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PureVPN hammers prices and set up in Russia

If you are a company looking for a VPN service for all your employees, this piece of news might interest you! PureVPN reduced the price by 50% of its Corporate Packages. Here can you find all the new very attractive prices which could benefit both companies and expats:

                                1 month:              12 months:

For 25 users:            $275           $2475 (save 25%)

For 50 users:            $475           $4560 (save 20%)

For 100 users:          $925           $9020 (save 18%)

PureVPN also added a new VPN server in Russia supporting both PPTP and L2TP. The VPN-provider still supplies 13 different VPN locations because its VPN server in France does not work anymore. The Russian server is available at

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