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Location: Australia
Founded: 2010
VPNSecure User Reviews

Our system is designed to automate the process of VPN account activation giving you access to our VPN servers within 5 Minutes.
VPNSecure prides itself on our customer service and providing a range of options to suite our customers, we are constently upgrading and securing VPN servers in more locations each month to keep up with growth so you wont be stuck on an overloaded slow VPN servers.

VPNSecure recommends $2/2 day trial. This will enable you to test all our services without annoying ads or slow speeds.

User reviews

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  • Adam

    I have been using for about a month now and I couldn’t be happier with the service. Fast servers in multiple countries make it perfect for bypassing location-specific content restrictions & government censorship “filters”. Technical support has been very helpful and patient, walking me through the initial setup procedure on both my Windows & Linux PC’s and responding to all my stupid questions promptly.

    I’d enthusiasticly recommend for anyone that takes protecting their privacy seriously.

  • David

    I subscribed to VPNSecure after trying four other providers that were unable to get openvpn working on my computer. (When openvpn was instaled it said it was connected securely but in fact still revealed my IP address. It was a problem with my computer not their service).

    VPNSecure’s customer service and technical skill has been excellent and they had my computer working with problem free secure connections within two days.

    VPNSecure is very cost competitive with excellent reliability and speed but it is their prompt helpful support that sets them apart from many other providers. Highly recommended.

  • Zack

    Worst VPN ever used, they cant get anything right. There customer service it terrible, there TOS is horrible. Untrustworthy, new VPN provider, that hasnt even been around for half a year. Using the rest of my months subscription before I leave, really regret using their service.

  • possum

    Early days,as have only been up and running recently.
    Initial impression is v.positive.
    Customer support during my novice setting-up abilities was,much needed,patient,helpful and ultimately successful.
    Top marks.
    The connection seems to be as good as any vpn i’ve previously had and competitively priced.

  • Jesse

    I’ve been using VPNSecure off and on since it first started. The service is fast, I’m able to do get done what I need. The service is reliable and simple, what more needs to be said :P I’ll still be using them for 2011.

  • Luiz Antonio

    Amazing support,
    They spent 2 hours creating a custom solution for me.
    Excelent and simple VPN provider.
    I can’t stress this enough, They are amazing!!!
    All you need.

  • Michael

    Signed up with these guys a month ago, been using the australian server. Very good speeds.

  • manu

    joined VPNsecure yesterday after banging my head on different websites for vpv services.i live in australia and they have openVPN server in australia..checked my speed after connecting to vpnserver and could not beleive it made hardly a difference in speed..(was getting 4.6mbps before vpn connection and got 4.2mbps after connecting to openVPN server).I wish they could support p2p/torrents on their australian server though the speed was not bad while using US and UK server.

    customer service is excellent.i had a guy troubleshooting my all problems with connection to vpnserver in windows 7 with patience in the middle of night.

    They also provide you a free proxy server account to use.

    oveall thums up…highly recommendable…m upgrading my membership now…

  • armish

    been using this provider for 3 months now, they are contently updating and adding new features & servers, speed has been great and if there are any problems they always keep me updated.

    I’ve recommended to a few friends of mine who have received the same great service as me!

  • jexz

    Been using this provider for awhile, they are great, there were a few things I wanted and they did them for me straight away.

    customer service is excellent and support is second to none. been using the proxy service to watch hulu and i can’t be happier.

  • Hadi

    Not good VPN service; Very slow

  • roxyj

    Just signed up, Tweeted about there Free accounts and BAM, got myself a free monthly VPN account.

    Not sure what old mate Hadi delusions are, VPN service was Quick for me to the AU server, got 8mbps, US I got 4mbps and 4mbps to Sweden, didn’t try the other servers…

    Great VPN service so far!

  • Lin Jie

    This is a fantastic vpn provider. the product itself is almost flawless – and when there are problems the vpn provider quickly lets people know, by email – seemingly to all members – and the problems, whatever they may be, are quickly resolved. members are kept informed continuously. actually, aside from the great product (many servers around the world, as distinct from other vpn providers i looked at, most of whom seem to have only one or two), my favourite is their online chat service. it’s really fantastic.
    i live in China and when I’m connected through vpnsecureme I have no problems at all accessing any sites.
    i first signed up for one month ($A8) to test it and have just resubscribed for 12 months ($A80). I researched pretty extensively before I decided on this one and it is, as far as I can tell, by far the cheapest for equivalent products.

  • henry

    Guys is the beast vpn i have use in this my life time if you do think so that is becos you don’t know

  • Terry

    They have the best customer service and support. They spent more than 3 hours to resolve technical problems for me. very gratz.

  • Anthony

    VPNSecure is by far the best VPN provider I have had dealings with. The quick account set-up gave me access to a number of different servers, in different locations. The speeds from the servers I tested where as good, if not better than some more expensive providers I have tried.
    However, by far the greatest aspect of their service is their customer support. I needed a fairly unusual set-up, and after trying to do it myself on the client side with no luck, I sent an email off to their customer support. I received an a reply within a very reasonable time span, and they continued to help me set-up what I needed with great care and speed.
    If I could give them high for support, I would.

  • Mark H

    VPNSecure are truly brilliant and provide first class support. I was looking for an Aussie VPN provider. A quick google search brought me to their site.
    I reviewed some of their information pages and signed up for the 2 day trial. I was having some trouble connecting with my iPad to VPNSecure so I jumped onto their live chat. In under 15 minutes, I’d connected to a representative, he’d diagnosed and fixed the problem and I was on my way.

    I’d thoroughly recommend this service to anyone who is considering it. They also provide proxy services if you need.
    Top class service, fast VPN speeds and great support.

    PS I have no connection with the company, I came across them via google.


    Top Rave for, its Aussie, support is the best ever and being a Noob to VPN I stuffed up on the download install of the “key” files, my fault. Shayne recommended the install of Teamviewer and sorted it in no time, all this while the Brisbane floods must have been lapping at his feet.
    Highly recommended, top support and “works out of the box” Thanks Shayne…
    ps: as below I also have no connection with the company.

  • Giddings_98

    I have tested several VPN providers and none have come near VPNSecure service. I used the new installation procedures, was up and running within five minutes. The appearance of the interface is pleasing and provides all the relevant information. I have speed tested and found only a little degradation. Customer Support provided via “Live Chat” is great, they answer almost immediately and so far have managed to sort out the one of two minor problems I have had. That they have kept the system up during the last week during the Brisbane floods speaks well for the company. I shall certainly keep on using them.
    I shall keep it going in stating that I have nothing to do with the company, Shane or Adam.

  • Raybgigg

    Shayne at VPN service in Australia absolutely fantastic fixed every thing up and so quick on the live chat.

  • Erikabella24

    I am in a country where the internet speed is shit. worse, there was a blockade over the internet, that means you can only visit google and yahoo, all others, no way. i came across vpnsecure by accident and it changed my life cos now, i can get more work done in less minutes, i can upload and download at an alarming rate over the mobile broadband that crawls like a pregnant roach lol and i can visit any site i want without no problems. Adam and Shane, you guys are on to something here. Keep the fire burning, you dont know how helpful and business solution you guys provided.

  • vpnsecure

    Thanks for the awesome review! As always we strive to keep everyone as happy as we can! Glad your enjoying the service!

  • vpnsecure

    Hi Ray! glad we could get everything sorted as quickly as possible!

  • vpnsecure

    I love reading the reviews that people are leaving us! it really shows people appreciate the extra effort we put in to stand out from the crowd!

    Everything was up and running during the floods although the office lost power for 2 days! but we were still able to keep support going through this period as not all of our support staff is located in Brisbane!

    Once again, thank you for your review Giggings_98!

  • Scott

    Excellent support – Had a problem at my end and nothing was too much trouble for Shayne and VPNSecure. Got me back up and running within minutes after live and personal 1on1 support.

    After being with other VPN companies (with little or no support) I could not recommend them higher.

    Thanks guys.

  • vpnsecure

    Thanks for the kind words Scott!

    Glad your enjoying the support and service!

  • Hosk32

    Excellent support and service… product works well. Highly recommended.

  • VernonN

    Highly recommended. Service offerings are reliable and broad. Best of all is the customer support. Shayne and Adam are amazing. They are knowledgeable, available and very obliging. I wanted to use PPTP on my Android phone, running an older version of Android OS 2.1. Shayne worked extra to set it up for me.

  • DK

    I live in Puerto Rico! Considered not a part of the US according Netflix! Crazy bastards! So had to set up some intensely complex stuff with my newfound buddies at VPNSecure for my Roku to access Netflix…the one thing I can say without hesitation is that Shayne is amazing! He stuck with me to the end getting every little thing I needed set up until I now have an intricate system that works flawlessly! THANK YOU VPNSecure! You cannot go wrong with these guys on your side!

  • vpnsecure

    :-) Glad you enjoy the service!

    The intricate system was a DD-WRT openvpn installation, with separation of the Wifi to the LAN to provide a separate DHCP and subnet to the main router.

    This allowed DK to connect the Roku device to the Wifi on the DD-WRT and be instantly connected to the VPN. while all other clients run through the existing ISP internet connection!

    works a treat!

  • Hussein Khalil

    Amazing VPN provider with blazing fast speed for the US servers.

    The customer service is also second to none, a pure pleasure to exchange with.

    I gladly recommend anyone looking for a fast and reliable to subscribe to their services.

    As a bonus, their PPTP connection even works with Apple’s iOS 4.3 firmware, compared to other “popular” providers who make you pay a premium price for a half-baked service…

    Two thumbs up !

  • Scott Haile

    Just signed up – Adam walked me through all of my usual user error problems and some new ios difficulties and got me and my whole family using VPN. Especially useful when using portable wifi hotspots abroad!

  • Michael

    I have tried a few services in my quest for a reliable VPN service for both my business and of course Netflix/Hulu (sorry Foxtel). Had a small setup problem but Adam was super quick and helpful with my problem. 

    I cannot recommend this service enough (and this is from someone who doesn’t normally spend time writing recommendations)

  • Phil

    Having tried several other services of which most didn’t work as published and customer service disappeared when challenges appeared, VPNSecure is a refreshing provider of VPN services.  I can’t thank Adam and the customer service team enough for their quick support in resolving what ended up being a minor connectivity issue.  IPad is now working at lightning fast speed and as I rotate around this planet, I’m so well media connected.  Thanks to VPNSecure!

  • Chris

    So far so good on the service side, support has been excellent so far! Tricky problem was worked expertly by Shayne in customer service!!!!

  • Robert

    They are excellent !! I lost the customer service and their services in general. I’ll only make a suggestion about their payment option. You should try and make LR payment option available.

  • Josh Berg

    They are and extremely reliable and great service! I continuously have the highest speeds with VPNSecure than with any other VPN service that I have tried – HideMyAss, StrongVPN, SecureVPN and many others! Their customer service is second to none with the patience to help me about a gazillion times! They are always on chat and always happy to help in a kind and appropriate manner. 5/5 for VPNSecure – will definitely renew my yearly subscription!

  • Mike

    Like so many other reviewers, I can attest to VPNSecure’s great service. I had a heap of trouble getting an openvpn client on a dd-wrt router working but they stuck by me through so many attempts to resolve it (it turned out to a buggy openvpn/dd-wrt build from Buffalo -> new firmware = no problems). I used live chat and support email and never had to wait long for a response. Reliability is good (haven’t lost my connection yet) and speed seems good (I can stream SD video half way around the world without an issue).

  • Adam_sola

    Needed assistance and got prompt help to get me up and running. Great service

  • Guest11

    Awesome service, easy to set up, text chat support whenever I need it – only needed it twice in the last year. Fast servers. High quality site. SO worth it. Get this!

  • Guest11

    Awesome service, easy to set up, text chat support whenever I need it – only needed it twice in the last year. Fast servers. High quality site. SO worth it. Get this!

  • Wpattison08

    These guys are kickass. I got a free upgrade to PPTP & OpenVPN so I can try out Netflix on my iPad. Love this service and really cheap! Get this Service!!!

  • Anonymous

     I’ve been using VPNSecure for over six months now and I LOVE everything
    about it. The speed is excellent. Netflix Instant no longer re-adjusts
    or has to re-buffer on my Xbox like it used to when going through Time
    Warner. (I’m assuming Time Warner must do some kind of throttling during
    peak hours…) I also play a decent amount of online video games and
    haven’t had any issues. Additionally, the technical support these guys
    provide is simply amazing. They’ve worked with me on multiple occasions
    to get my router setup just right and performing at optimal levels. I
    almost feel guilty that they provide this level of personal assistance
    at such a low monthly price! I would HIGHLY recommend this service.

    Just to note, I’ve been using this service mostly with OpenVPN under DD-WRT, at the
    router level, so all of my traffic is routed through the VPN on any
    device in the house.

  • constancetheamericanhorrostory

    I have been using the VPN for the past month and the results are uneven. To start with, the speeds can sometimes be really slow. In addition to this, I constantly have to uninstall and reinstall the software because I keep getting the “VPN Secureme network adapter is missing”, or some such error. I don’t get this with the other VPN software I use. The moral of the story is, there are better VPN providers out there that cost less, are faster and don’t give you such a headache with their software. Use them.

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