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CISPA the new SOPA – How to bypass CISPA with a VPN service?

CISPA, stands for the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act of 2011  (H.R. 3523). More precisely, this new bill is a kind of a successor of the latest SOPA legislative proposal which was shot down at the beginning of the year. According to EFF’s analysis, this bill could be used to give copyright enforcers the ability to spy on [...]

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Worse than SOPA, ACTA claims that most people are guilty unless if you use a VPN service

While sites like Wikipedia, Reddit or even Google protested on January 18th 2012 against SOPA, the ACTA mobilization seemed very small whereas the  law’s restrictions appear to be stronger. There are several criticism of the agreement. Countries like India and Brazil have been vocal opponents, telling it will strongly harm the economy of emerging countries. [...]

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ACTA protest – How to prevent ACTA’s restrictions with a VPN service?

Following SOPA’s recent protest, a new legal measure is now frightening the web world: the Anti-counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA). Last month, 22 of EU member states decided to sign the bill. As a result, a widespread protest began with hacked Web sites and legislators backing away from the treaty. What is ACTA? The ACTA is [...]

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