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WiTopia review – 187
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In 2010-08-18 12:11:16

The service and support team at Witopia is absolutely amazing! They were ready with answers to all of my questions and had me up and running in no time. The service itself is easy to use and allows for a large amount of flexibility without too much complication. I was even able to install service to 1 account on two different computers relatively easily with help from support. The connection speed of the service isn't as fast as my fiber connection, but it's still faster than any dsl service I've ever used, so I think for most users there would be no noticeable difference. So far this speed difference has proved to be (outside of speedtest) unnoticeable. While there are less expensive services out there, the simple truth of it is that if you pay less than their service price, you're going to get less of a product. Cheaper VPNs are limited in some capacity or another, be it DL/UL caps or bandwidth usage limits. What you get under their 1 year service plan is a pretty good deal, with none of the slow speeds, disconnects, or just general flakiness I've had with inexpensive VPNs I've tried in the past. It just works, and for not that much more than I'd paid for other services. In short it just works and on the rare occasions when it doesn't, there's always someone immediately available to get you back on track. Very highly recommended.