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VPNSecure review – 10260
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Lin Jie
In 2010-10-14 08:36:32

This is a fantastic vpn provider. the product itself is almost flawless - and when there are problems the vpn provider quickly lets people know, by email - seemingly to all members - and the problems, whatever they may be, are quickly resolved. members are kept informed continuously. actually, aside from the great product (many servers around the world, as distinct from other vpn providers i looked at, most of whom seem to have only one or two), my favourite is their online chat service. it's really fantastic. i live in China and when I'm connected through vpnsecureme I have no problems at all accessing any sites. i first signed up for one month ($A8) to test it and have just resubscribed for 12 months ($A80). I researched pretty extensively before I decided on this one and it is, as far as I can tell, by far the cheapest for equivalent products.