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Romania opens its doors to VPN provider VyprVPN!

Each week, news is given from VPN providers, VyprVPN particularly. As you might expect, today’s article refers to the addition of new servers at VyprVPN, in Bucarest in Romania, to be more precise. These same servers are available on PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN protocols. Here is the list of servers created and available since the [...]

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+100 servers for VPN provider IPVanish!

It’s now official: IPVanish, one of present biggest VPN providers, has more than 100 servers on its network. Besides, new servers have been added in several countries: 1 server in Chisinau (Moldova) 1 server in Dublin (Ireland) 1 server in Warsaw (Poland) 1 server in New York (United States) 3 servers in Phoenix (United States) [...]

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When VPN provider VyprPVN is venturing to the smallest nooks of the world!

Apparently, it’s not over! Indeed, After Denmark, Russia, Sweden and Switzerland, VyprVPN has taken… Luxembourg this time! We have no information about the localisation of the server in any one city, so we guess that VPN will be available in all the country. As usual, the server will be available on the three VPN protocols [...]

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VPN provider HideIPVPN announced that Smart DNS is coming!

A few weeks ago, HideIPVPN announced that there would be some changes on its platform. Those changes took the form of Smart DNS, a new innovation brought by the VPN provider. By the way, what is Smart DNS? In a few words, this system allows you to access foreign websites (such as Hulu, Netflix and [...]

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VPN provider VyprVPN keeps conquering new places for new servers!

VyprVPN is definitively not ready to stop on its way! It carries on creating new servers and today, it’s in Moscow (Russia). As usual, users can connect with PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN protocols. As a reminder, here is again the list of the servers that have been launched since the beginning of the year, in [...]

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VPN provider VyprVPN is becoming Swiss!

New servers are gradually being added on VyprVPN’s network and after Denmark and Sweden, users can now connect to the server localised in Zürich, in Switzerland. As usual, this new server is available for all the protocols (PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN). We remind you the list of the servers added in 2013 on VyprVPN: Hong [...]

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New Windows version for VPN provider IPVanish!

VPN provider IPVanish has just released its new version for Windows users: version. There have been several modifications: The interface management for certain Windows configurations was improved. The network connectivity and the server speed checking were improved. DNS flushing and caching was improved (it didn’t work well when connecting and when closing the software). [...]

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VPN provider VyprVPN is conquering new territories!

After Sweden last week, VyprVPN, one of the most important VPN providers, added a new server in Copenhagen, in Denmark. This server is available on all the protocols, that is to say: PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN. As a reminder, here is the list of the servers recently added: Hong Kong (Asia) Toronto (Canada) Paris (France) [...]

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A new server for VPN provider VyprVPN

Three days ago, VyprVPN, one of the biggest VPN providers, announced that they added a new server in Stockholm, in Sweden. As a reminder, here is the list of their other servers: Hong Kong (Asia) Toronto (Canada) Paris (France) Frankfurt (Germany) Amsterdam (Netherlands) Austin (United States) Los Angeles (United States) Washington D.C. (United States) London [...]

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What are the best VPN services in Argentina in 2013?

Even if you can have access to everything thanks to the Internet, censorship still remains a problem for those who want more. Indeed, if you live in the United States and that you want to go on Argentinian websites, it will be impossible for you, in so far as those websites will be locked in [...]

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