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Website: (.es)
Location: Tortola, British Virgin Islands
Founded: 2010
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TUVPN.COM was born in an environment of increased data monitoring and identity theft on the Internet. This situation presents a clear danger to our personal security, privacy, right to anonymity, and individual freedoms as users of the internet. Further, as we become increasingly mobile and find the need to use various insecure internet access points (hotspots, WiFi, WLANs….), the need to protec…t our life on the internet becomes obvious.

Considering this situation, and anticipating the increasingly important role that privacy and anonymity on the Internet plays, we used our team of skilled, highly experienced computer and network security experts, and launched services to address exactly these issues for personal and SME use.


08/17/2011: TuVPN launches a new beta SSH2 VPN server!
07/21/2011: TuVPN launches a special promotion on its Dedicated offers
06/24/2011: Good deals at TUVPN!
06/09/2011: TuVPN is launching a new VPN Discount!
06/09/2011: TuVPN has announced New VPN Pricing!
05/25/2011: TuVPN is launching a Crazy Twitter Promotion!
05/04/2011: New Website Promotion! 50% Discount!
04/04/2011: TuVPN News: April
03/22/2011: TUVPN China VPN Promotion!
03/21/2011: TUVPN Crazy Twitter Promotion: Get Your VPN for Just $3!
01/21/2011: FIRST VPN Server in Germany!
01/20/2011: NEW VPN Server in Amsterdam!
01/07/2011: Happy New Year Promotion!
12/10/2010: Christmas Special!
12/07/2010: New Custom OpenVPN Client with Password Save enabled!
11/19/2010: New Business VPN Product
11/08/2010: New French VPN Server, 10 FREE Accounts!
10/20/2010: Dedicated IPs now in Amsterdam!
10/12/2010: The TuVPN giveaway – Experience the performance
10/05/2010: Second VPN server in Madrid to come soon
10/05/2010: Second VPN server in Madrid to come soon
09/28/2010: New server in Canada

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  • Joan – Spain

    Extremely reliable provider. Have been using them since inception and not a single issue worth mentioning. Support is excellent for some tech queries I had.

    Would say they have best VPN information available, with an amazing amount of tutorials and extremely interesting blog.

    Highly recommended.

  • Marc – United-Kingdom


    Just wanted to let you know that I’m really happy with this product. The speed has been great so far. If the service stays the same then I’m in for the long haul with annual renewal for a long time yet even it will be more expensive after the promotion.


  • Miguel – Spain

    This supplier is the best VPN market.

    For streaming, access to TV from different countries, P2P application (utoorent, emule …) with 5 port forwading.

    This VPN service is perfect, with a staff of quality, and support this team.
    Supporting this is by ticket support, forum or by email.

    I recommend it to all who are downloading (P2P).


  • Aleph

    could not be agree more they are certainly the best VPN provider in a block, have been using their service for a while now and very pleased with the service performance.

    They offer both PPTP and OpenVPN which gives you a choice to use any of these protocol an affordable price.

    Availability of 5 dynamic Ports allows you to download P2P software with a better speed.

    Highly recommended.

  • John

    Been using them since December 09. Excellent comprehensive service with simple pricing structure.

    Very reliable, good speed. As a non-techy i had to have a solution that was easy and works all the time – TuVPN.COM delivers on this.

    Great info on VPNs for the beginner in their FAQs and Blog.

    I’m travelling all the time, and the service gives me peace of mind while using public WiFi.
    Also lets me stay in touch with UK media while abroad!
    Keep up the good work!

  • Phil

    Not the cheapest but by far the best I have used. I like the simplicity of their offering, the number of servers and more than everything the stability of the service.

    I know by other people that support is good, I have never needed it.

    OpenVPN + PPTP + Squid Proxies + some other features not common (as their own openvpn compile with password save feature enabled) make a very good mix.

  • Paul

    Les bons points :
    - Vitesse
    - Plusieurs pays
    - Choix de technologie (OpenVPN, PPTP, web proxy)
    - La communication avec le personnel
    - Un moyen de payement anonyme, Ukash

    Les mauvais points :
    - Prix
    - Seulement 1 IP par serveur partagés (risques d’être blacklisté à sur certains sites)
    - Le changement de port à chaque connexion
    - Le temps d’attente pour une reconnection sur un serveur différent

  • Sanix

    I have tried out several free vpn services. If I have to use the vpn service for a temporary period of time, I’m fine going with the free vpn service but if I want to use the vpn continuously, then I think I must go for a dedicated commercial vpn service. There are a lot of commercial paid vpn services that it’s very difficult to choose from any one of them. I had heard about tuvpn to be very good so I decided to give it a try because they give a full money back guarantee. So if I’m not satisfied, I can get a refund of my money.

    The first advantage which drove me to try tuvpn was the diversity of their servers. They have server locations available in United Kingdom, United States, Netherlands, Romania, Switzerland, Spain and Luxembourg.

    The second reason of try tuvpn is that they offer PPTP and OpenVPN accounts with the same account and it’s so easy to use their service. When I signed up, I was given a username and a password which I could use with the built in Windows client. I can connect to any of the servers that I have mentioned above but for a generic connection I can use as my server.

    TUVPN claims that they don’t log any traffic to and from our systems and the bandwidth is unlimited too.

    The disadvantage came in when I wanted to use the same connection with my iphone and the laptop. TUVPN lets you connect only one device at a time. I wish I could get atleast two devices connected with the same account.

    When I connected to TUVPN network via, I went to and saw my location details.

    I’m automatically connected to and my real ip address is completely hidden now making me virtually invisible on the internet. Let me try to download a file and see the speed of download. I have a 1MBps commection at home and I am trying to download the latest Kaspersky 2011 product. The speed is almost equal to 1MBps meaning that if I have a faster internet connection, I can have a faster download with tuvpn connected.

    I’m completely satisfied with the painless setup and seamless browsing and downloading with TUVPN. Now comes the pricing, usually TUVPN costs $11 per month but with the coupon code 1M005, the first month becomes $7 so that the service can be tried with $7 with money back guarantee.

  • Phoenix

    J’utilise TUVPN depuis longtemps.
    Ensuite, j’ai utilisé le P2P sur le mauvais server vpn, et quelques jours plus tard, j’ai reçu un très “chaleureux” mail de menace de leur part disant quelque chose comme quoi j’avais téléchargé du contenu avec un copyright (je suis pas sûr que ce soit vrai, mais le problème n’est pas là) et qu’ils stopperaient mon abonnement si je recommençais … Donc, comment est-ce possible sans surveiller mes actions, mes logs et pire, garder en mémoire mon activité internet ? Vous être prévenus : la vie privée ne signifie rien pour tuvpn, ils gardent trace de toute votre activité.

  • tuvpn

    Answer from tuvpn to Phoenix:

    And to try to clarify things here.

    1st) Of course, we do not log, store or analyse any traffic generated by our users as per our logging policy:

    2on) Phoeninx, I assume you signed for a dedicated IP service. So you download copyrighted material from a server on which we have banned P2P (for the sake of keeping the server alive) using your dedicated IP … Our hosting provider receives a claim from whatever entity that from the IP assigned to you whatever copyrighted stuff was distributed. You guess that the hosting company forwards it to us with a side note to stop it or lose the server. So you see, that we didn’t log or sniff around to get that information.

    3rd) What we care is about protecting our network for ALL users to enjoy and because of this we put some very simple rules in place that you can follow or move with your business somewhere else.

    Sorry if that sounds blunt but this is the reality I would say most VPN providers are facing.



  • Alex

    Very pleased with them so far. Speed of servers is amazing compared to other providers I have tried. Good range of countries to which to connect. Very convenient range of services that make it usable from nearly everywhere or any device (with openvpn, pptp and proxy). Only thing to improve is that forwarded ports change with every connection and this can cause some trouble depending what do you want to use them for.

  • Svein

    Not cheap VPN provider but EXTREMELY fast servers. Haven’t had issues so can’t comment much on support but documentation on the site is good enough to keep you going with much issues. Some features that are not easy to find (as password remember feature for openvpn). A happy customer so far.

  • Anon

    Dedicated VPN IP service very handy and not a feature to find in many other vpn providers. Issue I have had with other vpn providers is their IP being blocked (i.e. hulu). With your own IP you don’t have this issue. Also perfect for remote access to my home computer … Also as pointed by other people, speed is simply amazing.

  • jossan sanz

    Pienso que es el mejor servicio para protegerte de los cyber-estafadores que buscan como robarte a través de la red. TUVPN proporciona transparencia en la conexión y una encriptación de datos única. Los recomiendo 1000%. Gracias TUVPN

  • Laura Bartolomé

    Fantástico! La verdad es que mi línea va bastante bien y tenía miedo de que esto penalizara la velocidad pero que va, es totalmente transparente!

  • Renzo

    I’m quite satisfied of the VPN service, I’m frequently working in areas with limitations and censorship on the www service, I can overcome this easily and I got a little increase of navigation speed, as the DNS servers in these countries are generally slow !!! thanks a lot, i changed to the 6-months service.

  • Paolo

    Outstanding VPN service! I use the PPTP connection on my Win7 home pc and OpenVPN on my Arch Linux and EVERYTHING works fine! The technical support it’s simply perfect, the speed is awesome even if you connect to far away servers! I had a problem in my school ’cause they were blocking every port outside except the 80 and 443 but with OpenVPN you can connect via port 443… that’s lovely!

  • jose sanchez

    Hasta ahora a funcionado de maravilla, sin problemas de conexión. Estoy realmente complacido con este servicio con una transparencia total. Gracias TUVPN

  • Jasper

    One of the best Providers I have had. I have DSL3000 and almost always had full speed.
    The support is really awesome and friendly. Before I subscribed to tuvpn I already had heard about the good support there. And I really can confirm this brilliant support.

    I don’t know another Provider with so many tutorials. There you can find most things you will ever need. And above all it is one of the few providers that enabled to store your login-information to a textfile and let the client read this file while connecting to the server. So you don’t need to type in these things everytime you want to connect.

    But it’s not one of the cheapest providers. With 8-12€ this provider is in the middle range. But according to my experiences with this provider it is worth the money. Those who can spend 8-12€ per month make a good deal with this provider. There you also have a really nice choice of servers all over the world. Thumbs up!

  • Michael

    I am very pleased with the TUVPN service and I am transferring to a six month plan when my initial one month period expires. I am in Australia where government is proposing internet censorship. This has been my first use of VPN and it all worked quite easily. I use Ubuntu Linux operating system on my computer and the setup was painless. Thank you for the tutorial support on setup. My only problem was that after transferring to a six month plan and adding funds to my account, the website took me to a page that was not in the English language and I had to log off and then log on again to get back to English. But that is small stuff compared with the very good quality service you offer.

  • Peter

    I was very pleased with your customer service; they respond very fast and seem to care about customers. The VPN service works well and is reasonably fast. What I would like to see is the ability to change User-ID and password to access the VPN service, it is VERY hard to remember an arbitrarily chosen combination of letters and numbers!

  • Carolina

    Muy buen servicio, la instalación es fácil y rápida y las prestaciones sumamente interesantes. Lo recomendaré a mis conocidos. Buena suerte!

  • Peter Northman

    Please be very cautious with the new French server!

    It will be hosted at OVH, a data center which normally doesn’t allow vpn and other anonymity services on their machines at all.

    Even the slightest offence of OVH’s ToS will lead to a quick cancellation of the contract with their customer.

    In addition: Don’t perform any port scans on that server, because it will be set into recue mode due to a script installed on all of OVH’s machines.

    I’m not telling you nuts: I know from another vpn provider which has lost several machines at OVH and has finally given up using France as a server location at all due to the legislation there (HADOPI & LOPPSI).
    The problem is, that in France data centers could be held responsible for their user’s actions and therefore vpn services with a non-logging-policy cannot survive there for a long time. It’s a shame, but it’s a fact.

  • DrTeeth

    It is a pain that changing server means one has to manually edit a config file each time. Every other VPN that has multiple servers allows one to select the country by a simple right-click.

  • Ioannis

    Very good service so far. Have been with them for four months now and they have kept their promise of adding a server per month without changing price and keeping open access to all servers what makes them not so expensive if you compare to some competitors with plans based on number of servers, number of servers …

    And answering to DrTeeth, I rather prefer the flexibility that I get for them NOT having a custom VPN dialler (linked to an OS…). This means I can use their vpn on nearly any device (iphone, android, linux, windows, mac, routers …) and can do it using the program (mostly opensource) I like best. In this sense I think they have the best tutorials on the block. If they could offer both, current flexibility and easiness of server change I wouldn’t oppose though :)

  • Ouz Hill

    The promotion of the new French server seems to be a joke!

    Only a a few moments after the promo codes where released on Twitter it was not possible to get a free account.

    I asked the support if there is any possibility to send me a 1-month-test-account for free, but they said it would not be possible due to security reasons.

    If they would have sended me a working promo code via mail it would have been very likely to buy a 1-year-account; now TuVPN has lost a potential long term customer.

  • Pierre

    Well Ouz, at least for me it was no joke, I got my free service :) . You will need to be faster next time ! (or they will need to offer more free services! ).

    Btw, up to now everything has worked as smooth as it can get

  • Enric

    Este servicio me ha sido muy útil para acceder a las páginas web de USA que sólo aceptan conexiones de usuarios americanos (,…) Felicidades!

  • Oversoul

    I’d heard of their services from some friends, So I decided to give it a try & go for a 6 month service,Everything is ok till now, Connection is stable and their support team responds fast and friendly.

  • Julian

    After a bad experience with change-mon-ip, I’m relieved and impressed. I had rapid and excellent support when I chose the wrong server, my service was then activated quickly, it works perfectly. Very easy to set up, even for a moron like me. Speeds are as near to normal for the difference to be negligeable.

  • Maverick82

    One of the very best providers on the net. I’m now for 4 months there and everything works perfectly. Their service is great, they have lots of different servers, they have comprehensive tutorials on each issue and speed is good too. I’m very content with this provider…

  • Ant

    Наредкость дерьмовый впн-провайдер. По скорости еще более-менее, но вот постоянные обрывы pptp соеденения уже достали. Причем стабильно ночью около 00-30 (по мск) обрывается связь и восстанавливается только к утру. Даже хуже iPredotor’а и Relakks’a. Крайне не советую

  • John Stewart

    I have tried many vpn providers (that I can’t name here), some big names and some not so big. TUVPN got my attention because of comment about support quality and performance and really what is told around is true. Extremely efficient service with lots of option and at a decent price. Have been a while with them and the best experience I have had so far. 

  • Peter

    Extremely reliable vpn provider. Using dedicated IP to watch UK TV and have never had an issue. Support seems quite knowledgeable. Would recommend.

  • Sal

    Quite happy with them. Good that they have added L2TP/IPSec. Overall they offer a good range of features and servers for the price, much more now that have taken it down. Ability to run openvpn over port 443 tcp is quite unique and allows to run the vpn nearly anywhere. Would recommend.

  • Wombat69

    TUVPN is the worst VPN provider for China. I’ve been here for 8+ years, by the way. They are basically stupid! Why? Their site is blocked here in China, yet they send mail which necessitates that you go to their site; Catch 22! I asked them various times to set up a site, only costs US$4 for a dot net domain, for China users. They just ignored me and us. In order to access their site you need a working VPN. So you have to subscribe to another VPN to get through the China Firewall in order to get to their site = stupid. I changed to another VPN that is just awesome and cheap, they have a VPN app you can download that will never be blocked by the China Firewall, but even better still their domain name doesn’t ‘vpn” in it so the Chinese can’t/don’t filter that. It’s not Witopia but they have a site just for China users that doesn’t have their name of “vpn” in the url. Now that’s called proactive; not TUVPN!  But still Witopia got blocked. I’m not going to give you the name of the awesome provider but I will give you a hint and you can guess it; too much play!

  • Rebus153

    I was given your website by my son in law, who has used very sucessfully for some time, due to the nature of my work, I needed a VPN provider with back ground and able to insure my emails could not be seen by third party countries, I work in the Middle East.
    The price offered for a yearl subscription beat many competitors in this field, hence I joined.
    drawbacks, although the help team has offered advice, been very friendly and customer driven, this problem has as yet to be resolved; currently I can connect to all the USA ISP numbers given, also with Eygpt as well as swiios and Portugal, however with the four ISP addresses given for London I keep getting LPT2 warning and unable to connect. this is frustrating, as while away from home I am unable to watch IPlayer ITN/BBC.
    I am happy with the customer care given, the price and the security your company provides, although have had eye brows rise from my company as to how I manage to use a USA server to copnnect into a very secure system in UK
    Once again man6y thanks.

  • Tom123

    Love the new SSH2 Tunnels added. Haven’t been able to find such a level of choice (PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP, SSH2 Tunnels and Squid Proxies) with any other provider. SSH2 works great for me as I prefer to enjoy my full internet connection speed for most of applications while just sending some applications through the VPN. SSH2 allows me to do that very easily. Great VPN provider at great prices.

  • Steverose

    Extremely reliable provider. Have been using them since inception and not a single issue worth mentioning. Support is excellent for some tech queries I had. 

    Would say they have best VPN information available, with an amazing amount of tutorials and extremely interesting blog.

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