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How to unblock Hulu in UK with a VPN service? How to watch Hulu in UK?

The famous streaming video website from the US, provides media content from over 260 content companies, such as Fox or ABC. Channels as BBC or Channel 4 also broadcast most of this content, but you might don’t want to wait that much.

Hulu‘s services aren’t yet available for UK-residents. Every britain IP-address which tries to access to any video of Hulu’s website will automatically be blocked as we can see on the following screenshot.

How to unblock Hulu in UK?

One of the best solutions for unblocking Hulu in the UK would be to us a VPN service.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) create a secured tunnel between your computer and the server of your choice (depending of the provider).

To watch Hulu you have to choose a provider with US server location, in order to switch your IP-address to an US one.

To help you choosing the best VPN provider, you still have to select the right protocol between:

  • PPTP, which is sufficient to access to geoblocked websites
  • Open VPN, which offers you a better connection for security and privacy

More details about protocols

How to use the best VPN service to watch Hulu in UK?

  1. Choose a VPN provider & sign-up
  2. Download the application
  3. Switch your IP-address

See our comparison of VPN providers with US server locations.




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