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VPNtunnel – VPN consumer review – 13776
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In 2011-10-19 12:36:00

Hi. I'de like to add my feedback. For the record, I'm located in France near Paris, with the ISP "Free". I subscribed this day to VPNTunnel.Subscription is quickly done, a few seconds after my Paypal payment, I got my ids in my mail box. The soft is quickly downloaded from the website, and installed.And here comes the difficulties. Can't get any traffic through the tunnel. I contact the Live Help, get someone one the chat. Well, it took us 3 different ways to try, but it finally works, after hardly half an hour. Good to know : you'll have to get through the live help, if, at this time, you're running Mac OS X Lion, because the actual stable version of the software runs under no further version than Mc OS X Snow Leopard.. The hotline game me a link to the beta, which works well with Lion. So, good hotline, quick answers, very nice and polite, and now monitoring my up and down bitrates : as good as without the vpn tunnel. Happy from my choice, I recommend it !