of the channel – the BBC iPlayer - is blocked for users outside uk. Indeed the sites analyzes each entrance through the IP. If it turns out that your IP isn’t situated in the UK, you won’t be able to access to the contents.

Watching the Olympic Games on BBC outside UK

This involves to change your online identity, and your IP too. Thankfuly, this is easily doable thanks to a VPN. Actually this kind of connection enables its users to establish a safe tunnel to distant servers. Afterwards, the server provide a new IP, thus you browse under the identity of the server.

The change is undetectable. If you connect to a UK server, you will appear as a British user, and freely access to the BBC Olympics livestream.

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Bottom line

The VPN is an efficient solution to free your internet access wherever you live. It allows you to stay in touch with your favourite entertainment contents.

Otherwise, this kind of connection is also a way to secure your connection and to benefit from the data encryption.


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