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Location: United-States
Founded: 2010
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Vpntraffic provide professional and cheap vpn service.Our system encrypts your internet traffic and hides your real IP address. Your internet traffic is sent to one of our hubs via a 128 bit encrypted VPN channel where it is routed back to the internet as regular internet traffic.

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  • jamis

    This resembles fraud, Does not work.

  • Daniel

    Fraud dont work anything, dont buy is fraud
    DONT BUY BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dvdzoner35

    I buy it and works ok.

  • Cochinille

    My husband bought this without my having investigated on VPN providers. It’s completely bogus: no support, doesn’t work, they don’t reply to emails. It’s total fraud. I wish I knew how to report them.

  • Anonymous

     hi guys, the same here, I bought one day vpn, nothing works and they told me that they have no payment. Answers on my e-mails and messages horrible, terrible. Fcking korean thiefs.

  • Jozef Duhacek

    paid a one day service, service did not work for me, probably a scam, they did not want to give me a free day of service

  • gingo

    i bought it.. doesn’t work.. when requested to provide servers in certain areas ( it’s stated on their sites where we can request for servers) , a charge of USD20 is need, when ask to refund no replies. no support. and i bought a 3 month account .. how dumb

  • Ken

    VPNtraffic is offered cheap compared to other providers.
    It also offers Belgian VPN which others don’t (and maybe should
    make one wonder).
    Therefore I decided to go for this service.

    I read a little further however, and right before I was about to pay,
    I came onto this site with reviews.
    The comments here really scared me off.
    So, just to ease my mind, I send VPNtraffic a very simple question.
    The way communication establishes usually exposes a lot off the
    people you’re dealing with in my opinion.

    It was terrifying.
    Whatever problem occurs these people will NOT be able nor willing
    to help you out. Selling and nothing else seems to be what matters.

    I can’t confirm the messages above which tell us it’s a scam or
    other kind of fraud since I finally did not buy. I do confirm that the
    communication is of such poor quality that all kinds of questions
    arise about the capability of VPNtraffic.
    I do not advise anyone to risk money on them.
    Their free trial which I did not install is only valid for one hour by the way.

  • Adrien Claude

    I totally agree with previous comments that this service is serious bullcrap!!!
    I tried communicating with them about their INCREDIBLY UNRELIABLE SERVICE —
    They offer crappy LP2P connection ( as if it wasn’t already bad! ) and their only IPSec server is somewhere on the westcoast of US… You can bet your life on the privacy of your surfing there heh?! —

    Some monosyllabic person took 1/4 of a nanosecond to respond to my very detailed troubleshooting description ( I’m a professional IT tech ) to send me a link back to their website config page —

    Tried the « political » approach and wrote back to explain about my disappointing experience with the questionable reliability issues…

    To no avail.

    I believe this is a two-bit operation which is basically scamming people into believing their crappy – falsy offer…

    They got me.
    Only once though.

    Don’t let them get you.

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