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HideIPVPN Now Allows SSTP VPN Protocol

HideIPVPN, the famous VPN provider, just announced that it has upgraded its VPN offers to add SSTP VPN protocol. This kind of protocol is considered as the most secure VPN protocol. Thanks to an encryption key of 2048 bit SSL/TLS certificate and traffic itself  is encrypted with 256 bit SSL key.

But also, the SSTP protocol uses a generic port 443, which is used for general HTTPS network traffic, which prevents it from being blocked by firewalls.

HideIPVPN offers now include:

  • 9 servers in USA,
  • 9 servers in UK,
  • 4 servers in Netherlands,
  • 4 servers in Germany

  • 5 servers in USA
  • 5 servers in UK
  • 4 servers in Netherlands OR 3 servers in Germany
Get it now for $9.99


  • P2P BiTorrent VPN
  • 4 servers in Netherlands

Get it now for $7.90


  • 3 servers in Germany

Get it now for $7.90

  • 5 servers in United Kingdom

Get it now for $5.99

  • 5 servers in USA

Get it now for $5.99

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