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Website: (.com .fr .de)
Location: Sweden
Founded: 2009
VPNtunnel Offers VPNtunnel User Reviews uses OpenVPN to achive maximum security in the network. You will recive full internet access just as usual from our VPN servers wich are located in datacenters with multiple Gbit connections. There is one massive difference though, you are now behind an anonymous ip-adress that belongs to This means that all your activities or electronical footprints can no longer be tracked down to you as a physical person, all tracks end up att servers.

We have chosen to protect the privacy of our users, this is achived by not logging any trafficdata that has the possibility to show what a particular user has been up to at a particular time. This way are not able to disclose any such information to third parties.

Unlike many other VPN providers, who are using portforwarding. We have no closed ports!

You get unlimited bandwidth and traffic for only 6,55$/month (5€).


IP Address Features: IP Shared (dynamic)

Protocols Features: OPENVPN

Speed & Transfer Features: Unlimited Transfer, Unrestricted Speed

Server Locations Features: Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, United-States

Platform Supported: Linux, Mac, Web-Based, Windows

Language Supported: Deutsch, English, Français


Support Method: Email, Faq, Live Chat

Support Language: Deutsch, English, Français

Editions & Pricing

Offer Number: 1 plan

Price (monthly): Starting at $6.55

Free Trial (days): No Free Trial

Moneyback Guarantee (days): No Moneyback Guarantee


11/15/2011: Discount!
03/14/2011: US-based ip addresses now available
01/10/2011: The latest version of the new client is now available on the controlpanel!

User reviews

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  • Nate

    Great VPN Service!

  • jayjay

    installation is very easy and fast in less than 5 minutes you´re online!
    speed is okay 1000kbits instead of 1200 :)

    for 5€ very good offer!

  • Mike

    I have been using for about 1 year now and only has good experience!

  • Thomas

    Fonctionne très bien.

  • jonhy

    C’était un super fournisseur VPN, mais depuis une semaine …
    Je suis déconnecté depuis au moins une fois par jour, et j’ai perdu beaucoup de bande passante …
    Donc, c’était un bon VPN, mais ça ne l’est plus …
    Et aussi, = … :(

    Je suis déçu et vais chercher un nouveau VPN pas si cher, et pas seulement en PPTP.

  • monty

    i only signed up yesterday but so far its all been good. Easy download and setup, good connection and my download speeds are great.I have been looking at all the different VPN services for days but this one seems like a good reliable no bullshit service.This review is not fake either its 100% genuine.

  • monty

    A little more information on who exactly runs the service would be welcome. plus their terms of service all VPN providers have them. That said i am still very impressed with the speed and reliability of

  • fred

    very good service would recommend to anyone wholeheartedly

  • John

    Using it since a week now, works fine, secure OpenVPN, good speed, and till now, nice uptime.

    Good value for money ratio.

  • Andy

    I am using VPNtunnel since a few days on my Windows 7 system and it’s been a drag. Installation went fine, connection also, but afterwards there were many other features, which I have to put manually in order to make VPNtunnel work. For instance putting the DNS servers into my original ISP Internet Connection. Still very lame speed during normal surfing and P2P traffic. Support did’nt help me at all, I had to figure it out all by myself. Can’t recommend it so far, will try another.

  • magnetik

    Un VPN grandiose.

    Je l’utilise depuis quelques jours ; avantages :
    - 0 Conf
    - Bonne vitesse (~1mo/s sur les torrents.. lent sur Megaupload hier)
    - Crypté
    - Pas de limite de transfert.

  • Boocad

    GOOD : Great Speed, réactive support.

    BAD : It use the OpenVPN GUI for Windows, I must type login & pass on each computer start, no autologin …

  • Bill

    Excellent VPN !!!

    Started using the service when my regular service went down a week ago.

    1) No hassle set up.

    2) No closed ports. Different IP # with every log in.

    3) Decent speeds considering the distances involved.

    4) Encrypted + NO logs kept.

    5) About $ 60/year less than current provider.

    Enough said : GET IT !!!

  • monty

    Well i have just had my service extended with this provider after my first month, that says it all really, i am a happy bunny.

  • originalcrisis

    Je dois dire que la mise en service de ce fournisseur VPN est un peu alambiqué. Au lieu d’utiliser le service vpn inclus dans votre système d’exploitation, je suis obliger de passer par Tunnelblick. C’est peut-être de là que viennent les déconnections intempestives et récurrentes. Donc pour moi l’expérience s’arrête là, surtout que je suis français et que la loi Hadopi et en marche.

  • Greg

    Very good VPN (based on openvpn)
    Mostly use for bittorrent download –> new law in France(HADOPI)
    Very good download bandwith, at least 1MByte/s sustaining (my maximal DSL bandwith)
    Cannot be easier to install: 1 download, no config, login + password –> it works!
    Checked with Wireshark: all traffic encrypted, all traffic pass throught the VPN

  • Jaap

    Good VPN service for reasonable price.
    I have a VPN account since the beginning of this year and I always sign up for another month when I am planning to travel.
    It always works and in China you can access all web pages you like.
    Payment and installation are easy.
    Speed is okay.
    Good reliable VPN service.

  • loulou

    J’ai porté mon choix sur ce vpn car la politique suedoise en terme de conversation des log est très intéressante pour nous, telechargeur ( les fai suedois sont tenus de converser les log que pendant 3 semaines) mais je suis déçu de la prestation proposée. Ce vpn se coupe très régulièrement pouvant rendre notre ip réelle visible au yeux de tmg a tout moment!!!
    Donc oublions la sécurité et la vie privée surtout si des téléchargements sont en cours.

  • monty

    So far i have been impressed with BUT and its a big BUT why when i go to the homepage to do an IP check one of the assigned IPs is not connected to the VPN. All the other assigned IPs seem fine, So a big slap on the wrist to as far as security and privacy is concerned.

  • micha

    grosse déception, fonctionnait très bien, sauf que j’avais accès à des données sur des pc d’utilisateurs du réseaux vpntunnel ( leur partie public apparaissait sur mon réseaux sans que je demande quoi que ce soit ) le niveau de sécurité n’est pas au top !!!!!!
    le service technique avertie n’a pas prolongé ses investigations.

  • monty

    Anybody who has signed up with should also visit DARKNET-VPN you will find that you are also connected to that VPN provider as well, just do an IP check on DARKNET-VPNs homepage. I am no genius and i am new to all this VPN stuff but obviously they are one and the same company. Is that a good or bad thing, is it a breach of your privacy and security, Could someone more in the know please try to enlighten me and the other people who visit this website. A response from either of these VPN providers to explain would not only be more than welcome BUT is vital. I hope my reviews are helping other customers like me not to be fooled or simply ripped off.

  • monty

    O.K. after some research i have learned that VPNTUNNEL.SE / ANONINE / DARKNET-VPN and PRIVACY.IO all share the same network, And some if not all of them are in partnership with each other. I am o.k. with that no problem but more information on who owns these services and who their associates are would stop their customers becoming alarmed. Also VPNTUNNEL.SE should inform their customers when they are upgrading or adding servers to their service. Ones that the homepage acknowledge that you are in fact connected. So for now i will stick with VPNTUNNEL.SE but i urge other customers to try and find out more about their VPNproviders.

  • May

    Looked so promising but… their support is useless, you have to get help elsewhere at your own expenses. Information in their client page isn’t correct making very hard to set up a firewall for openVPN to work (i.e. the range of IPs they give doesn’t match the ones they actually use). I am getting a lousy throughput and they just don’t care; once you’ve paid you’re done. My advice is to think it twice before joining this “VPN service”.

  • Greg

    I’m fed up with these guys. What they do grant is a permanent flood of incoming traffic that eats up your bandwidth and not a single hint of help. Their technical support consists in e-mailing you the same info written in their client web pages; after that …Ooops… support-ticket closed.
    Although reasonably priced its uselessness makes it very expensive.
    I wish I had read this page earlier!!

  • userjardis

    Je le teste depuis une semaine. Rien à signaler tant au niveau d’internet qu’au niveau Torrent avec 3 trackers privés différents.
    Tout va bien

  • Jason X.

    Pretty bad VPN service and useless support; if you run into difficulties -and you will- you’ll have to fend for yourself. Not worth trying.

  • monty

    VPNTUNNEL.SE seem to have fixed some of the bugs in their system. At least the homepage now confirms that i am connected and encrypted. Support is a no show though if you have any queries. Keep improving the service and the reviews will improve, surely that makes good business sense.

  • james

    Never had to use support it is such a good reliable vpn.

  • josh

    If you followed the guides correctly during setup then you would not be bitchin on about the support. Ive had no problems at all since day 1, good VPN PROVIDER.

  • kirk

    Like this vpn because [a] you get an anonymous IP [b] your encrypted [c] you can file share [d] unlimited bandwidth for a great price [e] no traffic logs are kept [e] reliable service with no disconnections. Thats all i want from a VPN.

  • sasha

    Simple download and very easy setup, thanks

  • lil vpn

    Bon vpn pas cher mais debit instable,sinon tres bien p2p fait ce qu’on lui demande de faire seul inconvénient 1 seul serveurs basé en suède,dommage pour ceux qui ont plus d’un ordinateur a la maison comme moi.
    bref,bon vpn pour ceux qui veulent échapper a hadopi sans payer trop cher et sans avoir le débit maximum possible.

  • monty

    I have been flirting around with some of the other VPN providers this past month but i have to conclude that as far as user friendly download and OPENVPN setup are concerned VPNTUNNEL.SE have been the best. After some of my earlier slightly negative comments about VPNTUNNEL.SE i also think that the speed and reliability [ download/upload ] connection ect has been second to none. As for the support i never needed it either as performance of the service goes just some queries that needed answering. SO VPNTUNNEL.SE still have me as a customer.

  • User is fast and as far as I can tell also very reliable. They claim to not store any server logs.

    BUT: Port 25 is closed! You cannot use you email program if your email provider only uses port25 for outgoing mail.

    €5/month for this kind of service is very reasonable.

  • zak

    Within 5 minutes after download i was surfing the net anonymous backed up by STRONG BLOWFISH encryption. Should of done this a lot sooner to stop those horrible SNOOPERS looking in.

  • Jasper

    On the whole everything worked well. I have DSL3000 and had a download speed of about 310kB/s when I was connected. But I remember I experienced some disconnections within one month.

    Support responded within one day concerning my question… so this was nice.
    The price is also nice.

    For your password you can’t use any special characters as the server does not accept them. So be aware of it when choosing your password…

  • skywhisk

    Bon vpn, bonne vitesse pour le p2p. Par contre les serveurs sont en suede, donc l’ip vient de suede et pour megaupload les telechargements sont tres longs. Mais pour le prix c’est out bon.

  • VPN-User-1980

    After testing several vpn services I came to the conclusion that – at least for me – VPNtunnel is the best VPN available on the market nowadays.

    It is fast, reliable and they do offer a very friendly and personal support even in my native language German at

    I can only recommend VPNtunnel to others.

  • monty

    This month i have not even bothered to look at any other vpn providers because VPNTUNNEL.SE has worked perfectly. Great speeds and reliability, and i am not the easiest person to please so anybody looking for a vpn provider i would certainly recommend giving VPNTUNNEL.SE a try.

  • Blubb

    Speed: Top
    Security & privacy: Top
    Support: Top
    Price: Top

    VPNtunnel: Top service!

  • Hans-Peter Gramann

    The price-performance ratio of VPNtunnel is one of the best: Speed and ping times on Unitymedia cable internet in Germany are excellent, but most important for me is the strict non-logging policy, offered only by very few vpn providers of that price range.

    I would like to have not only German IPs, as announced, but also an IP-range assigned to the UK and one to the USA, which would allow us to use BBC’s iPlayer as well as other GeoIP-restricted services abroad.
    A squid- or socks5-proxy would also be fine, if you only need an anonymous IP and no data encryption.

    VPNTunnel: Please maintain your great product and service!

  • vicious sid

    Happy Xmas Great service, Feel the Love Man !!!!!!!!!

  • jope

    Kein Support.
    Es wird falsch erklärt wie man unter OSX Tunnelblick einrichtet.
    Jetzt erhalte ich nicht mal mehr Zugang zu Webseite mit meinen Zugangsdaten.

    Nicht zu empfehlen.

  • VPN-Tester

    Die Aussage meines Vorredners kann ich nicht bestätigen.

    Ich hatte mehrere Probleme mit der Installation unter Win7 gehabt und wurde stets kompetent beraten, so dass ich nach nur wenigen Tagen den Dienst problemlos verwenden konnte.
    In letzter Zeit gab es ein paar Downtimes, die mit einer Aufstockung der Serverkapazitäten begründet wurden. Die sind zwar unschön, ich habe jedoch Verständnis dafür, wenn sich damit die Performence des Dienstes verbessert; auch dass der Support aus diesem Grund unlängst etwas länger für die Beantwortung von Kundenanfragen benötigt hat.

    Ich glaube, in VPNtunnel steckt ein hohes Potential, da zum ersten Mal ein Anbieter auf dem Markt erschienen ist, der den Verzicht auf das Anlegen von Logdateien mit einem günstigen Preis zu vereinen versucht und zugleich mit Ukash eine anonyme Zahlungsmöglichkeit bietet.

    Den Machern von VPNtunnel wünsche ich deshalb auch im kommenden Jahr viel Erfolg! :)

  • Herbert1976

    Sieht man mal von den Problemen im Zuge der Aufstockung der Serverkapazitäten ab, kann ich VPNtunnel guten Gewissens weiterempfehlen.

    Folgende Aspekte find ich besonders positiv:

    - keine Logs
    - anonyme Bezahlung mit Ukash
    - unbegrenztes Trafficvolumen
    - guter Ping im Netz der Deutschen Telekom
    - hohe Geschwindigkeit
    - extrem günstiger Preis
    - freundlicher, deutschsprachiger Support im Gulli-Board

    So sollte ein guter VPN-Dienst sein!

    Despite of the recent downtimes in the course of an extension of the available bandwidth I can recommend this service with a clear conscience.

    To me the following aspects make VPNtunnel very attractive:

    - no logs
    - anonymous payment with Ukash
    - unlimited traffic
    - good ping times in the network of German Telecom
    - good speed
    - low price
    - friendly support in my native language German

    That’s the way a vpn service should be!

  • Anonymous

    Vpntunnels latest version of the openvpn client works a treat and has a nice user friendly interface, very impressed.

  • Anonymous

    The review above was not written by me Monty and my new username is 19frost44

  • Anonymous

    OH DEAR!!!!!!!!! I spoke to soon beware the new openvpn client has a serious flaw. After several IP checks i found my real IP showing, plus all traffic was in fact unencrypted. I think this is where me and VPNTUNNEL.SE finally part company. Been reassured that i am anonymous by a vpn service when i am not is for me the last straw. This is 19frost44 or rather Monty sighning off.

  • Anonymous

    After contacting VPNTUNNEL.SE in regards to the flaw in their new openvpn client they responded quickly and the problem is now fixed. But had i not done several IP checks i would have been surfing exposed and unencrypted when the VPNTUNNEL.SE Dashboard was saying that everything was working correctly and i was protected. I urge other VPNTUNNEL.SE customers to be vigilant and do regular IPchecks in case of a similer problem arises for them.

  • Anonymous

    Since i seem to be the only user reviewing VPNTUNNEL.SE at the moment here is an update. The new openvpn client is working perfectly since the earlier flaw i experienced no disconnections, all my traffic is indeed encrypted [ checked with Wireshark ] so VPNTUNNEL.SE remain the vpn-provider of my choice, Will be back next month to give an update.

  • Daodaoda

    I’ve been using VPNTUNNEL.SE for over a month and I’m impressed by the speed, quality and the price of this service. I simply love it!!!

  • Yakuza

    I have been using VPNTUNNEL for a month and renewed my service for a further 3 months. I like the pay-as-you go model. Speed and reliability are very good. I use the service via a DD-WRT firmware router. The setup instructions provided are excellent. Support is equally excellent. I wish they had a UK service or proxy for BBC iPlayer so I could dump my other VPN provider. VPNTUNNEL is an excellent VPN service.

  • Darks_raziel

    Cela fait une semaine que j’ai une vitesse très lente avec ce vpn alors que pendant plusieurs mois tout allait bien… Aucune réponse du support non plus. Des autres personnes dans mon cas? un solution? Je suis en France

    This a week I have a low speed connection with the vpn. No answer from the support after send a mail. Anybody in my case? A solution? I m in France

  • Strongkunfululz

    service have been running flawless , but have exprienced alot of slow speed the last few weeks like 50-80% speed drop. mailed them about the problem last week. but still no answer

  • Darks_raziel

    Strongkunfululz you are in France?? because i have the same speed drop….Support answer me and said no problem on them servers… Strange because my upload have not problem; only download. i wonder me “It is my internet provider restricted my connection with vpn too..?”

  • Tehnator

    used to be my favorite vpn provider, but the connection hangs, the speed aint that good anymore, to bad though. im looking elsewhere for a new provider after the acount runs out.

  • Anonymous

    At the present time for me VPNTUNNEL.SE are providing an excellent service. I have experienced no drop in any of my speeds at all [uploads / downloads / browsing ect ] Plus i really like the new connection guard feature in the openvpn client, it adds an extra layer of protection should you become disconnected by shutting down all your applications and thereby protecting your identity. Tested it and it works!!!! . So nothing negative to to comment on at all. Well done VPNTUNNEL.SE excellent reliable service.

  • Guest

    Windows 7, Intel system and at present time vpntunnel is running great. Very smalll drop, if any, in speed up/down. The connnection guard is great for uTorrent. I have done some testing with that and found no holes yet. I disabled IPV6 on my connections due to a security hole i was reading about using a vpn connection with PPTP while using bittorent, I don’t believe it is really needed with OPENVPN but I didn’t want to take any chances until I do some more research. All and all it is simple to use and thus far has been reliable.

  • Anonymous

    VPNTUNNEL.SE continue to improve their service with new added U.S. servers on the openvpn client so well done i would still recommend this provider definitely.

  • Jonny

    What about the US server? Is it safe for utorrent? I dont think so since they use FDCserver. I have it for about 3 months now. Notice for the last 20 days it has dropped alot the speed. That is not good…and I cant trust the american servers.

  • Anonymous

    It states in their FAQ that they store data when you use their US servers, so i persume that it is not wise to use utorrent on them. This is 19frost44 under a new user name by the way.

  • Zozobulle

    je l’ai essayé pendant deux mois, bon débit au début puis chute importante et flux très variable, surf parfois difficile surtout avec des videos. le support m’a affirmé que ce n’était pas de leur faute. meme genre d’expérience avec anonine, bon les deux premières semaines et débit divisé par dix par la suite. j’utilise depuis un an idealvpn, le débit baisse d’environ 20%, mais sur 13Mbit-s c’est négligeable. leur petit soft vpn gardian, permet de bloquer la connexion s’il y a coupure du vpn, donc pas de risque de repasser “en clair” sans s’en appercevoir. à 4.90 euros, c’est pas cher.

  • Jumanji

    Great VPN Service !

  • Anonymous

    Still the best vpn-provider out there in my opinion.

  • Bla

    Sehr unsicherer VPN Anbieter !

    Warum ich das sage ?

    Der gesamte Traffic der über die schwedischen Server läuft, kann mitgesnifft werden !!

    Glaubt ihr nicht !?

    Dann lest euch mal ein:

  • Giovanni Salvadori

    using openwrt on a wzr-hp-ag300h with a connection to vpntunnel. It’s awesome! vpntunnel is THE best vpn service out there! they have multiple servers 

  • Anonymous

    Just read VPNTUNNEL.SE new updated privicy policy TOS , and i am happy with it , still the best vpn provider out there.

  • Anonymous

    Basically if you use the american servers then you will be logged, so as they state in their TOS, [ Terms of service ] use the Swedish servers where a no logging policy is maintianed. Simple as that if you are going to fileshare then use your head and the Swedish servers.

  • Lomax

    signed up for this service and 1 week later their servers were down for 72 hours. they were extremely vague on their blog as to why. i have been trying since to get compensated for downtime, and support have not replied to any of my emails or tickets. unacceptable!! am looking at switching providers as we speak. 

  • Anonymous

    Understandable if you are new to a vpn provider and the servers go down to get sceptical, i know i would have. However they did give a full explanation as to why their servers were down, having been with VPNTUNNEL.SE for 12 months i personally think they have gone from strength to strength. Improving on the service they provide for customers constantly. I was sceptical of a lot of VPNproviders including this one at first , but they have certainly gained my trust over the past year.

  • cnts

    I can’t recommend services at all. I tried to email them several times and leave tickets to their support system. I did receive 1 or 2 emails back but after that I got nothing.
    I was charged too much from my credit card for their services. I sent them 6 emails concerning this to get a refund. Nothing happened, no replies after 1 or 2 incompetent replies.
    As for the vpn servers, they kept disconnecting or were full very often.

  • Nicolas


    I’de like to add my feedback.

    For the record, I’m located in France near Paris, with the ISP “Free”.
    I subscribed this day to VPNTunnel.Subscription is quickly done, a few seconds after my Paypal payment, I got my ids in my mail box.

    The soft is quickly downloaded from the website, and installed.And here comes the difficulties. Can’t get any traffic through the tunnel.

    I contact the Live Help, get someone one the chat.
    Well, it took us 3 different ways to try, but it finally works, after hardly half an hour.
    Good to know : you’ll have to get through the live help, if, at this time, you’re running Mac OS X Lion, because the actual stable version of the software runs under no further version than Mc OS X Snow Leopard.. The hotline game me a link to the beta, which works well with Lion.

    So, good hotline, quick answers, very nice and polite, and now monitoring my up and down bitrates : as good as without the vpn tunnel.

    Happy from my choice, I recommend it !

  • Secretceleb

    Been with them for a month. Good cheap service. No problems


    useless… signed up for a year, first 3 months it was great. Youtube in HD was no problem. Then this summer came the problems 1 week after i had signed up for a year. The servers got slower and slower. I couldnt watch youtube anymore, even in 360p … When i log in now its even slower than TOR, and that goes for ALL their servers. Stay away from this, there are many others much better.

  • David

    rubbish. useless.  software very difficult to get it to install and it crashes IE and firefox. says you are connected but my ip address was still clearly visible on the internet – so it just does not work. warning – it also downloads and installs dotnet35 without asking you first.
    tried to get it to work by using the MS wizard but just says unable to connect to their server.
    Is this a genuine website or just a scam of some sort ?


  • TotallyChillin

    I do not agree with you, and I might actually go as far as to say that I suspect something in your configuration must have been set up wrong?

    - Using linux/mac/pc ?
    - The latest updated version of Tunnelblick or some other openVPN software?
    - Properly forwarded your router?
    - Firewalls allowing your VPN software to run properly?
    - Contacted vpntunnel support?

    Above is not meant in any offensive way :)

    I am very very positive about this VPN provider, they promise 99.7% uptime, and they are living up to that promise. Very cheap and easy to use!
    A couple of my friends are having a little trouble using the VPN software they provide for Windows, but an alternative solution works great :)
    Very much recommended!

  • Robbodenhamer

    I used them for three months.  In the beginning they were great, but then there service would not work at all and they could not fix it.  One day it was there and the next day it was gone.  They refused to refund a pro rata amount of my payment and just stop communicating with me in trying to solve the problem.  I suggest staying away from them

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