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Privacy and anonymity with a VPN

Protecting your privacy on Internet does not mean being a criminal or doing illegal stuff. It means that you don’t share information without your consent. You could be surprised by the number of information you give to a website just by visiting it: your geographical location, operating system, type of browser, ISP, browser history. The most of these data is given by your IP address. In fact everything is identifiable on the Internet through unique IP addresses.Websites can easily trade this information between them, in particular passwords and this would bring to annoying situations.

A VPN allows you to surf the web without a trail, because the provider gives you another IP address from another location. We can’t find you and discover your identity with this new IP address. There always would be the VPN-provider between websites and you. They would only see the IP address of the VPN-provider and no way could they find information about you.

Moreover, being anonymous under another IP address can give you more freedom on blogs and e-mails. We can’t recognize you so you can speak without being afraid of the way some people can interpret your words according to your work, your religion or the political regime of your country. A VPN brings you freedom of speech.