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Watch Channel4 outside the UK – How to unblock Channel4 wih a VPN service?

Channel 4, the British public-service television began working on 2 November 1982. In addition to the main Channel 4 service, available on digital devices as well as through traditional transmission, the channel includes services like:

  • More4, with shows such as Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Sopranos as well as NBC’s The West Wing.
  • Film4, with notable successes like The Madness of King George, The Crying Game and Four Weddings and a Funeral.
  • E4: some series, such as Hollyoaks and Desperate Housewives, new show Skins, peaking at the 2 million mark.
  • 4oD: the range of online video-on-demand service.

However, according to licensing constraints, Channel4 has to block the access for all foreigners, as well as other british channels like Sky or BBC. This restriction system disable any browsing for IP addresses from outside the UK.

How to unblock Channel4 outside the UK?

Wether you are UK expatriate or even english speaking foreigner, one of the solution to bypass this restriction consists of setting up a Virtual Private Network.

This type of system allows you the ability to switch your IP, and also to appear as a British. It creates a secured connection between your computer and your provider’s server.

Once the connection established, you benefit from a brand new identity. Channel4′s restriction isn’t able to detect this change, your access request is granted.

Choose a VPN

  1. Pick a VPN provider which possess UK VPN servers
  2. Sign in & download the application
  3. Switch your IP

Top 3 VPN providers to unblock Channel4

VPN protocols: PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and OPENVPN

Server locations: US + 12 countries

Desktop App: Windows, Mac

Mobile App: iOS, Android

Price: $14.99 (only for ST4RT*vpn users)

Desktop App: Windows, Mac

Mobile App: iOS, Android

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Protocols: PPTP/L2TP/IPsec and OpenVPN

Server locations: UK + 37 countries

Price: $11.52

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Protocols: PPTP and OpenVPN

Server locations: UK + 11 countries

Price: $12.95

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Bottom line

The VPN is an actual opportunity to bypass many restrictions on the internet. In addition to furnish you the ability to browse to entertainment websites as Hulu, Pandora or Netflix, it also ensures your online privacy and anonymity by providing a secured connection to bypass the internet censorship.

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