TuVPN News: New VPN Server in Sweden, New Website, New OpenVPN cipher, etc.

Monday, April 4th, 2011 at 2:26 pm

As our customer base keeps growing, we strive to adapting our services and our network to our user’s demands.

April comes packed with additions and improvements to TUVPN.COM services to make them faster, better and more secure in our pursuit of becoming the most reliable and complete VPN service provider on the Net.

New VPN Server in Sweden

This should be a reality during this week. This addition will take the TUVPN VPN Servers network to 15 VPN servers in 11 countries.

As usual, ALL new servers are available to ALL users without any price increase. We believe in simplicity and act accordingly. No complex VPN servers packaging, no limited number of changes, no limited bandwidth… ALL servers for ALL users with no limits. As simple as it can be.

New TUVPN.COM Website!

Yes, it was much needed. We have focused so much on creating a sleek and high performance VPN network that we forgot a little bit about our website.

But hopefully, before end of the month, you will see our new and shiny front-end! Modern, clean, structured and very professional! Hope you will like it and will give us your feedback!

New OpenVPN cipher: AES-CBC with 256bit key

As already announced, and after long discussions with the community and our own testing, we are going to implement AES-CBC as our OpenVPN cipher.

This change will be implemented this month.

Twitter Crazy promotion and China Special promotion still running!

During April we will keep running our Twitter and China promotions. Don’t miss the chance to get a VPN for a ridiculous price!.

On top of this, and as suggested by some users, we will run some additional Twitter promotions geared to ALL users (including existing ones). So just follow us and stay tunned!

Next VPN type to be implemented

During this month too, we plan to start discussing with the community the next VPN type that they would like to see implemented in our VPN network.

As you know, we currently support OpenVPN and PPTP plus High Anonymity Proxies. We would like to introduce a new VPN type for increased flexibility and range of options for our users.

We would like to hear what our very knowledgeable users have to say about it. Do we go for SSH2 tunnels or maybe better L2TP/IPSec? We will create a post about this topic in the following days so we can discuss this in depth.

And we think this will be enough for one month ! :D

Just let me tell you that we have an amazing project going on and that is taking shape very quickly. It is something not seen in ANY other VPN providers and will be a fantastic complement to our VPN service (from our point of view, of course). Hopefully we will be able to tell you more in a few weeks, although we are sure you are gonna love it!