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iTunes VPN – How to watch movies on iTunes outside US?

itunes vpn

iTunes is among the greatest databases of new media in the US and worldwide. iTunes offers a variety of music, movies and TV Shows. Its interface allows to rent movies for $3.99 with 29 days of availability.

  • 20 million songs
  • commercial free TV shows
  • the world’s best-selling books — ebooks, audiobooks, and new interactive iBooks textbooks for iPad.
  • Hundred of thousands of podcasts

Using a VPN for iTunes allows you to access to this wonderful amount of entertainment contents. Actually Apple didn’t purchase all the needed rights for every country. By getting a US account you are able to benefit from the entire selection of movies, songs and books.

What is a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) connects all of your devices. When you’re connected, a new IP is provided. Thus you benefit from an increased privacy and also from security thanks to an encryption system.

The VPN allows you to access to the iTunes US contents, by appearing as an American user.

However, you will also need a credit card with a US billing address.

How to use a VPN to get a US iTunes account?

  1. Choose a VPN provider with US servers
  2. Connect to one of these servers
  3. Freely access to US iTunes

Best VPN services to get a US iTunes account

VPN Protocols: PPTP

Server locations: UK + 5 countries

Price: $9.99

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Protocols: PPTP/L2TP/IPsec and OpenVPN

Server locations: US + 37 countries

Price: $11.52

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Protocols: PPTP and / or OpenVPN

Server locations: US + 11 countries

Price: $12.95

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Bottom line

The VPN frees your internet access by allowing to stay in touch with the famous American entertainment contents. Bypassing the geo-restriction thus enables to discover a new world, especially since the Megaupload’s closing.


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