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Best OpenVPN service – Top 3 best VPN providers for OpenVPN protocol

What are the VPN protocols? The VPN protocols are used by VPN-providers to ensure an anonymous and secured VPN connection: PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN. These protocols serve two goals: transmit data in a secured way. That’s why they can use other protocols having a precise objective. OpenVPN is overall a free software. It uses TLS/SSL security protocol and includes also two steps: authentication and data [...]

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Manage your privacy on Google in 2012 – How to prevent Google from tracking you with a VPN?

Following Google’s recent change in privacy policies, we would like to focus on the actual consequences on the users. According to Google, this changes are necessary to simplify its policy and also to improve the experience on services such as Gmail, Picasa, Google Plus and Youtube. However, the data picking also enables the company to [...]

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