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TrilightZone – VPN consumer review – 10563
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In 2010-11-01 18:53:57

I guess i have the honors to be the first to leave a review for trilightzone :) I'm probably one the oldest clients since they started so i have been using a few services including the vpn. In all this time i was not disappointed in any way for using trilightzone. They provide very good support, straight to the point and troubleshoot actively without unneeded delays. This summer i was on vacation and my company required for me to be at least reachable by email. Nothing too secret or so, but despite booking a hotel with internet access (asia) i could not reach important websites. At the time i had a pptp vpn account of the company so i thought that would get things working. I was wrong, it didn't even connect ! I switched to the trilightzone openvpn service and i was in a blink of an eye connected. No issues with the websites i needed to reach and got my work done. So this is my review and experience with them, i hope others find it useful.