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ACTA protest – How to prevent ACTA’s restrictions with a VPN service?

Following SOPA’s recent protest, a new legal measure is now frightening the web world: the Anti-counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA). Last month, 22 of EU member states decided to sign the bill. As a result, a widespread protest began with hacked Web sites and legislators backing away from the treaty. What is ACTA? The ACTA is [...]

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Best VPN service for mobile devices – How to browse safely on your mobile with a VPN Service?

As the increasing importance of the smartphones market, it’s also obvious to look for a better way to secure your communications on various mobile devices. The temptation to connect you mobile everywhere (cafes, airports, …) should always be temporized by the necessity to control what information could be shared and also intercepted. Computer users are [...]

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