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WiTopia review – 262
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In 2010-09-05 21:50:19

Hi, I've been using personalVPN SSL for windows for half a year now, so I think I'm in a good position to write a review of that product. Being on the road often, I mostly use it to: - access websites that only serve to regional visitors, to which I have access when in the country, but not when I'm travelling. VPN solves that problem. - get around information access restrictions to certain sites that some countries have put into place. And the best part of it all, Witopia VPN has never let me down yet! But the biggest benefit of VPN I discovered today. With my newly bought iPad I wanted to download (and pay for) a book from Amazon in the kindle format. To my delight I found out that there is a free kindle application for the iPad (and iPhone for that matter). However, you need to register that application. Which I did. But based on my IP address Amazon could see that I was currently outside the US. And ... Amazon doesn't sell kindle books outside the States. Yes, you guessed it, VPN to the rescue. I contacted the Witopia helpdesk, and a gentlemen called Brooks assisted me in setting up VPN on my iPad. Within the hour I re-registered my iPad as a US device and bought and downloaded the kindle book I was looking for. Now that's what I call Service, with a capital S! Keep up the awesome work Brooks.