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TuVPN – VPN consumer review – 10697
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In 2010-11-11 17:40:27

Very good service so far. Have been with them for four months now and they have kept their promise of adding a server per month without changing price and keeping open access to all servers what makes them not so expensive if you compare to some competitors with plans based on number of servers, number of servers ... And answering to DrTeeth, I rather prefer the flexibility that I get for them NOT having a custom VPN dialler (linked to an OS...). This means I can use their vpn on nearly any device (iphone, android, linux, windows, mac, routers ...) and can do it using the program (mostly opensource) I like best. In this sense I think they have the best tutorials on the block. If they could offer both, current flexibility and easiness of server change I wouldn't oppose though :)