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The Dangers of using Unencrypted Connections at Public Wi-Fi hotspots.

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Being able to connect to the Internet while sipping on a Cinnamon Latte in your local coffee shop, or updating Facebook with details of your latest adventure in some exotic location are just two of the luxuries of the mobile Internet age. However, as ideal as these scenarios sound, using unencrypted wireless connections at public Wi-Fi hotspots such as coffee shops, gyms, hotels and airports can be a risky business.

The problem with public Wi-Fi connections is that anybody can connect to them without needing a password to do so. This means that the ‘anybody’ in this case could easily be the innocuous looking person sitting across the coffee shop from you who while sipping on their own Latte, is also passing the time snooping on ‘your’ internet activity. A skilled hacker with a laptop and some free software can easily intercept data being shared on the public Wi-Fi network.

Any intimate or private information that you access on your phone or other mobile device on the Wi–Fi hotspot would now be in the hands of the hacker,including passwords and credit or debit card numbers. Unsecured devices are also vulnerable to virus and spyware infections and to having their contents stolen or destroyed. Do you ever check in with your place of work from the comfort of your coffee shop or when travelling? A hacked laptop or smart phone can create a security risk for your workplace if it contains a password to your corporate network.

Protect Yourself.

So what can you do to protect yourself when using Wi-Fi hotspots? It’s really quite simple! Use a Personal VPN service. How does a personal VPN service help?A personal VPN encrypts all data you send and receive over the Internet. Your passwords, e-mails and browsing activity are scrambled to prevent data sniffers and hackers from reading them.

Wi-Fi hotspots for Travelers.

We mentioned earlier the dangers of unencrypted wireless connections in hotels or airports, but there are other benefits for travelers if they use a VPN.  With a VPN you can travel the world and experience an Internet free from location-based censorship and content blocking.

So who do we recommend? VyprVPN is our 1st choice. VyprVPN has apps that are easy to use on mobile devices, plus they have the added protection on of a NAT Firewall for additional security

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