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Fileserve closing – Alternatives to file-sharing’s websites shutdowns: Professional backup, VPN, Usenet

Following MegaUpload’s shutdown and the arrest of its CEO Kim Dotcom, FileServe just disabled “all sharing functionality”, and claimed that their services can “only be used to upload and retrieve files you have uploaded personally”. After all this shutdowns, here is a summary of the situation for the file-sharing websites: Filesonic – Stopped file-sharing The [...]

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Filesonic disables file-sharing following Megaupload shutdown – Best alternatives to Filesonic

Facing Filesonic’s latest closing, what are your alternatives in order to keep downloading files? In our last article about Megavideo shutdown, we already listed some of the alternatives left for you to keep watching streaming videos. When the federal authorities took down Megaupload, it disabled millions of files and links, that millions of people can [...]

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Alternatives to Megavideo – how to bypass Megaupload’s shutdown with a VPN service?

As you all know, Megaupload, the famous internet’s file-sharing website, has been shut down by officials in the US. Investigators said this arrest had nothing to do with the latest events about SOPA and PIPA. On Thursday, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) called on the Protect IP Act to be shelved for the foreseeable [...]

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