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How can Chinese gamers access international VPN servers to play online in 2013?

More and more people play online. Besides, we have noticed lately that is was mostly the case of the Chinese. Indeed, China set up a censorship, which goal is to block different websites’ contents, such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. But it is also because of that kind of censorship that Chinese people can’t play [...]

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Internet censorship: the most affected countries!

People can’t live without the Internet now! Thanks to this technology, everything has become accessible, even without any limit. But in certain countries, restrictions are severe and Internet users can’t access websites like Facebook, or even softwares (such as Skype). A list of the most severe countries, in terms of censorship, has recently been published [...]

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Unblock Youtube Pakistan – How to unblock Youtube in Pakistan with a VPN?

Youtube blocked in Pakistan Youtube, created in 2005, is one of the most visited website in the world. As you know, on Youtube you can watch, share and comments millions of videos from everywhere around the world. Everybody can update a video on Youtube, about any topics. And a lot of dictatorship doesn’t like that at all. [...]

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China VPN - How to unblock Google services in China with a VPN?

China VPN – How to unblock Google services in China with a VPN?

Since this Thursday, all Google’s services are blocked in China. The search engine, Gmail, Analytics, Google Docs and Google Maps are unavailable since the start of the Communist Party’s 18th National Congress. Google, who owns The Transparency Report, announced that it was against their will. How to unblock Google services in China? So if you’re in [...]

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Watch 2012 Netflix in China – How to unblock Netflix in China with a VPN service?

Internet contains many type of entertainment content. The streamed videos find a great success for online viewers. Therefore Netflix managed to reach a wide audience of +25 million members. Among those on-demand internet streaming media, Hulu and Pandora too offer these kind of services. Meanwhile, Netflix remains the topmost online media streaming company that allows its viewers to [...]

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Bypass 2012 VPN blocking in China – How to prevent from the Great Firewall of China?

In a recent article we described how tight could be the internet censorship in China. The blocking of many sites make the browsing hard for the expats or even for Chinese residents who wish to browse freely. Since 2011 VPN blocking, users begin to feel helpless dealing with the new restrictions. The Great Firewall managed to block PPTP and [...]

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