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VPNSecure review – 360
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In 2010-09-18 03:09:46

joined VPNsecure yesterday after banging my head on different websites for vpv services.i live in australia and they have openVPN server in australia..checked my speed after connecting to vpnserver and could not beleive it made hardly a difference in speed..(was getting 4.6mbps before vpn connection and got 4.2mbps after connecting to openVPN server).I wish they could support p2p/torrents on their australian server though the speed was not bad while using US and UK server. customer service is excellent.i had a guy troubleshooting my all problems with connection to vpnserver in windows 7 with patience in the middle of night. They also provide you a free proxy server account to use. oveall thums up...highly recommendable...m upgrading my membership now...