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The importance of DNS

What is DNS? DNS stands for Domain Name Server (Service or System). DNS translates domain names such as our own into an IP address format ( While it’s easy for people to remember the domain names of their favorite websites, computers are different and need to use an IP address to access sites. Domain [...]

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HideIPVPN: VPN provider finally launches its Smart DNS!

At the beginning of the month, we announced you that HideIPVPN was going to launch its Smart DNS service. In this article, we explained to you briefly what Smart DNS was, as well as the difference compared to a VPN service. Well, good news, because it is now available! To use it, it is simple: [...]

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VPN provider HideIPVPN announced that Smart DNS is coming!

A few weeks ago, HideIPVPN announced that there would be some changes on its platform. Those changes took the form of Smart DNS, a new innovation brought by the VPN provider. By the way, what is Smart DNS? In a few words, this system allows you to access foreign websites (such as Hulu, Netflix and [...]

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