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TuVPN launches a new beta SSH2 VPN server!

TuVPN just launched a new server in Erfurt, Germany. This new VPN server has the particularity to support SSH2 tunnels. Generally, the main protocols supported by VPN providers are PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN, but TuVPN decided to launch beta SSH2.

SSH2 has one important characteristic: it allows you to encrypt just certain applications. The advantage of this system? You can still enjoy great speed on programs that you don’t want to encrypt.

TuVPN gave an example of use: “You could protect (so send through the SSH2 tunnel) just VOIP communications (e.g Skype) while using your normal internet connection for all other internet related services such as web browsing, online gaming etc.”

Moreover TuVPN explains that SSH2 tunnels offer AES 256bit encryption; OpenVPN supports the same encryption and is one of the most secure VPN protocols.

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