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WiTopia – VPN consumer review – 14156
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In 2012-06-24 03:02:00

They want your recorded voice as a form of “payment verification”. This heading says it all. I got my account & paid my subscription, but 4 days later they suspended my account & told me they have to do payment verification for mutual protection. They send me an email & asked me to call a phone number & leave a message with my name & my order ID. I sent them back an email & told them if their true purpose is verification I have indicated all these requested info with this email. They did not accept & they wrote me back & insisted that I have to call & leave a voice message with that information. Yes, they want to record you & keep your recorded voice for what so ever purpose. This felt awkward since they wouldn’t say why they want to use this method. I refused & cancelled my account. However, during the 4 days that I was using Witopia, I had number of issues that I am glad I did not commit to their one year subscription. The following is my experience for the 4 days I was using Witopia: 1 – They limit concurrent connections to only 2. 2- I frequently got disconnected. 3- My login ID & password failed periodically & for 2 or 3 hours I couldn’t log back in & kept getting “Authentication Failed” message. Then, all of the sudden it worked after that 2 / 3hours period. 4- They filter out a lot of sites. 5- After using them for 4 days, they suspended my account, stating that pending “payment verification”, while they already took the money out of my account. 6- Their technical support staff are just plain rude & arrogant (Chris). 7- They DO MAINTAIN LOGS for a week, at least. 8- Their client software is very primitive comparing to other vpn provider. 9- Their client software / service is not capable of hot switching between the servers. You have to log out, choose another server, then log back in. But you may get “Authentication Failure” message for a while. 10- Before you sign on, read their fine prints which often made with ambiguity.