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Last minute: how to watch the Brit Awards 2013 online out of the UK?

Brit Awards 2013

The English version of the Grammies!

After the Grammy Awards, here are the Brit Awards! This year, the event is happening at the O2 Arena in London. Many local and international singers/bands are facing each other to win the 12 awards that are being given. Emeli Sandé, Robbie Williams, Muse, Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift… They are all performing their last singles on the Brit Awards’ stage, just for the audience! For further information, go on the ceremony’s official website.

The event is being broadcasted live tonight on the TV channel ITV and simultaneously on Capital FM radio station. You can also watch them on the official YouTube channel. But if you are away from the United Kingdom at that moment, you can’t access those websites’ contents, as you can see it on the image below (for example):

You can't watch ITV online

It means then that if you don’t have an English, Scottish, Irish or Welsh IP address, you can’t watch the ceremony live.

The Brits 2013: as if you were there!

I have talked about the IP address. Let me explain to you what it is.

An IP address is like if your computer had an identity card. It identifies it when you go online. Your IP can change according to the place where you are. Then, it won’t be the same if you are in Paris or in London. Listening or watching live the Brit Awards requires that you replace your current IP address with one located in the UK.

“How can I do that?” With a VPN, of course! That’s the moment when you are wondering what it is! Once again, I’m going to explain.

A VPN is a service which allows you to change instantaneously your IP, according to the websites on which you are (as for ITV’s and Capital FM’s). And it is not its only function! With the VPN, you can keep secret your activities online (no one can see what you are doing), be anonymous (only your IP can identify you in that case) and secure your data (you can then protect yourself from hacking).

Convinced then? So make yourself at your ease and watch/listen to the Brit Awards, as if you were there!

Top 3 best VPN providers to watch the Brit Awards 2013 online out of the UK

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