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Location: United-States
Founded: 2005
WiTopia User Reviews

Founded in early 2003 by former UUNET Managers, we were originally named Full Mesh Networks. The idea was simple – find a way to deliver complicated and expensive security technology over the Internet as a set of managed services. Among other things, we developed a hosted platform to secure and manage Wi-Fi networks, as well as perform Wireless Intrusion Prevention, all over the Internet.

Pretty cool, right? Well, maybe too much so. We quickly realized that trying to convince corporate IT departments to toss out their brand-name black boxes for some new-fangled Internet service wasn’t a lot of fun. At least it wasn’t in 2004.

As we wrestled with our unexpected dilemma of being “cheaper, better, faster,” opportunity was knocking and we almost missed it.

Turns out, we had the right idea, but we were talking to the wrong people.

With identity theft, unsecured wi-fi, and assaults on online privacy spreading across the globe like a mutated pathogen, the folks with the greatest need for simple and powerful data security were not large businesses, but small companies and individuals. We also thought it sounded like a lot more fun.

We went to work and in March 2005 we launched personalVPN™ to anonymize you online as well as encrypt your data across untrusted networks.

WiTopia was born.

Today, we provide personal privacy and data security services to thousands of cool folks all over the world. And, we were right – it’s a lot more fun.

User reviews

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  • Canada

    This product seems excellent. Great speed, low price. Easy install and very quick support.

  • Marshei

    This product is great esp. in middle east where they are blocking a lot of websites…

  • Suntzu

    Ok, I have used Witopia SSL-VPN for four years and sadly accessing the service from within China is “painfully slow”. The service was “ok” from within the Middle East, but never better than just ok.

    As a precursor you may ask why is this chap qualified to judge their quality and performance? Well, as a user I can provide my opinion based on my experience and as a professional working with the technology and telecommunications field for nearly 25 years I know a thing or two about troubleshooting network and system problems. Just as some companies in the pre-broadband era overburdened their modem pools today it would seem that VPN service providers are squeezing every nickel in a grab for cash, rather than focusing on service. And I challenge any VPN service provider to “prove me wrong” with a transparent control panel that shows us “the consumer” that the load on their systems “in real-time” are less than maxed out(24×7x365)! This is not hard and any script monkey these days can bash together MRTG and screen scrape it into a control panel. One good coder can make it a real-time data stream using mySQL and php. Prove it!

    My testing of Witopis has included the use of the service via a Desktop and Laptop and using multiple wire-line and wireless access services from each of the telecommunication providers within China from a variety of cities.

    I would avoid Witopia if you are in China and when I find a provider that is truly worthy of a “positive review” you can guarantee that I will provide one here on this site.


  • David G.

    I use Witopia VPN in Beijing, China (as well as all my friends and several business colleagues) and find they offer excellent speed and downright cheerful support. Price is awesome too. Using on Windows7, two Macs, and an iPhone.

  • eKo

    Witopia is a great service – they are really reasonably priced and their customer service is just awesome. I live in Beijing and still get to look at subversive material such as pictures of Freddy Mercury thanks to these folks… 2 thumbs up!

  • Rik

    The service and support team at Witopia is absolutely amazing! They were ready with answers to all of my questions and had me up and running in no time.

    The service itself is easy to use and allows for a large amount of flexibility without too much complication. I was even able to install service to 1 account on two different computers relatively easily with help from support.

    The connection speed of the service isn’t as fast as my fiber connection, but it’s still faster than any dsl service I’ve ever used, so I think for most users there would be no noticeable difference. So far this speed difference has proved to be (outside of speedtest) unnoticeable.

    While there are less expensive services out there, the simple truth of it is that if you pay less than their service price, you’re going to get less of a product. Cheaper VPNs are limited in some capacity or another, be it DL/UL caps or bandwidth usage limits. What you get under their 1 year service plan is a pretty good deal, with none of the slow speeds, disconnects, or just general flakiness I’ve had with inexpensive VPNs I’ve tried in the past. It just works, and for not that much more than I’d paid for other services.

    In short it just works and on the rare occasions when it doesn’t, there’s always someone immediately available to get you back on track.

    Very highly recommended.

  • Paul

    I’ve been a customer for over a year first with the SSL and now with both SSL and PPTP for my Android device. Both work beautifully, although speed can sometimes suffer for security, and I very rarely have a problem with either service.

    On the occasions I have had a problem, or simply a query, the customer service department have been amazing. Not common to find customer service that seem to genuinely care about their products and customers. Knowledgeable, helpful and quick to reply to queries.

    5 Stars, and a definite future customer!

  • Khaled

    I am using Witopia VPN-SSL now for 4 years in UAE,
    the speed is good, and they have fast respond support team,
    I am also using Witopia VPN-PPTP over my iphone,

  • Max


    I’ve been using personalVPN SSL for windows for half a year now, so I think I’m in a good position to write a review of that product.

    Being on the road often, I mostly use it to:
    - access websites that only serve to regional visitors, to which I have access when in the country, but not when I’m travelling. VPN solves that problem.
    - get around information access restrictions to certain sites that some countries have put into place.

    And the best part of it all, Witopia VPN has never let me down yet!

    But the biggest benefit of VPN I discovered today. With my newly bought iPad I wanted to download (and pay for) a book from Amazon in the kindle format. To my delight I found out that there is a free kindle application for the iPad (and iPhone for that matter).

    However, you need to register that application. Which I did. But based on my IP address Amazon could see that I was currently outside the US. And … Amazon doesn’t sell kindle books outside the States. Yes, you guessed it, VPN to the rescue.

    I contacted the Witopia helpdesk, and a gentlemen called Brooks assisted me in setting up VPN on my iPad. Within the hour I re-registered my iPad as a US device and bought and downloaded the kindle book I was looking for.

    Now that’s what I call Service, with a capital S!

    Keep up the awesome work Brooks.

  • Family in China

    Purchased Witopia in July 2010 for usage in China. Had some installation concerns, but Witopia Tech Svc helped me resolve in one (1) correspondence (email). Basically, I’ve been up, running and VERY satisfied with Witopia!

    In the past, used two (2) different providers, once in 2007 and once in 2008 for the Olympic (in Beijing), but both times for ONLY one (1) month since service was poor and performance was terrible. And I paid more the Witopia’s prices.

    Yeah, does affect speed, but impact is minimal and I am willing to trade couple of KBSs for youtube, facebook, etc. Now the family has youtube, facebook, and hulu – all the enjoyments of the my kids generation. In fact, we got it loaded on both our laptops and desktops (yes, only one cpu can use at a time). So we’re now considering additional services (maybe CB).

    If you’re considering VPN from China, I would seriously consider Witopia. I am (we are) very satisfied with the performance, cust svc and tech support. In fact, I’ve already recommended the service to three (3) other expat families.

  • Gary

    I was experiencing a minor issue with connecting via a desired location.

    The live chat facility proved very helpful, and the support agent was able to guide me through resolving the problem in a matter of minutes.

    Service was prompt, efficient, friendly, courteous and professional. One cannot ask for anything better than that.

  • Edward

    Great service. Works well in China with iPhone, iPad, Windows, MacOS X, etc. Full access to facebook and many other sites that are usually blocked. Use it for wikipedia and you get the quick response you are used to outside China.

    The sales agent (Brooks) is friendly and will take time to explain all options to you online.

    Highly recommended.

  • Anna

    I was initially reluctant to use a VPN but it seemed the only way to enable me to use certain sites from outside the UK but this programme was recommended to me so I thoght I would give it a go. When I encountered technical problems due to my own lack of technological understanding, Witopia were kind and so very helpful in getting things rectified for me. Technical staff responded to my enquiry immediately and with a gentle approach and they were very clear in offereing me step by step guidance to resolve my issues.
    I am delighted with the service and hope that my continued use of this product runs smoothly, however, I am now confident that if something goes wrong in the future, I will have people ready and able to help me again.
    This is the cheapest product I have found with more advantages than many on the market!

    Thank you!

  • Edward Wang

    I’ve been using witopia for half year, it is really the best VPN I’ve used, it’s pretty fast, and their technical support team responds to my questions surprisingly fast! I didn’t expect I would get a response when I sent my email 4PM in Beijing!
    Folks at Witopia:
    You guys have done a great work! I hope you realize that what you are doing is not just a business, it’s helping many Chinese citizens like me behind the notorious “Great Firewall” to access free information and truth in the world! so please take my credit with pride!

    At last, F*ck the Great Fire Wall and the jerks who develop and maintain it!

  • Colin

    Best support team – had a problem with the VPN they got me up and running within minutes.

    Thanks a million!

  • Aaron

    I just purchased Witopia VPN and was having trouble installing their program (due to issues on my computer, not their software). Their tech support stayed with me for hours and were able to fix the problem. So far the VPN service works well, and their tech support is absolutely outstanding!

  • Devang

    Have been using Personal VPN for xp and Ubuntu for about 2 years now, I live in UAE where VOIP is blocked yahoo, skype, etc. I have been happy with the VPN service, so far it have never failed to connect. speed is good, at under $4/month its a good deal. Witopia has servers all over the world even for PPTP users to connect through.
    support is excellent.
    speed could be faster, but for the price i pay i would say its fair.

  • Dagmara

    Greetings from Oman. Have just begun to use the VPN service and am impressed with both the security as well as the customer support. So far this is the best VPN product of this type that I’ve used and highly recommend it.

  • Desmond Wong

    In my opinion, two elements are most important as far as buing a product/service is concerned – Product/Service Quality and the aftersales service standard of the company selling hte product/service.

    This is where Witopia scores 5 stars in both categories.

    I was evaluating VPN service providers and i came across Witopia…. I have to say.. they have Outstanding customer service. Shirin who attended to me gave me one of the best customer service i’ve come across in the online ‘world’. (i’ve spoken to similar customer service officers on other VPN providers i was evaluating and boy they are nowhere close!). I was sold once i spoke to witopia and will definitely recommend Witopia to my friend who is also looking for a VPN provider! And thanks again, Shirin!

  • John

    Living in China and still wanting a free Net experience has some challenges.
    WiTopia has provided me with the tools to continue the life I, and my family expect.
    The WiTopa VPN product suites me fine.
    At first there were a few issues. Support helped me “Bigtime” and faster then I ever experienced with any company.
    The last two weeks we have had a fast (for China, speed is limited) easy way to communicate with the “real world”

  • adrian coxon

    I just signed up to WiTopia, installing the software was easy and then I realised I had a few questions about using the service across multiple PC and other devices, i went onto their chat expecting the usual drawn our experience but they got back to me in minutes, delivering a very quick and comprehensive response, second guessing my requirements and giving me everything i needed to complete my set up. Some of the best service i’ve had from a company in a long tíme, can’t recommend these guys enough.

  • Jackie Donnelly

    I am so impressed with the technical support given by Marc and Brooks…patience beyond belief, expertise, and the ability to break the information down into small bites, and to trouble shoot problems…I am so delighted that I have Witopia in my life!

  • F Siambun

    Wow! I have been a subscriber since March 2010 and never had much issues running on a windows laptop. Recently, we got a Mac Pro and needed to set-up the VPN on it. After reading many online suggestions and getting confused, I decided to go on the Live Chat option thinking that it’s just a gimmick. But WOW! I was DELIGHTED and SURPRISED to receive a “bing” from Jennifer, the technical support available in mere minutes! She was v helpful, courteous, patient and made sure i understood what was required. Wow… I am surely to be a subscriber for life!

  • http://Witopia William Holden

    I signed up for the service today to use on my ipad, iphone, macs and pc’s which can be a bit fiddly with different areas to be set up on each device. the online help was good, but after some time thinking my isp was restricting me I used the online help and a chap named Marc came back very quickly and with great knowledge – fantastic service and now I am up and running! Too early to comment on other aspects i will be back to do so later…

  • Zafar

    Fantastic software and superb support. I had issues with my VPS connection and the online technical support team assisted and sorted out my issues in exacty 110 seconds. This is my second year with the Witopia VPN and in my opinion this is the best amongst all available in the market. You can bank upon their support… they are world class.

  • Native Speaker Engllish

    I tried so many free vpns and gave up on that. Then, I searched and searched for a decent product from a decent provider at a decent price. I was fortunate to get in touch with Tara at Witopia. After she pleasantly and professionally fielded a hundred different questions from me (at least!), I decided to buy. She walked me through each step, troubleshot problems that, frankly I (NOT they) had, and I even got to talk to one of the owners (Bill) on the online chat when I went back and Tara was on break. The price was much better than what I had seen elsewhere, too. While I had them online, I tried the Latvian server and the Atlanta server, and they were both great! I know that some of these reviews are bogus, so I would be happy to talk to anyone via Skype who has a question for an actual satisfied client… me! They have 24-online human chat support from people who know what they are talking about, a huge selection of servers all over the world, and the packages they offer – I think fit anyone’s needs. I was never happy with those bogus free services, and even though I tend to be a cheapskate, I have to say that I am supersatisfied with mine, and I only pay $59.99 a year… well, well worth it to me. You can contact me at if you have any questions for me. I am in no way affiliated with Witopia, just a guy who thinks that it is as important to mention good service and product as it is to complain about the bad.

  • Rob

    The Witopia VPN has worked perfectly, but I particularly want to say how incredibly responsive support has been. Every time I have had a query I have had great service in seconds. Thanks for great service.

  • Damian Spendel

    Thank you Witopia!

    An excellent product, with excellent VPN service.

    Nothing further needs saying.

    Thank you very much,


  • Jack

    Nothing short of Brilliant.

    Been using Witopia’s product on my laptop for over a year now – works everytime. For my second subscription, I bought a combo package and now using VPN on my iPhone as well. Initially had some problems with the setup but turned out to be my wifi router.

    Where Witopia really shines is in their staff who provide excellent service and support. They are VERY prompt (usually reply to emails in minutes) and they know what they are doing. I cannot say enough about how good the crew there are. Have, and will continue to recommend Witopia to anyone who will listen. Thanks guys.

  • C L H

    I really wish I could convince everyone to try My previous vpn company let me down and started getting refused by certain US sites because it showed up as an anonymous source. Worse, it suddenly wouldn’t work at all and they told me the problem was on our end when nothing had changed.

    Witopia. net is actually cheaper than the previous company, the service is 1001x better and the staff are incredibly helpful. I’m a technodinosaur and their rep walked me step-by-step through the process until it was set-up. He was unbelievably patient in spite my ignorance of basic computer 101.

    Just a terrific company period!

  • Pum Rice

    Product Review. My Experience With VPN

    We live in Mexico and have problems with our ISP blocking and throttling things. Mexico is a land of government control and monopolies. We are very limited on choices, quality and service here because of this. Since there is no competition, Prodigy of Mexico has no reason to update their servers or equipment.

    After some searching, I found 2 different VPN (Virtual Private Network) companies. I am reporting this as a customer experience and am not paid for this review.

    The first company was Golden Frog. I took their premium service with 3 types of connection. After several days of trying to get a good install and connect with all 3 types of connection, I finally gave up. I had repeated contact with them. It took days to get a response.

    In the spirit of Bill Gates, Their solution was to uninstall/ reinstall. I sent error codes and diagnostic logs to support. There was no response. In frustration, I asked to cancel my account and give me a refund. Their response was “No refund ”. I was accused of not trying and not co operating. At this writing, this situation is still pending and has been escalated.

    The second company is Witopia, ( ) I found this company easy to deal with, lower prices, simple download and install and it works. On top of all that, there is a money back guarantee. Communication with them is answered in hours, sometimes minutes and they are every helpful.

    If you are needing VPN to cloak your isp or for other reasons, as a happy customer, I highly recommend Witopia.

  • Nea

    It is the BEST service! It may have it’s problems form time to time but the support team is ready to fix EVERYTHING and more. The best support service, the best attention and their products have saved me lots of headaches.

    The only reason why I gave them a 3 stars on speed is because sometimes some gateways are super busy. But you can always chance gateways and problem solved.

  • ES

    I’ve used witopia for FOUR years and it has only gotten better and better!

    at first it was just SSL, then SSL with PPTP, and now:

    SSL+PPTP with excellent mac and windows versions, and servers all over the world!

    I have managed to get security at any place I’ve been, and tunnel all my communications without any blocking or media restrictions. As a US resident, I’ve also been able to go abroad and still use my US-only media services.

    Witopia’s prices have gone up somewhat over the years, but the level of service has increased dramatically. With servers around almost every major metropolitan area, latency is wonderfully low.

  • Jun Z

    I have to say Witopia’s service is just outstanding! I had a problem installing vpn on my new computer, it took Jennifer, your agent, 2 hours to help me solving the problem. Because of some connection issues, we had to use both email and online chat to communicate, yet she’s extremely patient and cheerful during the whole time!

    I’m a first year user of Witopia, but with my experience of your product and support, I think it’s highly likely I’ll continue to use your service.

  • Sari

    The best VPN service with an amazing price and a friendly yet professional 24/7 chat support team. Do I have to say more?! ;-)

  • Michel

    Just said so great. You can try them. No risk. 30 days money back guarantee

  • larrynew

    I would like to thank everyone at Witopia for an excellent buy, install and operating experience. It has now been 2 months since I began using the service and I feel my review can now be made on practical experience. I am new to the VPN concept and did much reading on the topic and on the many providers. I tried two of the free services to gain some experience in order to make a more informed purchase decision. To be honest, after those 2 experiences, I was afraid that companies that provided a VPN solution for a fee would not be that much different from the free services (dropped connections or no connection and slooow speeds) and so approached this purchase with a bit of apprehension. It is not just the money, and Witopia earns HIGH marks for a fee structure that is amazingly fair and reasonable, but I was concerned that if my first pick didn’t meet my needs that it would take a lot of my time and a number of unpleasant hassles to find a worthwhile service. I COULD NOT HAVE MADE A BETTER CHOICE THAN WITOPIA. What a relief to see NO CHANGE to my connection speed. I know that there is overhead that slows things down a bit, but from a practical view, on Witopia you don’t see it as a user of the system. And connecting/disconnecting is a breeze as is the overall install and launch process thanks to very clear and well presented documentation.
    For those who are serious about their security while on the internet, a solid, reliable VPN service is a mandatory requirement (in my opinion) and I cannot imagine a better product or better overall user experience than that provided by Witopia.
    Thanks everyone!!

  • Adam

    I am such a happy camper with WiTopia! I am telling all my friends about their excellent VPN service! Not to mention, the customer service is simply outstanding (especially Paul)
    Every single day I am able to watch the 24-hour commercial free UK BBC News via one of their UK servers (I like the London TLS Server). On top of it, the reception is fabulous, and when I watch it on my large-screen TV, it almost appears as if it was a channel on my cable service! Also, I am able to watch the famous commercial free 24-hour BBC World News and Bloomberg via one of your European servers! I can’t believe that for less than $6 a month I pay for WiTopia VPN, I get these fantastic channels. While Internet TV is a growing phenomena with the likes of Google TV, LiveStation, Kylo, Roku, you cannot get some channels like BBC UK without a nice VPN service such as WiTopia! I give them 5 stars all the way!

  • Ian

    Been using this VPN service for a few weeks now and mainly signed up to use while in Europe on holidays. Had an issue while in Barcelona (which ended up being a finger fault on my part – no sleep) an used the online chat feature to rectify the issue – no waiting around and instant gratification from support members. Problem resolved and I was off and running again – BRILLIANT!!

    If you want solid performance with support that is on tap when you need it, then don’t go wasting your time and money with lesser players – these blokes are the real deal, you can tell that by the service they provide – setting up a vpn structure is one thing, successfuly supporting it is another.

    Do yourself a favour and go straight to Falkens Maze…I mean Witopia!!!

    Keep up the good work fellas.

  • Yitzhaky

    I have been customer since 2009 and I have to tell everyone this is the best money ever SPENT, Is just a peace of mind,I recommend this service to everyone, Customer service is AWESOME, I DARE YOU TO TRY IT

  • NetGeek

    I am a network geek and I initially started to use witopia only for watching US tv shows when out of the country.
    After A while I realized how good the service was and I started to use it for just everything, The best money spent on network services after buying my first 300 baud modem. I love the flexibility (many server in a lot of different country and the possibility to use different access options: PPTP, IPSEC and SSL. Support is great and always on-line. It is also possible to configure your own router (this is not supported) or get their own in order to connect your network.

  • Sjear001

    Jennifer R. is this best agent Witopia has. After months of trying to troubleshoot issues with my VPN, she is the only agent who suggested that my antivirus software is blocking my VPN. I live in another country and without my VPN, I was unable to effectively and conveniently communicate with my family and friends. Jennifer was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I am so grateful for her. She deserves a raise!

  • Martin

    Witopia is awesome. Had the PPTP service out of Singapore and it works flawlessly..HULU, NETFLIX etc. Just bought a cloakbox since I wanted to use netflix on my PS3 and watch on my TV instead of PC. Installation was a breeze but had some problems setting up email. Had excellent customer support from Shirin. They led through every step and configured both routers to run together so I could just hop wireless channel if i wanted to watch HULU on my PC with the cloakbox hardwired to my ps3. Now I can ditch the crappy starhub cable and watch all my favourite TV for much cheaper. I highly recommend Witopia

  • Me

    I love your VPN service!

    Your customer service is stellar and I am impressed with resolution of technical issues on the first contact.

    Accolades to your service and your staff! Don’t change a thing!

  • Yamp000

    Great tech support, I got an answer right away when I thought that my VPN had been blocked in China! Updated my DNS and I was back in business within minutes :)

  • Martin

    I just cancelled my subscription to Witopia. My connection speeds dropped from 2mbs to 0.6mbs so i decided to use the online chat service I did like last time to talk to technical support. I was served by this guy called Marc who told me to send an email to support. When I asked him, if thats the case whats the point of having online chat, he said it was for other matters. And then he was extremely rude and condescending, very different from my previous experience witopia where i was served by shirin and jennifer. Anyway this was a total surprise. Maybe they having problems and the guy is about to lose his job. I dont really care but I’ll take my business elsewhere. There are plenty of other VPN providers out there. I would think twice before subscribing to Witopia

  • WiTopia

    Hello Martin,

    Sorry if we let you down somehow. Since it looks like you were previously thrilled with us a month ago and we helped you configure your network to stream video from multiple sources, this is extremely unfortunate.

    It appears you had an issue with performance. I’m not sure whether you started out with 2Mbps as the promised speed from your ISP or that was while encrypted, etc. but an Internet speed issue with or without the VPN, adding in live video streams, and a wi-fi connection to boot can have multiple and complex causes.

    We do invest heavily in support to maintain 24×7x365 chat, but it sounds like the complexity involved here would have been better served in our email ticket system where we can gather logs, traceroutes, pings, and other network information and look it over a bit before we start making recommendations as each one can have drawbacks to other performance factors.

    Also, Internet speed issues can also often resolve on their own as it could be an issue with peering congestion between you and the WiTopia network, an issue with the video source itself, wi-fi interference, need to reboot your router, pc, the cloakbox, etc.

    If Marc was rude in suggesting that we move the issue to an email ticket, I assure you it is not the norm for him or our company’s support team. He actually tends to receive very good feedback from customers. In any event, I’m sorry you decided to leave us and I do hope you find something that better suits your needs.


  • Brian

    I have been using Witopia for the past 1 year and 6 months from China. I have had a mainly positive experience, except for the one time there was a bug in the ticketing system that caused my ticket to get lost. After I contacted support again, everything was worked out to my resolution. Every time there has been an issue when the Chinese government has affected VPN service, Witopia has been prompt in handling my issue.

    Tonight, I had the pleasure to deal with Shirin. The connectivity issue was dealt with in a matter of minutes, and the whole experience was really good.

    I plan on sticking with Witopia until my contract with them signs out, and then I plan on re-upping for another year. Witopia has excellent customer service, excellent server uptime, and an incredibly large amount of servers to connect to. I am able to do streaming video along with using Steam.

    Overall, an enjoyable experience.


  • Peter

    Witopia VPN is blocked in China. I tried to contact them, had to use other VPN just to access their web site. They removed live chat. I think they will need to refund thousands of users in China now. Can anyone recommend another VPN which is not blocked in China ?

  • Fercha11

    Hey; peter. The same happen to me, have you sort it out? or still the same problem. I reinstall the VPN but nothing. and the chat does not work any more. :-(

  • L8trg8tr

    I’ve been a Witopia customer for over two years now and wanted to offer some comments, especially now that I’m looking into going to another provider.

    The truth is, there have been so few issues with Witopia over these past two years:

    1) has one of the highest number of servers (50-plus) across more countries (30-plus, I think) than most other VPN providers;
    2) downtime for me has been non-existent;
    3) customer support has been very good; not perfect, but very good;
    4) pricing is among the lowest of any VPN provider I’ve found;
    5) uses OpenVPN;
    6) ease of installation;
    7) technical support, via their chat system, is almost instantaneous, competent and friendly; 8) free web proxy service for customers (allows me to access web-based content on any computer without having to install their OpenVPN software. Additionally, I can connect game consoles and other network-capable equipment (HDTV, Blu-Ray player, etc.) without exposing my real IP address);
    9) their own DNS servers;

    So why would I consider leaving when they have so much to offer? Good question. I really have NO complaints. I do, however, wonder:

    1) How is it that this company can offer so much for so little money? I might call it the “McDonald’s Syndrome,” that is to say, instead of asking why the food is so expensive at the ABC Restaurant, ask why McDonald’s is so inexpensive? So, I ask myself how is it that this company can offer almost everything I want in a VPN provider but yet do it for so little money? I guess it’s the “if it sounds too good to be true than it probably is” dilemma. Maybe I’m just a bit too jaded, but, it’s just something I’ve thought about.

    Now, would I be less suspicious about Witopia if they charged, say, $149.99 year? As weird as it sounds, I just might;

    2) I’m concerned about my VPN provider being within the jurisdiction of either the United States or the E.U. Not only that, Witopia’s headquarters are in Reston, VA. I look at that close physical proximity to all those nasty three-letter government agencies and I wonder….

    Again, would I be less suspicious about Witopia if they were located in, say, Green Bay, WI? Yeah, I suppose I would. But I’d really like it if they were in Iran or China, I guess. At least some place where they could just thumb their nose at US or EU authorities should they come calling;

    3) I wish they allowed for anonymous payment methods;

    4) P2P is not allowed, even on non-U.S. servers (which certainly raises the “Why?” question, unless they have some connection to ??? I don’t know, I’m just sayin’….).

    In closing, I want to reiterate that I really love using Witopia; it’s been an incredible experience and if it wasn’t for these four nagging issues I wouldn’t be looking and, instead, I would be recommending Witopia to anyone and everyone without any hesitation.

    These are just some thoughts I’ve had and it seemed that sharing them with those doing some shopping might be helpful to them. I hope that’s the case.

  • Weirdshanghai

    I just renewed with witopia, they have ignore all my emails, and cancelled live tech support. I will cancel as I can.
    WORTHLESS for over seas travel. It just stopped working in china, and they have not answered emails IN DAYS.

  • David

    Can’t connect for days to any server. Submitted a ticket a few days ago for help. Still no reply. This is a very poor customer support. I think I will open a dispute with my bank. I wanna my money back. They are scammers.

  • Daniel

    Great VPN, however, they have been blocked in China so I can’t use their services any more. I hope a solution is found to the issue, because they really are offering a good VPN service when it’s possible to use.

  • WiTopia

    Hi. As you can tell from other reviews we are known for our excellent customer support. There was an incredible volume of tickets due to Ch**a situation, but we have now responded to all customers concerning this. We’re certainly not “scammers” and have been offering personalVPN since early 2005 and supply services to customers in over 160 countries. If you submitted a help ticket, and did not receive a suitable solution, we can certainly provide a quick refund if that is what you wish. Not a problem at all.

  • WiTopia

    Hi. We certainly didn’t ignore any emails. Support remained 24×7x365 but we did have to turn off chat support for a few days as we dealt with Ch**a situation. It wasn’t something we wanted to do, but a reality so we could better assess the situation and respond. We are also not the only VPN provider affected (and won’t be the last) but so much larger than others that it was more of an issue as it affected more people.

    Only customers within Ch**a had any issue at all as our network remained 100% available from all other of the 160 countries we serve. Please understand that the sheer volume of tickets caused some delays in responding. We are very sorry for that as it was not up to our usual very high standards. We have now responded to all customers concerning this and will be turning chat on as soon as we can. I see we have responded to you, specifically, as well. If you have any other open support tickets, I’d be glad to look it up and make sure that it is taken care of ASAP.

  • Weirdshanghai

    witopia, killed off their live chat, completely ignore ALL MY Emails to i mean everyone. not even an automated
    response for a tech support ticket. its DEAD DEAD DEAD. they are sticking their head int the sand. Stop telling people your answering your emails. from your expats in china your ignoring is completely. requests for refunds have been ignored as well.

  • Weirdshanghai

    no you have NOT responsed to all your mainland chinese customers I know of 20+ that I’ve personally spoken to who get no response from you regard tech support, sales support or even billing support. I would suggest you actually respond to email from chinese customers faster. I have suggested that several of the EXPAT FORUMS remove your advertising from their banner masts, and that will happen this week. you DONT deserve to take our money and just ignore us completely.


  • adam

    Yes still no reply after a few days. Very unprofessional. I can’t believe you got so many emails. You are just ignoring them. I’m opening a dispute with my bank ASAP.

  • WiTopia

    weird, we responded to you below and I personally responded to you on 3/17. I see multiple other agents responded to you as well. We refunded your money and cancelled your service on 3/16. I can assure you that, yes, the service will not work after it is cancelled. :)

    You are not being fair or accurate in your depiction of us or our communications with you. We realize China situation is frustrating, but your incredible level of anger is misdirected.

  • WiTopia

    weird, this is now getting “weird.” I can assure you we’re answering emails. We’ve answered multiple emails from multiple tickets you opened including emails you sent to other email addresses of ours. I can assure you we have an auto-responder. What you are saying is simply not fair, nor accurate. Lastly, we refunded your money and cancelled your service on 3/16 so we’re just not sure what else we can do.

  • WiTopia

    We have replied to all customers affected by China issue some time ago. Support queues are clean. If you are an actual customer of ours, please resend as we never received. We are known for excellent support for years which we would hope would be clear from previous reviews. As far as how many emails we received, I believe you’re quite underestimating how large China is. :)

  • WiTopia

    Thanks. Although, we only run network globally at approximately 30% capacity before we add more, the fact we allow customers to connect anywhere they wish at will does mean that you might occasionally have a spike on a certain server in a certain city. If you ever notice a speed issue a few second connect/reconnect will get you allocated to a different server. Still, that is so rare because of way we allocate, if you’re staying connected for extended periods, it may just be the fact that as your ISP, or ISP’s in between you and the WiTopia network have “hiccups” the VPN tunnel may slow. In that case also, a quick reconnect will refresh the tunnel.

  • Charliec88

    A friend recommended I try WiTopia. I was extremely impressed with their online chat functionality. The member of staff I spoke with explained all the packaged on offer and did not try and ‘up-sell’, which was refreshing.

    Now I hope the ongoing service is as good as the sales service. Having spoken to friends, I have no reason to see why it wont be.

  • Madethequota

    A buddy of mine recommended I try WiTopia. I was sceptical but decided to try it. Wow what a great product. Not expensive and I have to say the online chat customer service was great. I was assisted by Shirin and the process was painless and personalized. I will highly recommend this product to anyone who will listen.

  • Geralyn6886

    I’ve never even heard of Witopia before today until I checked my bank account and noticed a $69.99 purchase authorization that I never even authorized. What the hell is that? How did you even get access to my information?? Is this how you make your money??? You should be ashamed!

  • WiTopia

    We didn’t take your money. It’s called Identity theft and it is quite common. Someone stole your credit card number and used it to steal from us. We likely already caught, cancelled and refunded it, but contact our support staff and they will let you know.

  • waiting4aresponse

    HI i registered yesterday but all the witopia sites are blocked as I am in China. I sent an email over 24 hours ago and need to get a VPN set up. Does anyone still have issues in China? I havent been impressed with how difficult it is to contact Witopia and still waiting for a response. For a moment i was wondering whether this was a scam. Has anyone used alternative VPNs that work well in China?

  • WiTopia

    support is fully staffed 24×7x365. we have live chat support and usually respond to emails within a few minutes. A delay of 24 hours is hard to imagine. If you sent to a correct address you would have received an auto-response within seconds. Did you receive such a response? If you did, please let us know what the ticket# was so we can investigate. I’m guessing you may not have sent mail to support@witopia.NET and maybe sent to .COM?

  • Anonymous

    Useless in China, I had to give up on Witopia, in China, I did raise case with support, who where responsive,
    but it still didn’t improve anything.

    this was my Speedtest  using witopia
    Shanghai -> hong kong

    ping 1587
    down  0.36
    up    0.07

    the slowness of the ping suggests they maybe they route traffic back to the US for monitoring, 
    making using Hong Kong useless.

  • Larrygoldberg

    Great customer support via Instant Messaging!  They responded to my query in 30 seconds and resolved the issue in 5 minutes.

  • Ali Taheri

    I love Witopia and its great support.Their support is 7×24 and i didn’t see this type of support on the NET.Support members are very nice and patient.Their Price is fantastic and I am sure that they have best value of Price/Performane on the world.Their servers are disributed all of the world and you can connect to everywhere on the NET via their servers with a acceptable quality.I offer WiTopia to everyone on the NET.
    Thanks Witopia and Thanks support team

  • Bob B.

    I’ve been using Witopia for several years now and the service is excellent. The customer support is spot on and all of my questions have been answered without delay and in full detail – wish all companies did that. Have recommended this service to many friends and they are also very satisfied.

  • Paul C

    Been using Witopia now for about 6 months and it is the perfect solution for me.  Use it mainly to obtain a UK IP address.  Always works with great throughput.  Have it running on Windows 7 and Linux.  Today, just had some fun and set it up on my android.  All work just as expected.  Have had to use the online support a couple of times and the folks have been perfect – no BS, just the right answers.  Would recommend it to anyone.

  • Paul

    I’ve just discovered exactly the same thing. Strange that I’ve been operating online for years now and this is the first instance where I can say without a doubt that my card has been used by someone else to purchase something. This is extremely dodgy! I will be contacting you to get a refund.

  • WiTopia

    we have extensive anti-fraud measures in place so we’ve likely already refunded it but definitely  contact us to make sure.

  • filia b

    using witopia for three years now (personalvpn pro) with ssl for mac and pptp for iPhone and iPad on the move!works like a charm: i have my server connected all the time to internet via witopia. just loses connection on the planned reboot/clean up time on server side. but for mac and mobile devices real value for your money.special mention for the chat-support: this is what customer-service is supposed to be: quick, swift and efficient!

  • Adnan

    I’ve been using Witopia for 4 years now; signed up right when I moved to the UAE. I am very happy with the service. The support team always writes back without a couple of hours (often minutes) and they are always expanding the technical flexibility of the service while also making it easy to use.

  • Tahirz

    Using Witopia for the 2nd year now, and the service is as promised. I’ve never had connectivity problems & such, and the speed is great. However, what stands out is the extremely excellent & responsive customer service… I’ve always had a smile on my face when dealing with their customer service – which is kinda unusual because it’s usually a pain in general. Always resolved my issues in a few minutes, even if it’s stupid questions that are already in their support wiki. Overall, A+, 10/10, worth every penny and I’ve even recommended it to friends who’re also quite happy with them. 

  • Shirin Ader

    I’ve used Witopia for just one year now. I am totally pleased, and fully satisfied with Witopia.  I appreciate the easy connectivity, the speed, and the outstanding responsiveness and excellent customer service. I would recommend it to my best friend.

  • Rudy81

    I have been using Witopia for over two years and have zero complaints.  Service has been excellent and quick to respond.  System connections are reliable worldwide.  I travel throughout the world and this includes visits to China and other places fond of blocking content.  Witopia continues to serve me reliably.

  • Fred

    Have been using Witopia for around 9 months.   Virtually no problems.   When an issue did arise with a new piece of equipment, the Witopia tech staff was very helpful and responsive.    I would highly recommend this VPN service to anyone.

  • Fred

    Have been using Witopia for around 9 months.   Virtually no problems.   When an issue did arise with a new piece of equipment, the Witopia tech staff was very helpful and responsive.    I would highly recommend this VPN service to anyone.

  • Kboniface

    I have been using Witopia for over two years and not only do I have zero complaints, I think that their service providers or online help people are the best I’ve encountered anywhere. They respond quickly to any problem or question and if I don’t understand or their solution doesn’t work on the first try, they are ready with a back-up. Excellent folks!! Excellent company!

  • constantine

    i have recently bought the cloakbox and had the best experience with their technical support. always there and always supportive to help me set up the device. all in all a great product with great support !

  • LeoM

    I just renewed my subscription with Witopia for my 3rd year.  I’m in China, and if any of you are there, you know the headaches you have with VPN services.  I let my subscription lapse and I got cut off, but Witopia helped me via email to get everything back up and running.  They always respond within hours, and last night when I renewed, it was within 20 minutes and then constant back and forth emails to get things running again.  Thanks Witopia.  Also, in my 2 years previously with them, I have had excellent speeds that rivaled all of my friend’s VPN’s and Witopia actually created solutions for Hulu and all the other services to cloak themselves from prying eyes.  These guys are at the top of their game.  

  • Deb Conyers

    Hi All,  I want to let everyone know that working with Jamie was excellent!  Jamie was polite, knowledgable and had a great sense of humor.  Most importantly Jamie solved my problem when I was getting very frustrated.  Thanks a lot Jamie!  You made one happy customer!

  • Donna

    I absolutely LOVE Witopia VPN!  I searched like maaaad when I first moved to Mexico after being shut out of the ability to watch any online videos at ABC, NBC, CBS, and several others, as well.  Once I discovered and their fabulous pricing, awesome customer service, etc. I was sold!  I’ve just finished renewing my service with them for the third year in a row.  Witopia ROCKS!

  • Miguel A Artaso

    Witopia client support is really great!

  • Gpransignup

    Incredibly quick and helpful customer service!

  • Nikki

    I am so happy to have VPN that consistently works in China. It’s been a hassle to find a reliable but not too expensive product like theirs. When i had a small issue in downloading the installer (completely my fault, i didn’t follow the instructions in order) their customer service chat line was excellent. The agent I spoke to was both very polite, and extremely helpful, by activating my account for me, and giving me the link for the installer. I will definitely continue to use this product in the future. 

  • Tait Lawton

    Witopia is essential for me while I’m in China. I would recommend it to
    anybody that needs fast, reliable access to site like Facebook, Twitter,
    YouTube and Wikipedia while in China. They provide great support and a
    great service.

  • Mo_farran

    THE BEST SERVICE int eh WORLD. . .I just don’t know how to thank Shirin. . .he diagnosed, reviewed and rebuilt the box remotley with great patience . . .I salute this company and assure them . . they have a customer for LIFE!

  • Gadgetman

    They want your recorded voice as a form of “payment verification”.

    This heading says it all.
    I got my account & paid my subscription, but 4 days later they suspended my account & told me they have to do payment verification for mutual protection. They send me an email & asked me to call a phone number & leave a message with my name & my order ID. I sent them back an email & told them if their true purpose is verification I have indicated all these requested info with this email. They did not accept & they wrote me back & insisted that I have to call & leave a voice message with that information. Yes, they want to record you & keep your recorded voice for what so ever purpose. This felt awkward since they wouldn’t say why they want to use this method.
    I refused & cancelled my account. However, during the 4 days that I was using Witopia, I had number of issues that I am glad I did not commit to their one year subscription. The following is my experience for the 4 days I was using Witopia:

    1 – They limit concurrent connections to only 2.
    2- I frequently got disconnected.
    3- My login ID & password failed periodically & for 2 or 3 hours I couldn’t log back in & kept getting “Authentication Failed” message. Then, all of the sudden it worked after that 2 / 3hours period.
    4- They filter out a lot of sites.
    5- After using them for 4 days, they suspended my account, stating that pending “payment verification”, while they already took the money out of my account.
    6- Their technical support staff are just plain rude & arrogant (Chris).
    7- They DO MAINTAIN LOGS for a week, at least.
    8- Their client software is very primitive comparing to other vpn provider.
    9- Their client software / service is not capable of hot switching between the servers. You have to log out, choose another server, then log back in. But you may get “Authentication Failure” message for a while.
    10- Before you sign on, read their fine prints which often made with ambiguity.

  • Ayman Ghafir

    I am in china, I have a witopia VPN, which was working fine, then now it cannot connect to the network. 
    I can’t find Witopia’s service team phone number. Every time i try to serach for Witopia from a regular router from China, it does not connect me.
    Could somebody send witopia’s service group phone number.

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