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Vpntraffic – VPN consumer review – 15339
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Adrien Claude
In 2013-11-14 23:17:00

I totally agree with previous comments that this service is serious bullcrap!!! I tried communicating with them about their INCREDIBLY UNRELIABLE SERVICE — They offer crappy LP2P connection ( as if it wasn't already bad! ) and their only IPSec server is somewhere on the westcoast of US... You can bet your life on the privacy of your surfing there heh?! — Some monosyllabic person took 1/4 of a nanosecond to respond to my very detailed troubleshooting description ( I'm a professional IT tech ) to send me a link back to their website config page — Tried the « political » approach and wrote back to explain about my disappointing experience with the questionable reliability issues... To no avail. I believe this is a two-bit operation which is basically scamming people into believing their crappy - falsy offer... They got me. Only once though. Don't let them get you.