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Hidemyass adds LT2P protocol and updates the number of its IP’s

Hidemyass is one of the leading VPN providers on the market, but it used to miss a very important feature compared to other providers: LT2P protocol. This protocol is often introduced as more secured than PPTP. Therefore Hidemyass clients would be glad to know that Hidemyass just launched VPN servers using L2TP!

Hidemyass adds fequently VPN servers to its long list -it recently added 6 VPN servers in Europe; that’s why we had the idea to use a “VPN counter” so that you won’t be lost between all these updates. Fortunately for us, Hidemyass often announces on its Twitter the current number of IP addresses it detained. Today it has 15440 IP’s, 136 VPN servers and 29 countries.

Hidemyass also tweeted about the new version of Mac, MAC OS X Lion and informed its clients that HMA! for Leopard/Snow Leopard works for Lion too.

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