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Watch Hulu in India 2012 – How to unblock Hulu in India with a VPN service?

Hulu‘s mission is to help people find and enjoy the world’s premium on-demand provider at every time and every place they want it. Hulu’s aspire to become a  beneficial service for users, advertisers and content owners.

Hulu provides a wide range of shows and movies from over 260 content companies. Famous series like Battleground, The Simpsons, The Daily Show, …

However, Hulu forms part of those geo-blocked websites, which unable the ability to browse them when you are abroad. This restriction system is based on your IP origin: the IP address is a kind of ID of your computer which gives various informations as your provenance.

Therefore can Hulu block the access to users from outside the US.

How to bypass the restriction?

Its consists of choosing one of the best solution to ensure your online privacy and anonymity: the Virtual Private Network (VPN).

This type of software gives you the ability to create a safe connection to a VPN server. Once the connection is established, you benefit from a brand new IP, which will be your new identity on the web. The solution to watch Hulu consists of choosing an US IP and thus to appear as American.

How to use a VPN?

  1. Compare the providers by sorting them out according to their servers locations (in concordance with your needs)
  2. Download the selected application and sign in
  3. Switch your IP address

Top 3 VPN providers to watch Hulu in India

VPN protocols: PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and OPENVPN

Server locations: US + 12 countries

Desktop App: Windows, Mac

Mobile App: iOS, Android

Price: $14.99 (only for ST4RT*vpn users)

Desktop App: Windows, Mac

Mobile App: iOS, Android

- See more at:

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Protocols : PPTP/L2TP/IPsec and OpenVPN

Server locations: US + 37 countries

Price: $11.52

Get it now!

Protocols: PPTP/L2TP/IPsec and OpenVPN

Server locations: US + 61 countries

Price: $9.95

Get it now!

Start-VPN: Compare all best VPN services


Bottom line

Setting up a VPN opens a new world of opportunity on the internet. It enable a free browsing within guaranteeing the online privacy and anonymity.

Moreover it allows you to benefits from famous geo-blocked websites:

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