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How to unblock Skype in the UAE and Dubaï?

Is Skype blocked in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)? It has been brought to our attention that our website has been blocked by one or more ISPs in the United Arab Emirates. Unfortunately there is very little Skype can do about this situation. The best course of action would be for you to speak to [...]

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Watch Netflix in the UAE – How to unblock Netflix in the UAE with a VPN?

Netflix is one of the most popular services based on digital distribution that has been entertaining millions of viewers since more than a decade. Quite unmissable for its entertainment content with more than 25 million streaming members, the website owns the world’s largest online DVD rental service. However, due to licensing constraints Netflix isn’t available [...]

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How to unblock Hulu in the UAE with a VPN service?

  Hulu, as an on-demand media provider, offers a great selection of hit shows, clips and movies. Its Ad-supported subscription service (Hulu Plus) programming is provided by more than 260 content companies, such as NBC, ABC and Fox. It also carries shows from other networks, such as Current TV, PBS, USA Network… Thus, Hulu’s visitors [...]

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