OverPlay VPN – disable McAfee’s bugtastic NDIS driver

Monday, November 29th, 2010 at 12:22 pm

McAfee’s Host Intrusion Prevention driver is buggy. Very very buggy. To varying degrees, it causes problems with just about every internet application there is, Skype, P2P, and in particular VPN connections. Even McAfee recognise this. Unfortunately the official McAfee support article on removing this driver requires a degree in geek to follow… hopefully this guide should be a little easier for the rest of us!

Right click an empty space on your desktop, and click New->Shortcut. You’ll see a window appear asking you to type the location of the item. Enter:


and click Next, now click Finish. You’ll see a new icon appear on the desktop – surprisingly labeled ‘cmd.exe’. Right click this item, and click ‘Run as Administrator’ (or if you’re using XP just click ‘Open’). Accept any security warning that Windows displays. A black text window will appear.

Highlight the following text with your mouse, and then right click it and select ‘Copy’. Right click the black text window, and click ‘Paste’…

cd %ProgramFiles%\McAfee\Host*\inf
cd %ProgramFiles(x86)%\McAfee\Host*\inf
NET STOP enterceptagent
NET STOP firepm
installfirehk /u
NET START enterceptagent

Hopefully that should make your PC life a tiny bit less frustrating.

Thanks, McAfee.