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Location: United-Kingdom
Founded: 2009
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By rerouting your internet connection through our worldwide VPN servers you can:

* Change your IP address to one in another country
* Improve your security by ensuring your internet traffic is encrypted
* Access content that is normally restricted to you

Just choose a location in our easy to install software and then browse as normal!


IP Address Features: IP Shared (dynamic)

Protocols Features: L2TP/IPSec, OPENVPN, PPTP

Speed & Transfer Features: Unlimited Transfer, Unrestricted Speed

Server Locations Features: Albania, Andorra, Argentina, Australia , Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa-Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech-Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Fiji, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hong-Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, South-Africa, South-Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, United-Kingdom, United-States, Venezuela

Platform Supported: Android, iPad, iPhone, Linux, Mac, Web-Based, Windows

Language Supported: English



Support Method: Email, Faq

Support Language: English

Editions & Pricing

Offer Number: 1 plan

Price (monthly): Starting at $9.95

Free Trial (days): No Free Trial

Moneyback Guarantee (days): 2 days


08.12.2011: Overplay reached 62 VPN locations!
08.18.2011: OverplayVPN reached 46 countries!
07.27.2011: Overplay smart servers: “the fastest VPNs ever for video streaming”
07.14.2011: Overplay launched 8 new IP locations
06.28.2011: Overplay makes its VPN Software for Mac OS X easier to use
06.27.2011: Overplay goes faster with smart VPN servers
03.23.2011: All VPN servers now updated to be compatible and working well with Apple’s new iOS 4.3 release.
03.17.2011: OverPlay adds Indian VPN server
03.09.2011: Russian VPN server is ready
03.08.2011: Austrian VPN server – OverPlay’s latest addition
03.08.2011: OverPlay add ultra-high speed Ukrainian VPN server
02.15.2011: OverPlay add high speed New Zealand VPN server
11.29.2010: OverPlay VPN – disable McAfee’s bugtastic NDIS driver
11.19.2010: OverPlay VPN on the Boxee Box
10.23.2010: OverPlay add high speed Israeli VPN
07.14.2010: Crazy Twitter Giveaway!
06.30.2010: OverPlay add ultra-high speed Brazilian VPN server
06.26.2010: OverPlay add ultra high-speed Singapore VPN server
05.11.2010: OverPlay unveil first Hong Kong VPN server
04.15.2010: OverPlay add first ultra-high speed Australian VPN

User reviews

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  • Quentin

    Je me suis abonné il y a environ un mois pour accéder au BBC iplayer, et ensuite pour regarder quelques matches de qualification pour la coupe du monde de football qui n’étaient pas retransmis ici. J’ai eu quelques problèmes à avoir l’option PPTP au travail, mais ils ont un logiciel qui m’a permis de régler le problème assez rapidement.
    Pas de problème avec la vitesse, le streaming sur BBC HD est bon.
    Il semblerait qu’il y a 3 serveurs US, 2 au Royaume Uni, et un en Ireland.

  • Marc

    Avant Overplay, j’étais chez un autre fournisseur, mais son service n’était qu’intermittent et pas stable.
    J’utilise l’OpenVPN d’Overplay avec une réussite assez conséquente depuis près de deux semaines. J’habite en Floride et utilise cet abonnement VPN pour accéder au BBC IPlayer et à Zattoo. Ces deux marchent très bien.
    J’ai eu une question d’installation auquelle Overplay a répondu dans les 60 minutes.

  • Baptiste

    Je cherchais un fournisseur VPN danois depuis quelques semaines, et ai trouvé qu’Overplay avait cette option.
    Je tourne sous OSX 10.6.2 et ai eu quelques problème avec le programme d’OverplayVPN au début, mais cela semble s’être résolu grâce à l’aide que l’équipe technique m’a apporté.
    La vitesse est incroyable, presque pas de perte. Je tourne aux alentours de 16Mbps sur les tests de vitesse, donc au final, je suis très content !

  • Chris

    Le plus rapide et le plus facile d’utilisation que j’ai jamais utilisé.. Merci Overplay, ça marche parfaitement.

  • Gwen Campbell – England

    Delighted with service. Have tried at least 6 other UK VPN servers and was totally fed up with buffering. Was trying to stream BBC iplayer but just unwatchable, especially in eveings and weekends, with every other provider I’d tried.

    This is the best I’ve found by far. Many thanks

  • ZeAvenger

    Je suis inscrit depuis près d’un an maintenant, et j’ai vu Overplay s’améliorer au fil du temps.
    Depuis un bizarre timeout de ma connexion, je n’ai eu aucun problème. J’ai récemment saisi l’opportunité d’utiliser leur dernier programme OverplayVPN, qui les place loin devant les autres fournisseurs que j’ai utilisé auparavant … une connexion si simple que vous ne pouvez imaginer.
    De plus, il semblerait qu’ils offrent une connexion VPN gratuite aux US, bon coup.

  • Manu

    C’est un régale d’utiliser votre service. C’est si simple, et si puissant, et ça rend le web totalement accessible. Je l’ai déjà recommandé à tous mes amis, et je vais continuer de le faire ! Super service. Marche parfaitement.

  • Nicolas – France

    Super VPN. Je l’ai utilisé la nuit dernière pour regarder la coupe du monde du jeu vidéo en France depuis Austin / Texas avec une IP française. Je me suis inscrit en 3 minutes, et ensuite, mon abonnement a été tout de suite activé. J’ai installé le programme, et ai utilisé le server OPENVPN français. Le streaming a été très bon sur (à la différence du jeu).

  • Michel Erlandsen – USA

    It’s a thrill to use your service! It is simple to use and a very powerfull tool, which make the web unfold. I have already recommended it to all my friends and I will keep doing it! Great service – works perfect!

  • Andrew – Australia

    With the proposed mandatory internet filter in Australia, I decided to get a VPN to circumvent it when it starts – I don’t want my internet filter – nor do I want the Australian Government spying on my internet traffic.

  • Warren – UK

    Overplay is fast, reliable and secure in my opion, ive had no issues with streaming videos via hulu, CBS, ABC etc. I’ve also never experienced any downtime with this vpn service at all, and finaly none of my servers used to connect via the vpn have had DDoS Attacks.

  • TareqM

    I’m very happy with Overplay’s service. The software is very easy to use (I use their custom software) and the speeds are excellent. Once in a while I have been unable to access certain servers, but it doesn’t take long before the issue is sorted out.

  • Sam

    I’ve used OverPlay for about a month for the sole purpose of online gaming until the IP was blocked by the game server. I’ve used it pretty much everyday, which meant that unlimited bandwidth was a huge plus. The speed was not that great; just barely playable without lag most of the times and sporadically disconnecting when there were too many users on the VPN (but this is for gaming purposes; you might not lag at all if you just want to watch streaming videos or other media content on the Internet). The best thing about this VPN provider is the ease of use of their client (software) and their customer service. The client is easy to install but more importantly easy to use. You just pick whichever server you want to connect to and click connect.

    Any questions that you have regarding their service is replied within a few hours. Now that is extremely RARE for a B2C VPN provider that is in the market right now. I’ve e-mailed many other VPN providers for questions about their servers or free trial accounts; most of them take over 24 hours to reply (one even took 3 days). Most of these providers are fourth rate trying to make quick money for undeserving service but OverPlay has been my only exceptional experience in my search for a VPN provider so far.

    Highly recommended for uses other than gaming.

  • China

    For sightseeing. A great personal VPN service provider.

  • Bishop

    Superb vpn service, used it for the world cup to watch less biased television coverage. Highly highly recommended!

  • Pitch

    I am an Englishman living in Denmark and have a little problem: I love BBC.
    Overplay helps me watch BBC Internet.
    I use an Ipad and the instructions worked first time and allows me access to a forbidden land because my IP address is not in Britain.
    Please note, I allways paid my license in Britain, Internet has made it a bit complicated concerning moral.
    One could say that Overplay is leading me down the path to damnation, but that is not Overplay’s fault for providing a product that works.

  • gmoutso

    very good, lots of servers, cheap. sometimes the usa west server from china did not access youtube, so i used the japan server.

  • Susan

    I love this vpn. I have over 20 countries to chose to connect to and the speed is super fast. I travel a lot and have only needed to contact support once. I was staying in a hotel and couldn’t access the vpn. They answered right away and told me what to do. I couldn’t be happier.

  • webby

    Signed up tonight after reading the good reviews, unfortunately the bandwidth (about 800kbps down) on the French servers is not goon enough to stream TV replays from M6, very disappointing. I used their speed test for the UK and Euro servers, so-called Hight Speed, and the speed isn’t any better. Very disappointed, waster $10 it seems !

  • Matthias

    I’m using this VPN the first day. Absolutely nice Speed, High Security. Nice VPN without losing the connection. That’s not everywhere you can buy VPN. I’ll pay next Month/Years. Thanks Bro! I didn’t believe that works so fine. Same like swissVPN – no problems!! Thanks!!! I dunno anything about the Support, but you buy and connect without time for activation. So guys. Get it!! Buy this VPN.

  • Barryk has been an awesome company so far. Although they have no phone support it does not matter because I have never had to wait more than a few minutes for a reply. They are quick and courteous and the product they provide is the best I have used. I am very happy with this company so far, and would recommend them to anyone.

  • Immyr

    Very Great VPN.
    You can choose your country of connection. There is great difference in speed regarding the IP you like. US is not bad and has the benefit for watching HULU. UK and SWISS are about as fast as my real IP and very great for P2P. Prices just a little above the mainstream but worth it. Don’t regret it one bit.


    Super fournisseur VPN qui me permet de matter tous les matchs du PSG sur, sans aucune coupure et gratos!!! Et oui, grâce à l’une des adresses IP américaine d’Overplay, je suis considéré comme un américain. ne me considère pas comme un français, par conséquent, je peux regarder tranquillement le match sans être coupé toutes les 30 secondes à cause du nombre trop important de français qui le regarde…

    En plus de cela, le débit est vraiment très bon, aucun saut d’images.

    Idéal pour matter le foot sans avoir à payer les 30€/mois de Canal+ !!!!

  • Willow

    I use Overplay to watch servies like from Dominican Republic. What should I say? I never detectes a Problem – the Performance is great! And the VPN Service is very affordable.

  • Bruce

    Very happy with Overplay. Reliable, and bandwidth is always available with this VPN service.

  • Philcotte

    They’re VPN is working well for me. I am in a country where it is necessary for me to have a secure connection for almost everything and they’re VPN works well for this.

  • MatthiasB

    nice vpn.. i dunno how to reactivate the account… don’t like to wait… there’s nothing about the payment… so 5* for the VPN

  • T

    Pretty good most of the time but there are now some very good free VPN servers which I’m trying out.

  • KIKI

    Overplay does a great job of doing what they say they will. Overall, good choice for a VPN client, especially if you want to use it for catchupTV from abroad (Hulu, BBC, TF1,…). Highly recommended! :)

  • Stephen

    Overplay is the best VPN provider in the market. I have done the research and there is no comparison. Fast customer service support and fast speed to watch TV from abroad!

  • gerd

    Very fast speed and can access facebook, twitter, youtube, hulu and many other sites in China where everything is blocked! I recommend them!


    Easy sign-up, works straight away. Be aware that it will not magically boost transfer speeds through bottlenecks. I’m sitting in Singapore hoping to watch the Handball World Cup in Scandinavia. Looks like video quality will have to be set to “low” to avoid lag and stutter due to the internet pipes being too tight. This is not Overplay’s fault, their service works like a charm.

  • Michellealtma

    The Overplay VPN service comes highly recommended. It’s extermly easy to use – all it takes is downloading and installing the small software and loging, then you’re on your way to surfing the web. It can be used to watch movies from US websites which otherwise would be unavailable to people outside the US and of course it protects your online privacy.

  • TimSoo

    Love this VPN program. Extremely easy to set-up and use. Great to use it with…

  • Nicolas Farht

    OverPlay has made my life much easier from abroad. I have finally been able reliably to access USA TV online – a generally very pleasant experience for an expat. The simplicity of the OverPlay Software and the prompt support when I was being a bit dopey have made it a cakewalk to use.

  • Usa

    don’t use their service trust me i pay them service they say 48 hours money back but at last they didn’t pay me the money back

  • Johnafar

    Overplay works reasonably well. I can watch videos on official sites like or . The connection speed is alright. Very nice VPN !!!!

  • Alaettin Orduseven

    best vpn server overplay. thanks overplay

  • ZakLife

    Setup was easy and fast. The speed is really good and while streaming movie specially from the new VUDU and there is not at all or no buffer.

  • Sid007

    I’m glad of this service. Their VPN software works great. Great value for money product!!

  • Biju

    The best way to watch F1 in bbc stream outside UK. Very happy with the service. Have been using it for more than a year.

  • Gabriellam

    I didn’t search to much after reading a couple of reviews found on Google. I purchased a US VPN server from OverPlay so that I could see and get the content available on the net in the United States. I never defended too much all those legal affairs that somehow bloc Spain from getting Netflix and other streaming services. OverPlayVPN works just great for streaming, I get about 3 megabyte download speed, well enough to stream Netflix wich requires 1 megabyte per second. per second.

  • Timothygo

    The Global OverPlayVPN package has proven to be a wise investment. Both download and upload speeds are consistently fast, with upload speeds 3-4 times that of my own ISP.  Downstream speeds are easily good enough to handle high quality streams from the BBC IPlayer. The quality of streams from Hulu is also consistently good. Coupled with their competitive pricing, and the flexibility of unlimited switching between servers, I’m happy to recommend OverPlayVPN.

  • Rickgoss

    I have been using Overplay from Hong Kong for the past several months to watch US television programs on Hulu,com and similar services like, and It worked smoothly and without problems. Back in the country now so have cancelled, but will sign up again next time I’m overseas.

  • YoClic

    I have been using OverplayVPN for a couple of months now. I purchased their Premium VPN package and use it mostly for watching BBC iplayer and some Hulu programs. I sometimes have some dropouts in the connection sometimes but i think that may be an issue with my ISP and streaming from particular sites. Overall OverplayVPN is a great hassle free service that I can’t really fault. Highly reccomended!

  • Ntheba

    Overplay VPN was great and easy to use.It worked like a charm in the U.A.E. Loved using the Free US and it worked everytime with no issues.Such a pity that due to abuse they removed the Free US :(

  • Sarah Perez

    Overplay is a perfect VPN service to unblock chilean websites from Europe. I have used their VPN service to get cheaper plane ticket for my next travel over there…

  • Seb

    I just joined yesterday, today I can’t access BBC iPlayer or ITV Player and the support told me it would take them 4 to 5 hours to fix. I’ve only had approx 30 minutes of viewing the quality of which was not great picture frozen several times while connection was lost. I’ll give it another day or two and if this continues will be seeking a refund.

  • Albert

    I joined some day’ ago need VPN to the Netherlands and Belgium.
    First day perfect, yesterday and today slow connection not good for streaming video.
    Next month i wil try a other

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