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TuVPN – VPN consumer review – 10508
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In 2010-10-31 15:32:28

One of the best Providers I have had. I have DSL3000 and almost always had full speed. The support is really awesome and friendly. Before I subscribed to tuvpn I already had heard about the good support there. And I really can confirm this brilliant support. I don't know another Provider with so many tutorials. There you can find most things you will ever need. And above all it is one of the few providers that enabled to store your login-information to a textfile and let the client read this file while connecting to the server. So you don't need to type in these things everytime you want to connect. But it's not one of the cheapest providers. With 8-12€ this provider is in the middle range. But according to my experiences with this provider it is worth the money. Those who can spend 8-12€ per month make a good deal with this provider. There you also have a really nice choice of servers all over the world. Thumbs up!